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Recreation complex being developed in Pullman Park

BUTLER TWP — Administrators are planning to build a “recreation complex” by Pullman Center Business Park, and the planning commission took early steps toward its creation at a meeting Tuesday, Feb. 7.

The township planning commission approved a land development request for phase one of the project, which was presented by Butler Township manager Tom Knights. Phase one involves the installation of an artificial turf field near the Butler Transit Authority office that will come with soccer, lacrosse and football markings.

There will also be a parking lot with 68 spaces, which Knights said will be planned to also contain four chargers for electric vehicles.

“There are grants out there to put those in,” Knights said. “One of the requirements for the grants is you have to have something to keep somebody there. You can’t just put them into a regular parking lot with nothing to do.”

The plan also includes lighting for the area housed in phase one of the plan.

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