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What is true freedom?

I support the 422 billboard. Thank you, John Placek, for your boldness to stand for truth. Knowing beforehand you would be persecuted, you took a stand “to be not moved!” When we walk in truth, we reap true freedom. This is according to God’s love and desire for all mankind. More Christians need to start taking a stand as you have, myself included.

Today, we see before our very eyes legislators attempting to re-write the Bible by passing laws to please some of the people, which in turn will only cause them pain and sorrow. However, the standards of God’s word displayed on the 422 billboard were written for our protection and prosperity.

When God’s word is followed, we experience true freedom. And, no matter how many laws are passed by legislators that oppose God’s word, the standard of the word of God endures forever, and thus cannot be changed by man-made laws.

It's very sad that God’s good plan for us is being called evil, and that evil is being called good. So it is, we live in a world where perceptions are being defined — not by His word, but by skewed and twisted ideas lacking discernment.

In addition, if Martin Luther King Jr. were here today and saw the state of the world, he would weep, but rejoice that this sign was displayed, for he was a man of God and His word.

Loretta Jones

Slippery Rock

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