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Real Estate Transactions

These real estate transactions were recorded in Butler County from Sept. 1 to 7.

Adams Township

NVR to Thomas and Katherine Abbott at 307 Crest Lane for $772,892.

James and Susan Hugg, co-trustees, to Federal Equipment Leasing at Village of Adams Ridge II for $315,000.

Elizabeth Anderson to Fumio and Chae Yasuzawa at 537 West Village Green Blvd. for $315,000.

Brennan Group to Brian and Diane Herr, trustee, at 226 Noble Circle for $597,255.

B3V Partners to John and Ardis DeMarco at Sunrise Acres Lot 206 for $110,000.

Kristi Collins to Christopher and Rhonda Lope at Adams Pointe North Condominium for $205,000.

Anne Koch to Ayhan and Colleen Ulke at 548 E. Vanderbilt Drive for $445,000.

Buffalo Township

NVR to Jin Yang and Ha Kim at 143 Red Horse Drive for $391,590.

Heritage Crossings Partners to Marlene Wildenstein at 1174 Sandy Ridge Drive for $453,285.

Dennis and Jennifer Wuyscik to Anthony Uzmack at 121 Edgewood Drive for $250,000.

Butler City

Mark and Barbara Zelinka to Robert Span at Cherry Street for $133,000.

L&N Investments to Jay Wagner at address unknown for $8,000.

Specialty Outreach Services to First National Bank of Pennsylvania at 391 1st St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $2,068,056.32).

Amanda and Sean O’Keefe to O’Keefe Family Trust at 804 McKinley Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $434,649.60).

Richard and Debra Moran to ISB Enterprises at Moran Bazzanno Plan Lot 1 for $10,000.

Interstate Builders to ISB Enterprises at 227 E. Brady St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $119,637).

Mary Dahl to ISB Enterprises at 154 Kittanning St. at for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $36,853.26).

HVB2 to Pittsburgh Radio Partners at 252 Pillow St. for $425,000.

Butler Township

Justin and Jessica Cooper to Amy Pignatore at 219 Thornwood Drive for $273,000.

Robert and Andrea Kuhn to Ryan and Kelly Vatter at Deer Run Plan Lot 5 for $360,000.

Alan and Nancy Robertson to William and Leslie Houk at Robertson Subdivision Lot 2 for $40,000.

Kathleen Ufner to Kimberly Ramsey and Robert Martin at 114½ Greenwood Drive for $225,000.

Marcella McChesney to Patricia Harmon at 128 Valley St. for $90,000.

Linda Souzer to Lloyd Eagal at Helios Sub-Division Lot 8 for $140,000.

Daniel and Audrianna Bly to Kirk and Justice Petho at 108 Wise Road for $245,000.

Richard and Tracy Cypher to Brian and Natalie Pflueger at address unknown for $106,500.

Center Township

Thomas and Lisa Kuzora to PPR HLDs at 106 Volkswood Drive for $200,000.

Thomas and Lisa Kuzora to PPR HLDs at 1640 N. Main St. Ext. for $150,000.

Tom and Lisa Kuzora to BAM BAM Investments at 1640 N. Main St. Ext. for $1,086,200.

Margaret Emrick to Robert Fanelli and John Fanelli at Brewster Road for $145,000.

James and Michelle Koch to Michael Smith and Sarah Dickerson at 123 Mar Vel Drive for $300,000.

Duffy Highlands to Thomas and Patricia Kaczynski at 101 Royal Aberdeen Blvd. for $401,975.

Cherry Township

Sharon Wassell to John and Sharon Franasiak at 140 Chambers Road for $285,000.

Clinton Township

John and Susan Kobik to Joseph and Beth Bosco at 104 Coleman Lane for $240,000.

Victory Real Estate Holdings to Victory Real Estate Holdings at South Noah Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $184,602.88).

Connoquenessing Township

Shelly Turner to Edward and Susan Hollo at Meadowview Condominium for $199,900.

Cranberry Township

Matthew and Christina Floyd to Lexicon Government Services at 312 Riva Ridge Drive for $920,000.

Lexicon Government Services to Leonard Labriola II at 312 Riva Ridge Drive for $920,000.

Cody and Bethany Dirlam to Gary Josebeck at 309 Yorktown Drive for $451,000.

Carol Zema to David Peters at 2132 Clerkenwell Lane for $335,000.

Bryan Bingham and Kaitlyn Boscarino to Bryan Bingham and Kaitlyn Boscarino, trustees, at 104 Middleground Place for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $574,604.80).

Michael and Mary Chieppor, trustees, to Wei Xia and You Xu at 108 Walden Pond Lane for $1,250,000.

Christopher and Shannon Sherwin to Tyler and Natalie Balbierer at 140 Bayberry Lane for $388,500.

Fumioand Chae Yasuzawa to Debra Hartzell at 5103 Bear Run Road for $560,000.

Jeffrey and Lori Ludrof to Arttent Property at 605 Gratitude Road for $423,500.

