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Real Estate Transactions

These real estate transactions were recorded in Butler County from Dec. 16 to 22:

Adams Township

Penn Acres to Cristin Smith and Lucas Eidenmuller at 212 Summit Acres for $175,000.

John and Mary Kelly to John and Laura Matarazzo at Adams Pointe North Condominium for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $326,500).

Patricia Jackson to Kelly Frye at 104 Jackson Lane for $120,000.

Kenneth and Paula Canavan to Michael and Christine Desanzo at 104 Indian Meadow Drive for $1,139,000.

Penn Acres to Matthew and Tristan Ault, trustees, at 214 Summit Acres Drive for $185,000.

Infinity Custom Homes to David and Kristy Brown, trustees, at Meadow Point Residential for $1,200,014.

NVR to Praveen Tirichanuru and Kavitha Boddani at 140 Lupine Drive for $411,400.

Bryan and Kristen Gratton to Bryan and Kristen Gratton, trustees, at 1531 Three Degree Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $580,236.80).

Shiqi and Wenyi Li to Eric and Heather Smith at Adams Ridge Lot 58 for $483,000.

Mark and Barbara Lamendola to Ashley and Sheldon Loughner at 104 Brookshire Drive for $560,000.

Gabriel’s Crest Development to NVR at 330 Crest Lane for $160,000.

Allegheny Township

Patrick and Elizabeth Kriley to Selina Pedi at 112 Soggy Bottom Lane for $1.

Buffalo Township

Jeanne Rohland to Mark Alter and Patricia Benson at 210 Cole Road for $290,000.

F and H Property Development to Oak Creek Farms Homeowners’ Association at Parker Road and White Oak for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $68,428).


4th Quarter Realty Group to Maria Velez at 233 North Elm St. for $62,500.

MHY Family Services to KEC Realty at 220 S. Washington St. for $133,500.

Mary Kabay to Tyler Bell and Carly Stam at 505 N. Elm St. for $139,900.

Butler Township

The Villas at Forest Oaks to Jennifer Geruschat at 1051 Forest Oaks Drive for $429,990.

Lori and Joseph Coleman to Rebecca and Frederick Johnston at 100 Randy Drive for $295,000.

Sara Rice to Larry and Autumn Osche at 110 Longview Drive for $279,000.

DRB Group to Xiaoshou Zhuo and Huijin Li at 209 Wyncrest Drive for $465,000.

Ashley Binus and Jesse Binus to Nicholas McGowan and Victoria Voelp at Steelton Avenue for $125,000.

Elaine Klinger to Nathan McCandless and Katherine Draeger at 223 Grandview Blvd. for $207,100.

Eugene and Patricia Rock to Eugene and Patricia Rock, trustees, at 188 Dutchtown Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $170,530.20).

Earl and Christine Taylor to Taylor Family Real Estate Trust at 299 Teakwood Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $257,241.60).

Kevin and Nichol Koegler to Valerie Fennel and Korrey Kuminkoski at 212 Meridian Road for $285,000.

Josito Properties to Thomas Secor at 1032 Brady St. for $140,000.

Center Township

Agnes Imhof to Agnes Imhof and Timothy Imhof at 960 Mercer Road for $1.

Cody and Jennifer Lamison to Emma Planitzer and John Stutz at 203 Holyoke Road for $185,000.

Jennifer Geruschat to Natasha Dillard and Donald Kuhrt at 106 Shady Drive for $170,000.

Elsie and John Wick to William and Jackie Cary at Sunset Drive for $165,000.

Cherry Township

Robert and Patricia Chidester to Robert and Patricia Chidester and Cassie Chidester at 1251 Kiester Road for $1.

James and Sandra Stockham to Leslie and Ron DeFranc at Moniteau Road for $102,802.

Clay Township

Richard Dally to Sierra Azzarella at 464 Hall Road for $113,500.

Robert McCormick et al. to Zachary and Megan McCormick at 315 Beaver Dam Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $359.04).

Concord Township

Jeffrey and Roxanne Lackey to Jeffrey and Roxanne Lackey, trustees, at 128 Beach Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $218,498.94).

Robert and Melissa Wise to Bonnie and Blaine Wilson Jr. at 260 Troutman Road for $40,000.

Connoquenessing Township

Seth Slater to David and Lauren Schoch at 725 Whitestown Road for $185,000.

Cranberry Township

Joseph Deley to Criders Corners Place at 83 Dutilh Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $368,755.20).

Crescent Strand Partners to Charter Homes at Crescent at High Crescent Road for $1,000.

Cranberry Real Estate Holdings to Charter Homes at Crescent at Crescent Plan Lot 46 for $50,934.69.

