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Real Estate Transactions

These real estate transactions were recorded in Butler County from Aug. 25 to 31:

Adams Township

Thomas and Amy Heatherington to Thomas and Amy Patterson Heatherington at Meredith Glen Estates Lot 8 for $1,058,000.

Penn Acres to Bruno and Mary Conicella at 201 Summit Acres for $190,000.

Geeta Kaul and Bipin Kaul to Matthew and Carlye Henderson at 3008 Paige Place for $675,000.

Samuel Moore II, Trustee to Jonathan and Sandra Glick at 4202 Senate Court for $585,000.

John and Paula Kramarik to John and Paul Kramarik, trustees, at 4132 Lilly Vue Court for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $447,884.80).

NVR to Brent and Lindsay Bissell at 348 Crest Lane for $917,905.

Shuguang Huang and Adeline Yeo to Phani Gummalla at 230 Broadstone Drive for $322,750.

Leo and Terree Gayle to American International Relocation Solutions at 106 Golfview Drive for $660,000.

Chandrasekhar Patlolla and Prathyusha Arasu to Ramakrishnan Balakrishnan to Subha Chandrasekaran at Kaufman Run Estates Lot 602 E for $314,000.

Allegheny Township

Diane Ringeisen, James Darkowski, and Melissa Elk to Jason Warren at Township Road T544 for $20,000.

Brady Township

Larry McMillin to Joseph and Samantha Long at 284 Centreville Road for $60,034.08.

Buffalo Township

Joseph Moser to Robert Holbein Jr. at address unknown for $40,000.

Marie Sosa to Frank and Lisa Bogacz at Maple Street for $35,000.

Wayne Ruediger to David Ruediger at 143 Helpler Road for $9,000.

NVR to Julie Bricker at 125 Red Horse Drive for $483,495.

Butler City

Starting Fresh Rentals to Jacob Thompson at 308 E. Locust St. for $145,000.

Robert Kennedy to Starrsha Howell at 120 American Ave. for $67,000.

Jereme and Alexis Loos to Hunter Weinel at 113 2nd St. for $145,000.

Ravikopp LLC to J. Panchal Inc. at West Brady Street for $55,000.

Butler Township

Suzanne and William Heitzer Jr. to Joshua and Rhiannon Gould at 96 Ayleshire Road for $198,000.

Patricia and Matthew Konieczny to Patricia and Matthew Konieczny at 223 Pinewood Drive for $1.

Norma Cygan et al. to Donna Kowalkowski and Matthew Burnside at 278 Whitestown Road for $1.

Christopher Rakoci and Jennifer McCurdy to Taylor Kerlin and Holly and Jason Kerlin at 117 Delaware Drive for $225,000.

The Villas at Forest Oaks to George and Patricia Pikoulas at The Villas at Forest Oaks Unit 1014 for $445,780.

Joseph E. Regal to Honey Royer at 125 Vogel Road for $675,000.

Renee Neigh to Rochelle and Daniel Wolfe at 524 Kohler Ave. for $175,000.

Ascension Bajcz to Ascension and Maurice Bajcz at 17 Logan Ave. for $1.

Chris Gatto to James Kozlowski at 210 Bessemer Ave. for $55,000.

Jack and Amber Ripper to Jeffrey Heyl at 105 Layton Drive for $236,500.

Anthony and Jessica Blumling to Brandon and Cheryl Moore at 122 Crosslands Road for $230,000.

Lois Simmer to Jennifer Wolfe and Danielle Dickey at Simmer One Lot Simple Subdivision for $1.

Center Township

Steven and Karalea Sherman to David and Tanya Walden at 450 N. Duffy Road for $440,000.

Brianna Regney and Gage Decampli to Geoffry Gitlin at Beechwood Plan Lot 42 for $242,500.

Jedidiah Burns to Michael and Jeri Campbell at unknown address for $35,000.

