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Discussion ongoing on flashing light in Jefferson

A car travels through the intersection of Great Belt Road and Bonniebrook Road in Jefferson Township on Monday, Jan. 23. Cary Shaffer/Butler Eagle

The debate on whether to add a flashing traffic signal at a rural intersection in Jefferson Township will continue for now.

Leo Rosenbauer, township manager, said various residents have requested the township add a flashing traffic signal at the intersection of Great Belt Road and Bonniebrook Road, where he said there have been accidents.

When township officials talked to the state Department of Transportation about a study at the intersection, Rosenbauer said he was told it is unclear whether flashing traffic signals are effective.

The cost for a light would be the responsibility of the township, and would run $6,000 to $7,000 for a study, the required state permits, stop and stop ahead signs and the signal light.

He said a difference of opinion now exists regarding whether a flashing traffic signal is necessary at the intersection.

“The supervisors haven’t totally decided one way or the other,” Rosenbauer said. “They’re still discussing it.”

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