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Voting for a Hero

The word “hero” to me is not a word I like to use! I prefer using honesty, compassion and thankfulness to all who spend their lives trying to protect us from everything.

I say this because the Bible says don’t “boost” about any good deeds you do to help others. God will bless you, and your good deeds will benefit those who are in need!

My personal response is to thank our Butler State Police for all they do 24/7 to help us. We are so lucky that none of them are being killed like the police in Pittsburgh. It’s sad that any officers lose their lives!

I can share with you that in the last three months, our state police have come six times to my home to help me with mental issues in my home!

They have bent over backward to be understanding, compassionate and doing their work in the kindest ways.

They represent good men who work as a “team” to answer the calls that they get!

The next time you drive 75 mph and its only 25-25 mph, you may find an office with his flashers on to stop you!

So just stop, tell them thank you for your ticket, because he probably saved your life besides his own!

The Stanley Cup might excite you, but I would rather send a “trophy” to our Butler State Police Barracks because they do their jobs just great!

Also, our firemen, nurses, doctors, ministers, anyone who is there when we need them, tell them thank you. They deserve to hear those words, “Thank you for your work!”

Elvajean Downing,


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