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Real Estate Transactions

These real estate transactions were recorded in Butler County from Aug. 1 to Aug.14:

Adams Township

Matthew and Kara Kelley to David and Sarah Kroll II at 294 Stoup Road for $575, 000.

Daniel and Donna Giammatteo Jr. to Andrew and Gina Richardson at 217 Morning Grove Lane for $513, 750.

Charles and Jacklyn Rechel to Charles and Mary Bogosta at 701 Appleridge Court for $535,000.

John and Phyllis Stoyle to Donna Kruljac at 1134 Cobblestone Lane for $363,000.

Sharon Grusofski, trustee, to Alex Stepke at 165 Dobson Road for $80,000.

Cypress Fields to Infinity Custom Homes at 102 Cypress Lane for $166,000.

William Campbell to William Campbell, trustee, at 1111 Cobblestone Village for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $373,683.20).

NVR to Jorden Alfery at 217 Cranesbill Drive for $369,910.

Julie Smith to Harold Leeper III at 135 Valleybrook Drive for $530,000.

Ricky and Melissa Myers to Daren and Renee D’Ippolito at 2038 Golden Grove Drive for $1,025,000.

Mary Coleman to Mark Warren and Mary White at 222 Adams Point Blvd. Unit 1 for $282,500.

Enclave Land Partners to Stephen and Stephanie Zieger at Terek Plan Lot 101 for $215,000.

Gabriel’s Crest Development to NVR at 310 Crest Lane for $160,000.

NVR to Chad Volmer and Alecia Zika at 126 Lupine Drive for $383,350.

Timothy and Denise McCallum, co-trustees, to Joan Simons at 101 Wickerman Drive for $725,000.

William and Janine Otis to Kevin and Vannessa Savona at 307 Stoneridge Lane for $745,000.

Mark and Shari Galabinski to Mark and Shari Galabinski, trustees, at 305 Myoma Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $289,484.80).

Morgan Heritage Creek Apartments to CSP Cranberry Residential at 200 Scharberry Lane for $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $120,524.80).

James and Kristin Fenner to Cartus Financial Corp. at 561 Holly Court for $485,000.

Cartus Financial Corp. to Rachel and Frank Kimmel Jr. at 561 Holly Court for $485,000.

John Watson to Far View Farms Development at Far View Farms Development for $69,100.

John Watson to Alden Rodriguez at Forsythe Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $98.98).

Cypress Fields to Salahuddin Siddiq and Mukadas at 102 Cypress Lane for $181,000.

Denise Hughes to Andrey Chernykh at 647 Village Green Blvd. for $314,000.

Trevor and Jenny Edwards to Sean and Sheri Baldis at 470 Whitetail Meadows Trail for $430,000.

NVR to Rajkumar Ravi and Loshini Ethayaveenan at 122 Lupine Drive for $365,025.

Allegheny Township

Dianne Lasky to Luke Morrow at Byron Center Six Points Road for $55,000.

Buffalo Township

Mitchell and Chelsea Shaw to Linda and James Hagar at Ridgeview Estates for $300,000.

Clark and Kathy Sawyer to Christina and Joseph Gasdia at 716 N. McKean St. for $296,515.

Susan Elwell to Lisa Corbett at 109 8th Ave. for $86,000.

NVR to Derek Folk and Breanne Mizerak at 115 Red Horse Drive for $419,520.

R&W Estates to NVR at Twin Oaks Plan Lot 211 for $65,000.

Heritage Crossings Partners to Donna Lambert at Heritage Crossings Condo Plan Unit 1204 for $471,820.

NVR to Brian and Jessica Evola at 110 Abigail Drive for $700,501.

NVR to Darcy and Frank Skrip Jr. at 130 Red Horse Drive for $426,630.

NVR to Lakshmimadhurya Tipireddy and Chandra Kolla at 124 Lupine Drive for $391,680.

Heritage Crossings Partners to William and Diane McDonough at 1202 Sandy Ridge Drive for $456,810.

Jennifer Bevilacqua to Giulio and Jennifer Bevilacqua at 404 Blackstone Lane for $1.

B3V Partners to Kevin and Dorothy Scott at Sunrise Acres Lot 214 for $110,000.

Butler City

Robert and Roberta Bauman to Eudora F60 at 408 W. New Castle St. for $50,000.

