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Real Estate Transactions

These real estate transactions were recorded in Butler County from Aug. 18 to 24:

Adams Township

Stacy Juchno and Scott Dibble to John Stanik, Trust at 107 Indian Meadow Drive for 1,450,000.

Brian and Melissa Stussie to Abdullah and Selma Ulku at 237 Gabriel Drive for $875,000.

Office Horace Trumbauer to Jason Boyd and Katy Rittle at 670 Valencia Road for $147,000.

NVR Inc. to Grant and Mallory Pampiks at 223 Cranesbill Drive for $404,675.

Hickory Glen Partners to Cory and Alison Werth at 144 Pearce Road for $826,370.

James and Erica Miller to Samuel and Susan Kirsch at 237 Longbow Lane for $1,178,000.

Sarah and Karen James, Trustees to Anthony Demaio at 1702 Appleridge Court for $550,000.

Cheri Hollenbaugh and Jane Bablak, Successor Trustees to Jame and Darla Greene at Adams Crossing Unit 1503 for $480,000.

Rebecca Pedersen to Spagnolo Properties at Mars Valencia Road for $750,000.

B3V Partners to John and MaryEllen Baron at Sunrise Acres Subdivision Lot 209 for $110,000.

B3V Partners to William and Maryann Baker at Sunrise Acres Subdivision Lot 201 for $110,000.

Gary and Sandra Slafka, Trustees to Slafka Revocable Living Trust at 2602 Eloquent Lane for $1.

David and Suzanne Hall to Larence and Veronica Crist at 108 Seaton Crest for $680,000.

NVR Inc. to Jason and Hazel Bader at 111 Abigail Drive for $674,096.

Joel and Kate Lennen to Eric and Kimberly Underwood at 464 Catalpa Court for $538,000.

Hickory Glen Partners to Paul and Nancy Kopatich at 134 Pearce Road for $1,026,000.

Buffalo Township

R&W Estates to NVR Inc at Twin Oaks Plan Lot 214 for $65,000.

Christopher White and Michelle Marshalwitz to Jame Rice and Karen McGee at 116 Woodbury Drive for $300,000.

James and Susan Zingaro to Benjamin and Jennifer Fields at 203 Crestwood Drive for $475,000.

William Skillen, Successor Trustee to Brian Hochbein at Grimm Road for $30,000.

William Skillen, Successor Trustee to Ryan and Shelby Eckenrod at Grimm Road for $171,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Dylan Park and Junior Jenkins at 440 Cole Road for $57,000.

Heritage Crossings Partners to Janet Schuch at 1201 Sandy Ridge Drive for $416,640.

Butler City

Carol Osgood to Sherry Binga at 410 North McKean St. for $205,000.

Butler Township

Dennis and Debra Hawks to Sandra Christy at Hawks Subdivision Lot 1 for $32,000.

Kathleen and Kenneth Connor to Thomas Vissari at 127 Bon Aire Drive for $185,000.

Bryon and Kayla Watson to Delores Onufer at 115 Avon Drive for $221,200.

Penny Kummer to Linda Weigle at 4106 S. Highland Ave. for $269,900.

Center Township

Amber and Cole Buser to Aaron and Abigail Williams at 5146 McCandless Road for $245,000.

The Villas at Forest Oaks to Paul and Darlene Stewart at 1024 Forest Oaks Drive for $431,115.

Raymond and Elfriede Twentier to Larry Twentier at 122 Willow Run Drive for $1.

Cathy Novorolsky to The Petropulos/Novorolsky Trust at 200 Murfield Court for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $511,526.40).

Cherry Township

Union Home Mortgage Corp to Mark Bicker at 124 Bovard Lane for $60,100.

Charlotte Murphy to John Lusk at 104 Bovard Lane for $225,000.


Donald Stark to Bryan Lyons and Debra Tate at 209 East Drive for $187,000.

Clay Township

Jason Sholes to Jason and Carole Sholes at 301 East Twin Lane for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $336,502.80).


DRB Group Mid-Atlantic to Michael and Stephanie Stefanick at 157 Shelton Place for $397,078.

Connoquenessing Township

Ruthe Blose, Trustee to Karen Cassin at 158 Hidden Meadows Circle for $275,000.

Cranberry Township

Edwin Thaner to Freedom Road Management at Freedom Road or $1,010,000.

Frederico and Marcela Moreira to Christopher McDermott Jr. and Christian Thomas at 529 Captain Lee Boss Way for $370,000.

Cranberry Real Estate Holdings to Charter Homes at Crescent at Cranberry Springs Subdivision Lot 11 for $2,000,000.

Cranberry Real Estate Holdings to Crescent Strand Partners at Cranberry Springs Subdivision Lot 13 for $3,000,000.

Charter Homes at Crescent to Sippel Enterprises at Unit 11 - Crescent for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $1,478.40).

Sippel Enterprises to Cranberry Real Estate Holdings at Unit 10 - Crescent for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $620.92).

Michael and Kylie Oliver to Michael Oliver at 308 Dawson Ave. for $1.

Dow and Julianne Rogers to Joseph and Rena Ammerman at 616 Golden Ridge Court for $417,000.