The Villas at Forest Oaks to Ronald Geibel at The Villas at Forest Oaks Unit 1023 for $396,060.

Clay Township

David and Christina Simmers to Carol Larkin at 442 May Lane for $50,000.

Vicki Schiffer-Sobiech to Samuel Tucker at 128 Claytonia Road for $330,000.

Concord Township

Stephen and Barbara Tenney to Kirby Litzenberg at 1685 Oneida Valley Road for $45,000.

Jeffrey Thompson to Thompson Revocable Trust at 110 Oak Hill Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $7,603.20).


DRB Group Mid-Atlantic to Steven Millard and Valerie Goehring at Leslie Farms Lot 220 for $383,515.

Connoquenessing Township

Lezzer Martin to T. Hartley Construction at Shannon Mills Estates Lot 133 for $37,500.

Kenneth Hardt to Robert and Dianne Cotherman at Church Hill Road for $232,500.

Cranberry Township

Housing and Urban Development to Olivier Philogene and Claire Bower at Glen Eden V Unit 513-A for $250,000.

Forest Edge to Donald and Leah Mellay at Forest Edge PRD Lot 327 for $206,550.

William and Jennifer Davis to Nicholas and Amanda Walters at 705 Seth Drive for $550,000.

Pan-Drew DTC to Jos & Tom Properties at Forsythe Plan Lot 6 for $290,000.

Stacy Juchno to Kevin and Amanda Yeager at 814 Stockton Ridge for $215,000.

NVR to Jeffrey Ruffing at 320 Caledonia Place for $346,675.

Cheryl Smith to Lisa Collins at Creekwood Commons Condominium for $125,000.

Jennifer and Bradley Cisar to Emily Huynh and Tan Luong at 216 Sherwood Drive for $249,900.

Marzena Pelczarski to Jay Capelli at 111 Hampshire Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $423,104).

NVR to Kirsten Donley, Charles Donley Jr. and Lisa Donley at 318 Caldonia Place for $400,585.

John Stanik, trustee, to Tim Miller at 115 Preserve Valley Drive for $983,000.

Forest Edge to Zachary and Anne Otaibi at 515 Monarch Circle for $214,200.

Mary Haberman to Thomas Sullivan at 1265 Norberry Court for $219,000.

Rochester Road Investment to Manish and Sonia Dhawan at 624 Gratitude Road for $449,990.

Emily Jamison to Barbara Steffey at 638 Sunset Circle for $220,000.

NVR to Melissa Helwig at 322 Calenonia Place for $390,725.

Karen Tylak, Lisa Tylak and Edward Gillett Jr. to Mary Beth Haberman at 68 Ashford Drive for $250,000.

Thomas and Rebecca Santry to Emily Ferraro and Nicholas Asfahani at 504 Kandyre Drive for $350,000.

Cranberry Fee LP to KB-Cranberry LLC at Cranberry Square/Wal-Mart Revision for $33,200,000.

Donegal Township

Kevin and Bobbie Young to Jessica and Adam Burns at 125 Log Cabin Drive for $120,000.

Evans City

Patricia and George K. Ripper Jr. to Ripper Family Trust at 217 Jefferson St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $130,521.60).

Patricia Ripper to Ripper Family Trust at 110 Margaret Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $130,521.60).

Fairview Township

Lee and Virginia Barnhart to Bret Vulakovich at 208 Glenford Drive for $225,000.

Forward Township

Bradley Fichter to Charles Fichter Jr. at Marie E. Urban Subdivision Lot 2 for $1.

Edward and Joan Besong to Vicki Zende and Thomas Brosenitsch Jr. at 144 Watters Station Road for $120,000.

Franklin Township

Nicolas and Kristen Cress to David Williamson and Patricia Weir at 835 West Old Route 422 for $280,000.

Patricia Kellerman to Matthew Johnston at 111 McConnel Drive for $209,000.