Michael Dugan to Benjamin Hortert at 446 N. Chestnut St. for $136,000.

Luxe Valkyrie to Barbara Walker and Robert Fields III at 311 S. Monroe St. for $135,900.

Edward Bresnahan Jr. and Denise Horwat, co-trustees, to James Wiley Jr. at 210 13th Ave. for $215,000.

Shane and Jennifer Spack to RYANX2 at East Penn Street for $147,000.

John Edwards to AR Epshtein USA at 615 Second St. for $7,000.

Amy Bullman to Huf Rentals at Zeigler Avenue for $54,000.

David Foster to Dianne Lasky and Justin and Kristen DiPierro at New Castle Street for $116,000.

Yvonne and Richard Zentz Jr. to Bailey Weitzel at 239 Wallula Ave. for $135,000.

Rachelle Lleweylyn Guardianships to WIT Property Management at New Castle Street for $17,000.

Lacey Campbell and Thomas Hosack to Kouakou Konan at 322 Negley Ave. for $80,000.

Muhannad Shuman to Stephanie Kotomski at 304 N. Chestnut St. for $113,500.

Butler Township

James and Margaret Sherman to Andrew Bean at 225 Thornwood Drive for $347,500.

Keith Dawson to Sierra Clark at 121 Irene Drive for $240,000.

Timothy and Aleida O’Toole to Michael and Jodie Vero at 106 Bellefield Drive for $254,900.

Ingle and Susan Smith to Heidi and Bradley Jones at 124 Oak Drive for $319,000.

Mark and Kathleen Cancilla to Nancy Godineaux at 106 Jarrett Ave. for $269,900.

Stephen and April Bresnehan to Thomas and Rose Bergbigler at 133 Arlington Ave. for $62,000.

Phyllis Kaltenbaugh, Leroy Rettig, Karen Blum and Dennis Rettig to Jodice and Odunayo Titunyemi at 100 Vanessa Drive for $210,000.

Renee Eakin to Joshua and Lisa Loomis at 136 Lawrence Ave. for $261,100.

Gerard Criley to Jacob Schwerin at 238 Wintergreen Drive for $188,000.

Center Township

John and Kelley Barbati to Matthew and Kristina Carr at 104 Shawnee Drive for $400,000.

Karen and William Cranmer to Keaton King and Madison Shaffer at 319 N. Duffy Road for $215,000.

Deborah Gibson and Michael Sheptak Jr. to Shawn and Christine Wedlock at 200 Holyoke Road for $360,000.

Clearview Mall Capital Holding to Clearview Lock Solid Storage at Clearview Mall Lot 4 for $3,100,000.

Duffy Highlands to Douglass and Karen Hensel at Duffy Highlands Lot 112 for $413,035.

Julia Azzarello to Mitchell Berninger at 118 Springhouse Drive for $188,500.

Autumn Turley to Danielle Peiffer and Derek Scott at 563 Oneida Valley Road for $94,000.

Pipasu and Christi Soni to Thomas Shanley and Lisa Mehalick at 709 Lake Louise Court for $945,000.

Cherry Township

Mitchell Curry and Brandi Addison to Francis and Emily Benoit at Campbell Road for $37,000.

Clay Township

Kelly Roth to Raymond Rhines and Barbara Batchelor at 105 Helt Lane for $119,900.

James and Alice Taylor to the Dennis A. Ruffalo Revocable Trust at Concord Road for $150,000.

Rachel and Brian Christy to Sarah and Ivan Pennington at 762 Halston Road for $228,000.

Clearfield Township

Kathy Wendell to Kathy Wendell, et al, trustees, at 2939 Old Route 422 East for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $90,392.40).

Brandon and Nicole Geibel to Daniel DeCaria at 206 Channing Lane for $255,000.

Gregory and Laura Walter to Theresa and Chester Allen III at Walter Subdivision Lot 3 for $1,000,000.

Clinton Township

Robert and Samantha Bennett to David Fredley at 131 Sarver Road for $215,000.

Connoquenessing Borough

Ryan and Megan Melder to Franconia Real Estate Services at 116 Cameron Square Drive for $396,000.

Franconia Real Estate Services to Belinda and Eric Portenier at 116 Cameron Square Drive for $396,000.

