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Real Estate Transactions

These real estate transactions were recorded in Butler County from Nov.18 to 30:

Adams Township

Tyler and Kristi DeLorenzo to Octavio Robles Saloman and Silvia Robles at 342 Crest Lane for $799,000.

John and Catherine Bender, trustees, to Paul and Connie Cope at 903 Independence Court for $427,500.

Michael Santa to James Santa at 215 Sycamore Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $277,235.20).

Marsh Smouse to Courtney Juricich and Matthew Mochan at 8701 Lost Valley Drive for $282,000.

Hickory Glen Partners to Linda and William Lopez at Hickory Glen Lot 132 for $831,465.

NVR to Brandon and Rachel Bouchard at 202 Hespenheide Road for $841,936.

Buffalo Township

Susan and Patrick Reitz to Karnail Singh and Harjinder Kaur at 151 Creek Side Drive for $407,000.

Jeffrey Cohen to Jeffrey and Debra Cohen at 169 Riemer Road for $1.

NVR to Edwart and Corrinea Lamison at 123 Red Horse Drive for $416,240.

Linda Brzezinski to Stanley Mizikowski and Lauren Aretz at 170 Creek Side Drive for $500,000.

Daniel and Michelle Bradley to Jeffrey Negley at 592 Sterling Drive for $165,000.

Juan DeTagle to Herbert Deitman and Benay Deitman, trustees, at Adams Pointe Lot 7 for $356,000.

Nathan and Elise Woodside to Sean and Wendy O’Brien at 105 Briarwood Drive for $380,000.


Starting Fresh Properties to Mary Good at 170 Oak St. for $230,000.

David and Brenda Skidmore to Steven and Erica Rodgers at 529 N. Main St. for $269,900.

Jeffrey and Tracy Blair to Jordan McCall at 107 Clinton Ave. for $150,000.

Joseph Caparosa and Marilyn Horan to Zachary Milkowski and David Milkowski at 707 N. Main St. for $178,000.

Carl and Jenna Houston to Lance and Dorothy Calvert at Allula Avenue for $162,500.

Michael and Julie Wilczynski to Bailey Lewis at 302 Oak St. for $121,500.

Redevelopment Authority of the City of Butler to Wallace Group Productions at North Main Street for $65,000.

Butler Township

Robert and Kathy Thompson to Brent Bricker at Limberg Plan Lots 120-122 for $42,000.

DRB Group Mid-Atlantic to Ursula and Ray Slater at 200 Wyncrest Drive for $409,900.

Linda Eury to Richard Hein and James Hein at 460 Benbrook Road for $155,000.

The Villas at Forest Oaks to Carol Elias at 1031 Forest Oaks Drive for $410,290.

Michelle Barr to Tyler Weismantle at 130 Hampton Court for $177,500.

Ruth Port, trustee, to Stephanie Jackson at Greenwood Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $40,550).

Mark Auvil to Melissa Auvil at 106 Rembranndt Drive for $1.

Dean and Kayla Wandell to Redevelopment Authority at 217 Evans City Road for $72,500.

Brady and Susan Randall to George and Meredith Jankov at 104 Arabian Circle for $412,500.

Center Township

Duffy Highlands to Donald MacDonald and Becky Mingo at Duffy Highlands Lot 103 for $324,970.

Dennis Kearns to Dennis Kearns and Jennifer Geibel at 200 Bartley Ave. for $1.

Michael and Pamela Phillips to Albert and Susan Cammisa at Pinehurst Acres Lot 24 for $12,000.

Cherry Township

Harry Moyer Jr. et al. to Austin Blatt et. al. at New Hope Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $8,448).


Butler Eye Care to O&M Holdings at 104 W. Slippery Rock St. for $85,000.

William and Wendy Powell to Michael and Elizabeth Harvey at 133 Pine Ridge Drive for $285,000.

Clearfield Township

David Schmude to Peter Wearing and Sandra Bertoty at 120 Allen Drive for $200,000.

