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Hope eternal

Just when we’ve given up on reuniting our nation into a people who embrace the same common values and priorities, along comes a guiding light from the past that was thought forgotten and impossible to resurrect. That light came from the legacy of the Kennedy family, who united our nation on common principles based on common sense. A legacy that showed the world the U.S. was a force for good that can’t be deterred.

If allowed to continue that legacy, it would have ended racism and corruption in high places. Robert and John Kennedy won the hearts of all Americans, but evil assassinated them both.

Now that honesty and courage of the past has risen from the ashes of despair and social conflict of the present. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has thrown his hat into the Presidential race. May God deliver his message to every citizen.

“In normal circumstances I would not do this. But these are not normal circumstances. I'm watching my country being stolen from me,” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said.

George Pikoulas, Butler

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