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New brush truck coming to Middlesex Township

MIDDLESEX TWP — Township supervisors approved the purchase of a brush truck for the Middlesex Volunteer Fire Company on Wednesday, Feb. 1.

The fire company will spend just over $311,000 for a Vengeant Ford F550 Sandstorm Fire apparatus from Glick Fire Equipment Co. The money will come from the fire company’s capital fund, which holds money saved from tax revenue given to the firefighters by the township.

“I just wanted to say thanks to the supervisors,” said fire Chief Walter Hamilton. “The people of our community, the members, we had great support coming in. We want to continue that; we just want to please our customers, and we just want to hear them out.”

The firefighters have been without a truck to put out wildfires since they sold the last one. The new truck also has a mini pumper, which is good for use on rough terrain or poor road conditions, said Dave Van Atta, a 35-year member of the company who helped spearhead the movement to get a new truck.

“That’s a cheap one,” Van Atta said. “The rescue truck that we bought a few years ago was over $800,000. Ladder trucks start out at $1 million.”

The new truck can pump water out at 1,500 gallons per minute, fit four people and hold hundreds of gallons of both foam and water.

The fire company will pay 15% of the $311,170 to Glick Fire Equipment, and the rest of the purchase price on delivery of the truck, which is expected in November.

The cost of the truck also includes another $70,000, which will be paid by the fire relief association.

“We’re looking forward for the rig to get here,” said Van Atta. “So we can put it in service for our residents.”

The fire company is hosting a fundraising cash bash event April 29 to support its general fund. Tickets for the event are available at the fire station from 6 to 9 p.m. Thursdays.

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