Clinton Township

Edward and Lisa Monahan to Midus Capital at 817 Saxonburg Blvd. for $6,000.


Pitell Contracting to Constance and Donald Swartzfeger II at 107 Essex Court for $352,004.

Pitell Contracting to Thomas and Johnetta Ryan at 103 Essex Court for $380,342.

Pitell Contracting to Randall and Diane Parry at 105 Essex Court for $356,436.

Pitell Contracting to Susan Upton, trustee, at 101 Essex Court for $346,626.

Connoquenessing Township

The Helen A. Farinelli Protector Trust to Kaleb Gilson at 166 Hawk Drive for $45,000.

Cranberry Township

Adrian and Megan Whipple to Michael and Tegan Delibero at 149 Pinehurst Drive for $524,000.

Brian and Kelly Danilovics to Jameson and Katherine Wallis at 401 Schomburg Court for $464,000.

Timothy Madden to Aaron and Katie Mehall at 102 Pinehurst Drive for $555,000.

The Eagle Ridge Group to Benjamin Marcus Homes at 211 Falcon Lane for $245,000.

Amy and Tadd Moreland to Noah Fenton at 107 Sample Lane for $330,000.

Janice Winters to Mary and John Fitzgerald at 101 Buttercup Drive for $365,000.

Ryan and Megan Palso to Matthew and Jenna Lawrence at 113 Moyer Hill Drive for $370,000.

Rick Lawton to Mahmoud Taabodi and Emily Herman at 605 Heritage Place for $555,000.

Michael Duffy and Jennifer Nogay to John and Michelle Ordonne at 834 Theda Dori St. for $374,900.

Wilson and Rebeccah Kamau to John Fiorentino at 166 Bucktail Drive for $525,000.

Patrick and Kristin Karalus to Cartus Financial Corporation at 408 Hastings Drive for $555,000.

Cartus Financial Corporation to Paul and Jennifer Somers at 408 Hastings Drive for $555,000.

Brian and Jessica Engle to Miles Barnes at 543 Captain Lane for $375,000.

Curtis and Tracy Armstrong to Curtis and Tracy Armstrong, trustees, at 208 Chadwick Trail for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $410,291.20).

Lori Weisel to Travis Savitt-Kraft, trustee, at 223 Hunting Ridge Trail for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $499,417.60).

Toney and Stacie Salva to John Staley VI and Susan Kline at 706 Reiser Court for $465,000.

Jaclene and David Domenick Jr. to Mark Haraseviat at 110 Gress Road for $395,000.

Caroline Schibler to Kasey Lake at 13 Wheatfield Drive for $215,000.

David Gawne to Courtney Radcliffe at 308 Market House Circle for $401,000.

Kelsey and Brenton Niebauer to Benjamin and Natalie Wrazen at 733 Truth Lane for $410,000.

East Butler

Bennet and Rebecca Deal to Kelly Andrasko at 119 Twelfth St. for $74,486.

Eau Claire

Jean Stemmerich to Lori Thompson at Gibson Street for $34,000.

Fairview Township

Brent and Lynda Patten to Jonathan and Briana Kohn at State Route 1006 for $1.

Marilou and Joseph Levier Jr. and Kristi and Bryan Mosora to Frank Weber and Kristi Cross at address unknown for $43,000.

Forward Township

Robert and Dianne Cotherman to Michael and Taylor Nespa at 101 Williams Point for $455,000.

Maronda Homes to Ryan Scott at Hidden Acres Lot 124 for $481,739.

Franklin Township

Dennis and Sherri Pfeifer to Floyd Bartoe at Chestnut Grove Condominium for $280,000.


Xylem Water Solutions Zelienople to Sylvia Wack and Thomas Thompson at Division Street for $190,000.

Jackson Township

NVR to Daniel and Maria Dimattio at 304 Blacktail Deer Lane for $727,490.