Connoquenessing Township

Shirley Applegate, Shelby Beilstein and Cheryl Jones, administratrix, to Bryan Hilliard at Cooper farm for $21,000.

Cranberry Township

Scott Katzenell to Dylan Blake and Taylor Stone at 313 Wealdstone Road for $310,000.

Vilma Page to Freedom Road Management at 290 Northgate Drive, Suite 210, Warrendale, for $465,000.

Janet Harding to Yasser Ayad at 121 Bucktail Drive for $359,900.

Jaimineeben and Krunalkumar Modi to Jishnu Patel, Harsh Patel and Kashyapkumar Patel at 149 Moyer Hill Drive for $350,000.

Howard and Elizabeth Powell to Malcom and Erica Ford at 129 McDonald Drive for $335,770.

Myles Minzenberg and Barbar Minzenberg, co-trustees, to Jamie Pezzuti and Jonathan Vogal at 108 Pinehurst Drive for $250,000.

Kevin Palermo and Patricia McElroy to John and Denise Hart 414 Canterbury Trail for $495,000.

Matthew and Dana Kaltenberger to Bradley and Emily Zupancic at 310 Waterford Court for $680,000.

Viking Real Estate Management to Alexander Balanter at 424 Anna Marie Drive for $291,000.

Fedele Properties to Eric Benoit at Cranberry Professional Building I Unit I for $300,000.

Roger and Dana Martin to Brian and Jordana Lockwich at 129 Hunter Drive for $618,637.

Rochester Road Investment Co. to Nishant Kumar Gupta and Rambha Kumari at 427 Roebling Court for $459,990.

Rochester Road Investment Company to Riccardy and Alicia Volcy at 514 Beneficial Drive for $639,735.

Michael and Linda Gragilla to Christen Minier at 133 Mews Lane for $316,000.

David and Meg Miller to Connor Robertson and Alexandra Morando at 414 Settlers Village Circle for $621,000.

Park Place Marketing to Park Place Cranberry Association at Gander, Tuscarora, Monika Way, Caledonia, for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $347,776).

Connie Wright to Connie Wright Revocable Trust at 293 Jefferson Lane for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $474,073.60).

Kent Moyer to Kent Moyer and Nichole Josephson at 341 Central Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $216,832).

Scott and Michelle Serene to Daniel and Jaylan Lunsford at 426 Monmouth Drive for $430,000.

Edward and Shirley Klause to Anthony and Amanda Debello at 511 Greenspire Court for $260,000.

Sue and John Linehan to Joseph and Linda Filiano at 207 Kirkwood Drive for $305,000.

Nicholas and Elizabeth McKinney to Zalan and Eva Acs at 5757 Freshcorn Road for $605,000.

Christopher and Allison Hall to Cartus Financial Corp. at 142 Hunter Drive for $561,500.

Matthew and Autumn Kitson to Cartus Financial Corporation at 142 Hunter Drive for $561,500.

Rochester Road Investment to Timothy and Melissa Ford at 518 Beneficial Drive for $727,005.

Watermark at Cranberry PA Development to MF Cranberry Owner at 1000 Strand Road for $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $17,083,837.20).

Jennifer Birsa, trustee, to Francisco and Stephanie Hakimian at 302 Stacy Court for $393,500.

Sandra and Barry Donahoe to Christopher Vrana at 314 Cross Creek Drive for $375,000.

Greg and Jack Dressler to DCS Brothers Co. at Franklin Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $88,563.20).

Mary and Raymond Eyth to Kimberly and Gerald Rodgers Jr. at Chicora Road for $125,000.

Amanda Shaheen to Donna and David Stinelli at 777 Sunset Circle for $255,000.

Richard and Lisa Myers to John Inks at 1203 Dutilh Road Unit 1 for $149,000.

Krysta Sylvester to Andrew and Heidi Lenkei at 502 Captain Lee Boss Way for $561,000.

Gabriel Campitelli (aka Gabriele Campitelli) to 20315 Route 19 Partners at Route 19 for $1,100,000.

Benjamin Marcus Homes to Andrew and Aimee Weidl at 104 Eagle Ridge Road for $1,729,706.

Thomas and Tamara Mauck to Amy and Frank Gift Jr. at 241 Erin Dr. for $775,000.