John and Sharon Bopp to A. Louis Himes, trustee, at Chestnut Grove Unit 231 for $370,000.

Jackson Township

NVR to Lance and Jennifer Stahl at 159 Woodsman Ridge Drive for $578,195.

Trails at Harmony Junction to Maronda Homes at 141 Cole Lane for $110,000.

Stephen and Felicity Styles to Kara and Matthew Rice at 305 James Patrick Place for $390,000.

Newman Holdings to NVR at Foxwood Trails Residential Lot 208 for $101,470.

NVR to Nicholas and Samantha Vanderhoof at 142 Woodsman Ridge Drive for $564,255.

Jefferson Township

Shawn and Patty Bowser to Amanda Sommers and Nathan Rosswog at 109 Betty Lane for $385,000.

Lancaster Township

NVR to George and Shannon Matthews at 423 Fosse Court for $408,200.

Arden Development Partners to NVR at Arden Wood Residential Plan Lot 219 for $86,935.50.

Richard and Ann Bevick to Stacey and Randy Daugharthy at 408 Northview Drive for $422,500.

NVR Kathryn Renne, trustee, at 200 Arden Drive for $417,775.

NVR to Mark and Linda Merritt at 227 Arden Drive for $437,930.

NVR to Kyle Petrucci and Samantha Schettler at 344 Arden Drive for $411,585.

Arden Development Partners to NVR at Arden Wood Residential Plan Lot 354 for $87,000.

Joel and Nancy Siegfried to Wade Hopkin at 364 Little Creek Road for $239,900.

Mercer Township

Donna Urey to Bradley and Samantha Foster at 506 Grove City Road for $226,000.

Middlesex Township

Daniel and Cheryl Harris to Harris Rev. Living Trust at 1112 Tilly Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $18,304).

Donald and Leeann Ruk to Susan and Timothy McKee at 174 W. Cruikshank Road for $506,000.

Oakland Township

Ray Smith to George Smith at 1015 Bonniebrook Road for $20,000.

Penn Township

William Richey to Kylee and Chris Stock at Twin Streams Plan for $1.


Betty Fediaczko to Dean and Carol Fediaczko at Subdivision for John Fediaczko Lot 2 for $200,000.


Tuscan Properties to DCD Ventures at Main Street for $352,000.

Donald Rowe to Michelle Tate at Saxonburg Village Unit 206 for $135,000.

Slippery Rock

Lawrence and Deborah Shannon to Fornadley Assets at unknown address for $190,000.

William and Lois Graham to Nicole Tomlinson and Julianne Brancati at 531 Kelly Blvd. for $261,000.

Slippery Rock Township

Dale and Lori Aiken to Andrew and Sarah Murray at 110 Bradman Estate for $368,000.

Robert and Margaret Thompson to Paula Coulter at 125 Smith Valley Road for $1.

Summit Township

William Hogan to Matthew Undercuffler at Millerstown Road for $12,000.

David Antal and Kristy Majocha to Allen and Tina Cossaboom at 112 Hinchberger Road for $200,000.

Venango Township

Evan Rippey to CCR Group at unknown address for $141,000.

Stella Chiappini to Hilary Kohlmeyer at Route 38 for $117,500.

Washington Township

Nancy Anderson to Jereme and Alexis Loos at 655 Fairview Road for $199,900.

Cruz Eshenbaugh to Dalton Fair at 435 Christie Road for $229,900.

Winfield Township

Garth and Karen Yetter to Jennifer Kennedy at Winfield-Saxonburg Road for $144,000.

Worth Township

Linda and Dennis Daniels to Abbey and Brandon Ishida at 190 Patterson Road for $300,000.


Honey Royer to Mark and Kimberly Marian at 315 Beaver St. for $629,000.

Nicholas and Samantha Vanerhoff to Charles Chemelli and Rebecca Steigerwald at 108 Hillside Drive for $259,000.

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