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‘Crescent Moon’ illuminates little-known era

Mark Macedonia, author of “Beneath A Crescent Moon,” looks through his book Friday, March 10, at his house in Adams Township. Justin Guido/Butler Eagle

ADAMS TWP — A retired Seneca Valley Intermediate High School history teacher’s expertise came into play in his second published novel that uses an little-known period as a backdrop.

Mark Macedonia’s “Beneath A Crescent Moon” offers a story of love, betrayal and survival during the 16th century Ottoman Empire. The novel, published by Christopher Matthews Publishing, was released Wednesday.

“As a world history teacher, I found this topic sort of glossed over by other educators.” Macedonia said. “Not a lot of students or adults know about the Ottoman Empire.”

He said the empire played a role in European history. For example, the Ottomans closing of the Silk Road, the trade routes that brought goods from the Far East to Europe, led to Christopher Columbus’ voyage to seek an ocean route to China.

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