East Butler

Chad and Crystal Snyder to Cassie and Joshua Wood at Clarks Rolling Meadows Plan Lot 13 for $18,000

Evans City

Carol Baker to David and Edna Spithaler at 315 May Lane for $1.

Kenneth and Gail Cranmer to Lorrie McConnell at 216 3rd St. for $249,900.

Fairview Borough

Michael and Lynn Campbell to Maureen and Erik Katavitch at Main Street for $12,000.

Fairview Township

Brady’s Bend Corp. to Brady’s Bend View at Hepler Heirs for $100,000.

Forward Township

Mark Luderer to Scott and Kayla Ferrel at 123 Kruger Circle for $436,000.

Maronda Homes to William and Patricia McMelleon at 103 Hidden Acres Drive for $490,900.

Blaise and Alyx Taggart to Christina Wise at 146 Pauline Place for $450,000.

Maronda Homes to Richard and Yvonne Zentz at Hidden Acres Lot 1 for $451,663

J.C.C. LTD to Cardinal Land Holdings at 1556 Mars Evans City Road for $900,000


Kathy and Douglas Mahony to Lauren and Alexander Hendry at 429 Center St. for $300,000.

R. Wayne and Patricia Schar to Heidi and David Altman at 423 E. New Castle St. for $100,000.

Jackson Township

NVR to Pratick Ravindrakumar and Arpiben Patel at 403 Sarjean Way for $499,450.

NVR to Maresa Novakovich and Ethan Richter at 144 Woodsman Ridge Drive for $533,590.

Renee Versaw to Brett Kelly and Jordann Versaw at 125 Rylie Drive for $292,000.

NVR to Avinasha Ketha and Aruna Preethi Kandregula at 411 Sarhean Way for $523,025.

NVR to Jennifer Balla-Skinner and George and Susan Balla at 102 Rivulet Place for $322,545.

NVR to Edward Hughes at 101 Rivulet Place for $345,985.

Newman Holdings to NVR at Foxwood Trails Residential Development Lot 207 for $101,470.

Newman Holdings to NVR at Foxwood Trail Residential Development Lot 304 for $96,120.

Adam and Meagan Bestic to Brittany and Christopher Hardgrove at 322 Baron Court for $505,000.

NVR to Swakin Arjula at 309 Shanleigh Drive for $541,105.

NVR to Melanie Holscher at 153 Woodsman Ridge Drive for $487,450.

Seneca Trails to NVR at Seneca Trails Lot 210 for $98,595.

Seneca Trails to NVR at Seneca Trails Lot 29 for $98,595.

Jefferson Township

Sandra L. Surrena protector trust to Marilyn and Lonnie Lucas at 118 Burtner Road for $260,000.

B. Scott and Christine Ekas to B. Scott and Christine Ekas and Ronald and Suzanne Ekas at 132 Great Belt Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $346,086.40).

Karns City

Timmy and Pamela Shepard to Austin and Alyse Everly at 114 Church St. for $136,500.

Lancaster Township

Arden Development Partners to NVR at Arden Wood Residential Plan for $87,000.

Arden Development Partners to Arden Wood Homeowners Association at Salt Words Road, Arden Drive, for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $151,782.40).

Arden Development Partners to NVR at Arden Wood Residential Plan Lot 324 for $87,000.

NVR to Henry and Dolores Gorlach at 781 Oliver St. for $362,465.

NVR to Roland and Nicole Sesti at 251 Arden Drive for $424,990.

Julie Carson to Julie and Robert Carson at 202 Salt Works Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $419,161.60).

NVR to Lois Ponchek, trustee, at 246 Arden Drive for $414,855.

NVR to Amanda Shaheen at 301 Arden Drive for $379,850

Lori Moore to Patricia and William Metzger at Wright Plan Lot 8 for $125,000.

NVR to Patrick and Cynthia Magdinec at 248 Arden Drive for $415,830.


DCD Ventures to Hampton Partners at 202 Hook St. for $741,000.

Mercer Township

Michael and Meredith Arnold to Damian and Tasha Haley at 115 Golden Pond Lane for $130,000.

Middlesex Township

Lucien and Emily Gasse to Michael Frantz and Colleen DeChancie at 4020 Weatherburn Drive for $625,000.

Brian and Becky Carr to Eric and Jennifer Kasperowicz at 2038 Eagle Ridge Drive for $675,000.