Robert and Eileen Davidson to Samuel Gruber and Nicole VanDenbosch at 307 Orchard Drive for $322,000.

Benjamin and McKenna Weaver to Sarah Bishop at 207 Briarwood Lane for $326,971.

Ryan and Amanda Laroux to Kellie and James Weaver at 8026 Maureen Drive for $635,000.

Amy and Frank Gift Jr. to Alana Pantely at 405 Auburn Drive for $450,000.

Mount Tamalpais to Atpit at Mashuda Industrial Park Lot 4 for $2,200,000.

Anthony Custom Homes to Mark Sadowski at 213 Bentbrook Circle for $40,150.

Donegal Township

William and Sandra Campbell to William and Sandra Campbell at Nagy Subdivision Lot 2 for $1.

Steven and Jodi Lewis to Steven and Jodi Lewis, trustees, at 110 Pemberley Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $991,654).

Norma Miller to Jason O’Donnell at Medical Center Road for $80,000.

East Butler

Jeffrey and Jenifer Culver to Tabitha Bush at 505 Madison Ave. for $138,500.

Evans City

Loren Kumpfmiller to Maxwell Master at 135 W. Main St. for $170,000.

Forward Township

Constance and Larry Turnstall to Rachael and Jason Belschner at 106 Naughton Circle for $440,000.

Franklin Township

Estate of Carol A. Clark to Catherine Dunmyre at Chestnut Grove Condominium for $245,000.

Jackson Township

Joan Coatsworth, trustee, to William Hurley at 179 Rock Lake Drive for $220,000.

NVR to Ross Shutt and Minna Ranjeve at 165 Woodsman Ridge Drive for $523,700.

Melanie and Thomas West Jr. to Bell Properties at Gudekunst Road for $600,000.

Harmony Fire District to MSP Properties at Resevoir Plan Lot 1F for $600,000.

Seneca Trails to NVR at Seneca Trails Planned Residential Subdivision Lots 205 and 212 for $197,190.

Maronda Homes to George and Elizabeth Rovee at Walnut Ridge Plan Lot 135 for $685,732.

NVR to Garrett and Kala Wickham at 312 Shanleigh Drive for $522,735.

Newman Holdings to NVR at Foxwood Trails Residential Development Lot 204 for $101,470.

Jefferson Township

Christine and Randall Byers to Bryan Byers at address unknown for $162,500.

Darlene and Terry Lehman to Darlene Lehman at 111 Nittany Lane for $0 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $224,435.20).

Lancaster Township

NVR to Kaethe Massimiani at 354 Arden Drive for $329,990.

NVR to Ryan and Adriann Reilly at 342 Arden Drive for $432,431.

John and Mary Reppermund to John and Mary Reppermund, trustees, at 425 Northview Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $467,737.60).

Middlesex Township

Lawrence and Laura King to Michelle Weismann at 660 Sandy Hill Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $4,050).

Nathan Henne to Saxon Hartman at 1050 Adair Ave. for $360,000.

Oakland Township

Nadine Mottern to Danny Mottern at address unknown for $1.

Joseph and Evelyn McCloskey to Michael and Tina McCloskey at 783 Chicora Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $214,438.40).

Penn Township

G. Mark Bonney to Gordon and Grace Bonnie at Winters Road for $1.

OSM Holdings to Five Star Store It Penn-Ohio at 540/694 Pittsburgh Road for $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $1,248,276).

Five Star Store It Penn-Ohio to SROA 540 Pittsburgh PA at 540 Pittsburgh Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $1,248,276).

Dickson Holdings to Luc Kocher and Miranda Tedford at Dickson Plan for $665,000.


Ellen Kracht to Lawrence and Sharon Lennon at 332 Acorn Lane for $511,000.

Shirley Grossman to Michael and Meredith Arnold at address unknown for $100,000.


Mary Lou Cypher to Doulin LLC at 225 Horne Ave. for $271,000.

Charles and Kathryn Matus to Matus Family Trust at 260 W. Main St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $82,150.74).

Charles and Kathryn Matus to Matus Family Trust at 276 W. Main St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $158,376.60).

Seven Fields

Michael Heinricher, Paula Heinricher and Cynthia Weaver to Pamela Ferrari and Robert Ferrari at 125 Forest Drive for $212,500.

Slippery Rock

George and Naomi Brown to Susan and Christopher McClure at 450 Center St. for $234,000.

Slippery Rock Township

Rashel Donaldson to Celeste Grimm at 708 Kiester Road for $324,000.

Lawrence Pavlik to Joseph and Sarah Vermilya at 112 Applewood Lane for $388,500.

Alan and Elizabeth Emery to Thomas Landers II at 521 New Castle Road for $209,000.

Summit Township

Ronald Paule, co-trustee, to Holly and Charles Recker Jr. at 672 Great Belt Road for $485,000.

Winfield Township

Brandon and Melanie Perrine to Derrick File at 471 Marwood Road for $185,000.


Carl and Nancy Staible to Eric and Anna Ezzolo at 219 Emerson Drive for $600,000.

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