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Colleen (Slater) Benson


Birthday tribute to my sister, Colleen (Slater) Benson on your first Heavenly birthday, January 27, 2023.

Happy Birthday to My Sister

My dearest Sister,

How can I find the words to say

To tell how much I miss you

Throughout every single day.

I miss our nightly chats

The way you’d listen to my day

And how you’d always cheer me up

Whenever you would phone.

Living life without you

Is so very hard to bear

I’d give all I have to waken

To see you standing there.

Sometimes it still doesn’t seem real

That you are no longer here.

I was always able to just pick up the phone

To call and say hello,

I just wish I could turn back time

To make that happen again.

Things aren’t the same without you here, Sis.

We all miss you dearly,

But today is a special day

It’s the day you were born

The day you became my sister.

Happy Birthday, Sis.

Lovingly remembered and missed,

Russell Slater ♥

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