Kathleen Burk to Emalia Guenther at 106 Tanglewood Drive for $230,000.

Lisa and Dennis Rihs to Luis Hernandez Gonzalez and Hannah Rauwolf Hernandez at 324 Leslie Drive for $800,000.

Muddy Creek Township

Matthew and Melanie Rocha to Garrett Lindsay and Jillian Mineweaser at Scheidemantle Estate Subdivision Lot 2 for $260,000.

Lisa and Robert McCandless to Matthew and Jessica Pyle at 139 Pleasant Valley Road for $180,000.

Danette DiMarco to Joshua Lee and Julie Naviaux at Jones Plan Lot 12 for $375,000.

Thomas Hardisky and Carolyn Hawes to Nicholas and Alexandra Kouvaras at 1763 Perry Highway for $175,000.

Oakland Township

Anne Karenbauer to Kevin and Anne Karenbauer at 111 Davis Road for zero dollars (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $13,141.90).

Tricia Melnichak to Tricia Melnichak and Mark Smith at 506 Benton Road for $1.

Parker Township

Alice Sikovsek to Alice Sikovsek and Dallas Schenk at centerline of Route 10081 for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $112,640).

Penn Township

William Allison to William Allison and Amanda McCardle at 189 Beacon Light Road for $1.

Vernon Wise III to Joseph Coy at Rockdale Road for $150,000.


Deutsche Bank National Trust to Daniel and Lynnette Reich at 120 Schantz Road for $26,000.

Ronald and Laura Berry to Elly Roth at 312 Main St. for $75,000.


Shirley Heller to Krystal Zottola at 102 Audrey Lane for $1.

Seven Fields

Michael and Laura Myers to William and Trista Yerks at 6763 Mars Crider Road for $490,000.

Jean Griffith to Conner Mastalerz at 112 Castle Creek Drive for $268,500.

Slippery Rock Borough

Michael and Lauren McDonald to Worsley’s Commercial Properties at Meyer Sub-Division Lot 1 for $750,000.

Linda and Kathryn Glerum to Paul and Caryl Ferrara at 108 Sassafras Drive for $575,000.

Austin and Rebekah Motta to Patrick and Morgan Lucas at 304 Center St. for $190,000.

Austin Braatz to Diane and Richard Hoover at 239 Ralston Road for $190,000.

Douglas and Laurie Morrison to Jodi Smith at 216 Forrester Road for $245,000.

Slippery Rock Township

James Beyerl to Joseph and Kyra Matachak at Creek Drive for $5,000.

Summit Township

James and Tammy Wylie to Noah and Abigail Claypoole at Campbell Subdivision No. 2 for $286,000.

Danielle Willis to Rachael Wagner and Brooke Kosar at 116 Grohman Road for $254,000.

Washington Township

Haydon and Brittany Grasha to David and Virginia Smiley at lots 23 and 24 in Washingon Plan for $229,375.

West Liberty

Wilfred Clausen to Wilfred Clausen Trust at 263 Crolls Mill Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $526,169.60).

Winfield Township

Cindy and Michael Hammond to Shawn And Judy Buchanan at 610 Bear Creek Road for $399,000.

Bricker Family Limited Partnership to Daniel and Tracy Dudek at Bricker Family Plan for $80,000.

Michael and Danielle Hite to Auna and Christian Henry at 234 Marwood Road for $205,000.

Stacy and James Zill Jr. to Pernell Rockar at 344 Winfield Road for $149,000.

Bricker Family Limited Partnership to Norman and Rebecca Traggiai at Bricker Family Plan for $10,500.

Worth Township

Debra and Henry Sobah to John and Pamela Scanlon at Cooper Road for $150,000.

Nicholas Cyr to Molly Everett and Michael Icenhour Jr. at 203 Aspen Ridge Drive for $370,000.

Scott and Linda Lauer to Wanda and Mark Tutelo at 349 Marwood Road for $310,000.

Stephen Banjak to Stephen Banjak and Alexej Banjak at 1210 W. Park Road for $1.


Gary and Patricia Silbert to SE Cramer LLC at Grandview Avenue, Passavant Plan, for $605,000.

James and Tracey Clarke to Ashlynn and Jason Rodgers at 214 Dominican Way for $275,000.

John Basilone to John and Scott Basilone at 124 Evans Road for $1.

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