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Baldwin must be held accountable

The NRA offers training classes to teach people how to safely handle firearms. The first lesson is that you never point a gun at someone unless you intend to shoot them. It doesn’t matter if the gun is loaded, unloaded or loaded with “blanks.” You just don’t do it.

In 1984, an actor named Jon-Erik Hexum took a “prop” gun loaded with blanks, held it to his temple, pulled the trigger, and was killed. Guns are not toys. Was Alec Baldwin trying to be funny when he cocked a large caliber handgun, pointed it at his co-workers and pulled the trigger?

He was a producer, which makes him responsible for actions on his set. Why were they using these “prop” guns for target practice? Why was there ever any live ammunition anywhere near his movie set?

So in answer to the question “Are charges excessive for Baldwin in ‘Rust’ shooting?” on the editorial page of Tuesday’s Eagle, the answer is “No.” He is guilty as charged and must be held accountable.

Phil Kriley


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