Lois Macmurdo, Trustee to Amy and Shawn Tunstall at 324 Kerry Court for $775,000.

Nathan and Rachel Hammerstone to Michael and Kelly Gaertner at 703 Helen Court for $459,900.

Robert and Heather Robson at 105 Autumn Hill Drive for $450,000.

Rochester Road Investment to Brian and Rosemary Potts at 516 Beneficial Drive for $679,990.

Jonathan and Jennifer Cornely to Jennifer Cornelly at Timberline Plan for $1.

Forest Edge to Andrew and Kathleen Fox at Forest Edge PRD Lot 328 for $206,550.

Fairview Township

Robert and Carol Blakely to Randy and Myra Shriver at Highway 268 for $150,000.

Forward Township

Michael and Marsha Gavula to Michael and Marsha Gavula, Trustees at 338 Old Route 68 for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $337,638.40).

Maronda Homes to Harry Woods II and Emily Reichert at 117 Hidden Acres Drive for $431,965.

J. Hudson Jr to Patrick and Sarah Rutledge at 751 Prospect Road for $1,093,500.

Cory and Alison Werth to Jeremy and Jessica Mathenia at 105 Hare Court for $445,000.

Franklin Township

E & E Chestnut Developers to Donna Carlsen at Chestnut Grove Condominiums Unit 622 for $339,900.


Constance Emmett and James and Tammy Steele at 201 West Prairie St. for $185,000.

Jackson Township

NVR Inc. to Molly and Michael DiTommaso at 163 Woodsman Ridge for $572,390.

Jas Builders to Christian and Kathryn Durbin at Treadstone Lane Plan Lot 3 for $159,950.

Jas Builders to Adam and Brittany Kephart at Treadstone Lane Plan Lot 2 for $159,950.

Newman Holdings to NVR Inc. at Foxwood Trails Residential Development Lot 206 for $101,470.

NVR Inc. to Julie and Timothy Kamnikar at 306 Shanleigh Drive for $523,705.

Maronda Homes to Pradeep Edla and Manisha Yata at 125 Grove Hill Lane for $621,800.

NVR Inc. to Apurva Kasala and Vishal Marri at 405 Sarjean Way for $534,760.

NVR Inc. to Lisa Warner and Ronald Sacco Jr. at 401 Sarjean Way for $562,755.

Jas Builders to Geoffrey and Kathryn Hanks at 3181 Unionville Road for $144,000.

Karns City

Terry and Sally Lucas to Jason and Belinda Blystone at 115 Church St. for $70,000.

Lancaster Township

NVR Inc to Rose and Zachary Simmons at 422 Fosse Court for $400,140.

Arden Development Partners to NVR Inc. at Arden Wood Residential Plan Lot 249 for $86,935.50.


Jeffrey and Lisa Gant to Willard Whitton and Gemma Carlino at 230 Crowe Ave. for $352,900.

Mercer Township

Dalton Arblaster to Madison Arblaster at Arblaster Subdivision for $1.

Larence and Nancy Arblaster to Madison Arblaster at Arblaster Subdivision for $1.

Middlesex Township

Christine Holder to Christine McGrath at 112 John St. for $1.

Jeffrey and Kay Ridgway to Patricia Gerhauser at 150 Old Route 8 South for $295,000.

Joan Coward to Lynn and Timothy Coward at 273 State Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $184,203).

Penn Township

James and Marie Brandon to James Brandon at 141 Country Club Heights for $1.

Oakland Township

Lee and Mary Pierce to Lee Pierce at Klein Lot 10 for $1.

Seven Fields

Elizabeth Pope to Tegrat99 LLC at 144 Woodhaven Drive for $180,000.

Michelle and Daniel Christenson to Merlin and Angela Anderson at 404 Farrington Drive for $551,400.

Slippery Rock Township

Carmine and Amy Tedeschi to Monica Sertik at 113 Grove Ave. for $185,000.

Westeros Development to MDS LLC at Rockview Development Plan Lot 1 for $400,000.

Summit Township

Barbara Fundark, Trustee to Ronald and Tiffany Fundark at 410 Stutz Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $226,688).

Venango Township

Hindman Family Holdings to Timothy Hindman at 360 Eau Claire Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $195,148.50).

Winfield Township

James and Mary Lindsay to James and Joy Lindsay at 1006 Sarver Road for $1.

Bricker Family Limited Parnership to Eileen Crawford, Trustee at Bricker Family Plan for $98,400.

Eileen Crawford, Trustee to Eileen Crawford, Trustee at 128 Bauer Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $244,992).

Bricker Family Limited Partnership to James Wetzel at Bricker Family Plan for $35,000.

James Wetzel to James Wetzel, etal. at 241 Moorehead Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $368,248.32).

Howard Coller to Mikayla and Derek Oswald at 355 Stoney Hollow Road for $321,000.

Worth Township

Roxanne and Fred Turner to Roxanne and Fred Turner, Trustees at 442 Country View Road for $1(state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $461,120).


Virgina Smoke, Successor Trustee to Jean and Michael Flood at 102 Flood Lane for $250,000.

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