Rochester Road Investment to Debra Donahue at 202 Main St. for $564,990.

James Witter to Joni Witter at 135 Dorsch Drive for $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $422,681.60).

NVR to Christa and Francis Bjalobok III at 346 Caledonia Place for $402,570.

Rochester Road Investment to Jay Lee and Annie Hong at 200 Main St. for $609,990.

NVR to Adam Crown and Michele Bowne at 348 Caldonia Place for $447,405.

Rochester Road investment to Alec Costa and Corbin Costa at 626 Gratitude Road for $379,990.

Janet Brown to Riley Smith and Benjamin Miller at 3158 Unionville Road for $265,000.

Eva Soo Hoo to Brian and Kathleen Gerloff at 802 Gallant Fox Lane for $650,088.

Jessica and John Lyman Jr. to Taryn Klein and Michael Campbell at 105 Woodridge Drive for $290,000.

ADL20 Enterprises to Elizabeth Doernhoefer and Adam Weaver at 107 Heston Drive for $299,000.

Principo Advisors To HMPG Properties North at Cranberry Woods Drive for $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $363,404.80).

Resi Reo Sub to Gary and Dawn Lindner at 6685 Mars Road for $247,350.


Austin Shenette to Shawn Ace and Rebecca Macurak at 86 Sunbury St. for $132,500.

United Presbyterian Church to Brandon Cranmer at 135 S. Fairview Main St. for $123,600.

Forward Township

Brandon and Briana Suprynowicz to Brandon and Michele Meyer at 109 Buhl Road for $454,500.

Franklin Township

E&E Chestnut Developers to Jeffrey and Mary Miller at Chestnut Grove Condominiums for $359,900.

Wanda Hopper to Vicki Gaurrich and Thomas Shields at 180 North Road for $1.

Jackson Township

Newman Holdings to NVR at Foxwood Trails residential Lot 215 for $101,470.

David and Margaret Fuhrman to Bethany Pascoe at 107 Cole Court for $263,500.

Seneca Trails to NVR at Seneca Trails lot 284 for $98,595.

Lancaster Township

NVR to Pradeep and Alka Tripathi at 417 Fosse Court for $430,025.

Arden Development Partners to NVR at Arden Wood Residential Lot 306 for $87,000.

Middlesex Township

Brandon and Michele Meyerl to Courtney Depew at 113 Murray Drive for $290,023.

Oakland Township

Edward Fisher to Renee Fisher at Chicora Road for $1.

Penn Township

Nicole and Paul Slomer Jr. to Gregory and Abbie Franz at 7034 Forrest Trail for $550,000.

John and Mary Chips to John and Mary Chips, trustees, at 236 Powell Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $390,016).


Judy Brocious to NEPA Property Buyers at 403 Aderhold Road for $100,000.

Seven Fields

Garland Duncan to Armand and Judith Policicchio at 501 Dorchester Drive for $550,000.

Infinity Custom Homes to David and Elizabeth Milavec at 306 Highpointe Drive for $752,319.

Slippery Rock

Stacy Greiner to Alexandra Marshall at 332 New Castle St. for $161,500.

Slippery Rock Township

Robert and Terri Grinnik to Sara and Patrick Rodgers Jr. at 119 Sunbury Road for $260,000.

Summit Township

Larry Steffen Family to CNC Summit at 151 Freeport Road Lot 1 for $600,000.

Larry Steffen Family to CNC Summit at 151 Freeport Road Lot 2 for $550,000.

James Neigh to Jacob and Haley Laughlin at 266 St. Wendelin Road for $200,000.

Michele Kriess to Douglas Gildner and Emily Pakutz at 108 McFadden Road for $136,000.

Kristopher Collins to Herman Mini Mart at 814½ Herman Road for $1,500.

Venango Township

Paul Linsenmayer and Janet Sentner to Cody Blake at 305 Eau Claire Road for $28,500.

Winfield Township

Powell Family Protector Trust to Powell Family Protector Trust at 173 Gerner Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $330,739.20).

Powell Family Protector Trust to Charles Matus III and Kathryn Matus, trustees, at 181 Gerner Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $284,134.40).

Worth Township

Norma Rodgers to Brian and Kellie Rea at 1073 West Liberty Road for $79,500.


Randall and Cynthia Hart to Thomas Marx and Evelyn Marx, trustees, at Walnut Street for $222,500.

Betty Chvala to Daniel Sweikowski at 224 Spruce St. for $200,000.

Waldosia Holdings to Richard and Stephanie Olszewski at 318 E. New Castle St. for $390,000.

Kenneth and Lori Pennell, Jeffrey and Josi Antonucci, and Gerard and Kathy Antonucci to Zelie Capital at 414 Hazel St. for $425,000.

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