H2 Associates to 234 Harmony at 236 Perry Highway for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $86,310.40).

Seneca Trails to NVR at Seneca Trails Lot 222 for $98,595.

Samuel and Lisa Fragale to Timothy and Margaret Stuart at 316 Camden Drive for $589,600.

Brennan Group to Marc and Patricia Liebman at 102 Harmony Place for $470,910.

Seneca Trails to NVR at Seneca Trails Lot 269 for $98,595.

Newman Holdings to NVR at Foxwood Trail Residential Lot 309 for $96,120.

Jefferson Township

Dixie Kopp to Joedy and Dawn Hoelzli at 603 Fisher Road for $155,000.

Misty and Jacob Ingram to Elizabeth and Robert Novak at 161 Hannastown Road for $310,000.

Paul Stamp Jr. to Paul Stamp Jr. and Minguo Yang at North Pike Road for $1.

Lancaster Township

Dorothy Leib to David and Gloria Horyla, Trustees at Scenic Ridge Condominium for $370,000.

NVR to Sandra Kuzio and Donna Haight at 224 Arden Drive for $435,740.

NVR to Zachary and Karli Piskurich at 306 Arden Drive for $396,045.

NVR to Megan and Mitchell Hammer at 341 Arden Drive for $411,730.

NVR to Joseph and Amber Maloney at 337 Arden Drive for $425,420.

Marion Township

Sandra Stillwagon to Sandra Stillwagon and Kenneth Faith at Etna Road for $10.


Joshua and Laura Hamilton to Walter and Angela Chiles at 603 Spring St. for $285,000.

Middlesex Township

Hawkins Crest to NVR at Hawkins Crest Lot 104 for $183,000.

Darlene Kusluch to Darlene Kusluch Irrevocable Trust at 122 Lowery Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $258,931.20).

Forsythe Fields to NVR at Fieldstone Ridge Lot 201 for $176,500.

Hawkins Crest to NVR at Hawkins Crest Lot 124 for $183,000.

Muddy Creek Township

Lori and Robert Bulisco Jr. to Carolyn Geibel at 447 Pfeifer Road for $230,000.

Oakland Township

Ray and Ursula Slater to Jacqueline and Michael O’Donnell at 107 Barto Lane for $390,000.

Penn Township

Susan Fleming, trustee, to Denis and Sherri Pfeifer at 216 W. Jefferson Road for $300,000.

Catherine Dunmyre to Elizabeth and Daniel Contreras at 1248 Lakevue Drive for $320,000.

AC Rentals to Bryan and April Pavlina at 110 Winters Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $279,769).

AC Rentals to Bryan and April Pavlina at 130 Winters Road for $925,000.


Clifford Woessner to Wesley Wooward at 355 Country Lane Road for $187,700.

Seven Fields

Joel and Karastin Henley to Yana Mironainski at 122 Woodhaven Drive for $198,500.

Slippery Rock

Bonnie Davis to Paul Gerlesky at 644 S. Main St. for $197,000.

Nola Nolen-Holland to Christopher Noel at 111 Mohawk Trail for $160,000.

SROPM to NICRISSA Properties at Kelly Boulevard for $975,000.

Slippery Rock Township

Alan Seybert to Joshua and Maritza Cable at Pleasure Valley Development for $20,000.

North American Forgemasters Co. to Sandra Somple at 166 Weathervane Drive for $430,000.

Summit Township

Rikki and Michael Woodling to Erik Braun at 161 Freeport Road for $215,000.

Washington Township

Mary Dillaman to Eli Swartzentruber at 105 Leonard Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $234,009.60).

Winfield Township

Joshua and Shannon Adomaitis to Jacob and Misty Ingram at 427 Stoney Hollow Road for $550,000.

Worth Township

Dennis Daniels and Linda Daniels to Brandon and Abbey Ishida at unknown address for $10,000.


Kathy Merriman to Edward and Kathy Merriman at Rosewood Plan for $1.

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