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Real Estate Transactions

These real estate transactions were recorded in Butler County from April 1 to 8:

Adams Township

Brennan Group to Alfonso and Maureen Marsico at 222 Noble Circle for $548,820.18.

MEC Industrial to Mark Gerson at MEC Industrial Lot 103 for $115,000.

Gabriel’s Crest to NVR at Gabriel’s Crest Lot 18 for $150,000.

Gabriel’s Crest to NVR at 332 Crest Lane for $150,000.

Buffalo Township

Cameron Mathie to Scott Varhola and Melissa Stapel at 116 Crescent Hill Drive for $240,000.

Heritage Crossings to Jeanne McLaughlin and Colleen McLaughlin at 1173 Sandy Ridge Drive for $444,900.

Natalie Armstrong and Dion Kong to Gretchen Ciccarelli and Courtney Ciccarelli at 129 Remil Drive for $225,000.


Jonathan and Katherine Bailly to Jeffrey Fowler II at 123 American Ave. for $85,000.

Jamie and Michael Lippert Sr. to Woodlands Electric at 223 Third St. for $107,000.

Raymond Virgili to Annie Corbin at 711 N. McKean St. for $229,000.

Michael and Michelle Andres to Justin Schiffhauer and Madison Ferringer at 212 Second St. for $180,000.

Butler Township

Linda Leones to Alex McKinney at 118 Campbell Ave. for $170,000.

DRB Group Mid-Atlantic to Natalie Armstrong and Dion Kong at 202 Wyncrest Drive for $447,000.

Stephanie Forbes to Amy Sturgess at 549 Sawmill Road for $212,000.

Paulette Rock to Paul Rock Jr. at 117 Hampton Court for $1.

Phillip English to Jason Tindall at 455 Brown Ave. for $221,000.

Center Township

Michael Kowal to Nicholas and Karalee Novitsky at 115 Willow Run Drive for $290,271.

PNC Bank to James Natali and Shelley Natali at 118 Mowhawk Drive for $197,900.

Clinton Township

Barbara Reitmeyer to Pan-Drew DTC at 7075 N. Noah Drive for $650,000.

Cranberry Township

Harry and Mary Chaykowsky to Kelli Melo at 10 Dover Drive for $265,000.

Nathan and Kristin Schmidlin to Musung and Mihi Ham at 729 Truth Lane for $378,000.

John and Mary Baron to Kristen Dipner at 649 Huntington Drive for $430,000.

Park Place Marketing to NVR at Park Place Residential for $287,257.50.

Anthony Leone and Amanda Debello to Brian Bucholtz at 511 Greenspire Court for $362,500.

William and Krista Anderson to the Anderson Family Revocable Trust at 106 Windsor Court for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $493,363.20).

James Steigerwaldt to The James J. Steigerwaldt Revocable Trust at 3370 Quail Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $227,673.60).

Donegal Township

Kimberly and Gerald Rodgers Jr. to Nathaniel Manculich at 1233 Chicora Road for $190,500.

Fairview Township

Kenneth Holben, Dolores Holben and Crystal Holben to Crystal Holben at 330 Fairmont Road for $1.

Timmy and Pamela Shepard to Audrey Bittner at 102 Muddy Lane for $64,700.

Forward Township

Richard Jordon and Judith Baughman to Janet Kotchey at 108 June Bug Jr. for $440,000.

Franklin Township

Mount Chestnut Market to Tuktin LLC at 101 North Road for $1,600,000.


Eleanor Upton to Scott and Lorri Hayes at Main Street for $80,000.

Jackson Township

NVR to Michael Sahayda Jr. and Karen Kiedaisch at 468 Sarjean Way for $536,105.

Ralph and Maryann Diluigi to Susan and John Forsberg at 288 Evans Road for $460,000.

The Township of Jackson to Roman Delight Pizza & Restaurant at Route 19 for $9,001.

NVR to Chirayu and Hinal Shah at 451 Sarjean Way for $541,530.

NVR to Blair and Elizabeth Varner at 150 Woodsman Ridge for $584,890.

JTC 1422 Associates to DRB Group Mid-Atlantic at Creekside Manor Lot 104 for $199,500.

Newman Holdings to NVR at Foxwood Trail Residential Lot 312 for $96,120.

Lancaster Township

William and Karen Frank to William and Karen Frank, trustees, at 250 Camp Run Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $768,345.60).

Arden Development to NVR at Arden Wood Residential Lots 311, 325 for $174,000.

Arden Development to NVR at Arden Wood Residential Lot 352 for $87,000.

Donna and Allan Tillander Sr., trustees, to Isaac Caretti at 185 Yellow Creek Road for $219,000.

Marion Township

Deborah and Michael Murphy to Murphy Living Trust at Black Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $20,979.20).

Middlesex Township

Hawkins Crest to NVR at Hawkins Crest Lot 148 for $183,000.

Forsythe Fields to Matthew and Tara Brouse at Fieldstone Ridge Lot 104 for $195,000.

William and Jane Roth to Justin Schell at 266 Kyle Road for $320,000.

Oakland Township

Robert and Kristi Yokel to Brenda and Larry Lumley Jr. at 130 Spillway Lane for $265,000.

Kenneth and Sally Woller to Jessica and Michael Whaley Jr. at 124 Welter Road for $642,500.

NVR to Kevin Calvert at 1007 Hawkins Run for $810,918.

Seven Fields

Ashley Gerwig to Carson Investment Group at 215 Woodhaven Drive for $215,000.

Summit Township

Thomas and Kim Swidzinski to Blade Lawn Care at Portman Road for $110,000.

Ronald and Margaret Denny to Anna and Ronald Denny Jr. at 832 Route 422 East for $1.

Venango Township

Jennifer Callender to Eric Beck at 2949 Oneida Valley Road for $265,000.

Washington Township

Bobbi Pisor to Ronald Gilliland Jr. at Stewart Road for $160,000.

West Liberty

Stephen and Beatrice Sprowles to The Sprowles Family Revocable Trust at 725 West Liberty Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $114,329.60).

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