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Medicare Advantage good for fixed income

Pennsylvania had tremendous turnout this election cycle, as people in the Keystone State know that exercising their right to vote is not only a privilege but a duty. One issue that stays close to mind for many Pennsylvanians is health care policy.

As Butler County Commissioner, I cannot emphasize enough how important access to affordable and quality health care coverage is for the residents of Butler County. For seniors and people with disabilities, many have found their answer in Medicare Advantage.

Medicare Advantage is a tremendous option for those who live on a fixed income and are stressed about keeping out-of-pocket costs at a minimum. I have heard many testimonials on how having access to screenings and other preventative measures have helped catch scary diagnoses early, thereby vastly improving the life span and quality of life of many Medicare Advantage enrollees.

When you really understand Medicare Advantage, it’s hard to come up with a reason to not support the program. Enrollees are beyond satisfied with their coverage, studies have shown that it overwhelmingly keeps people healthier, and Medicare Advantage spending is consistently lower than original Medicare spending. It is a win-win, and it is a prime example of the private sector and the government working together to deliver quality results for the American people.

I ask that newly elected and reelected members of Congress, especially Congressman-elect DeLuzio, support Medicare Advantage so seniors and people with disabilities can keep the coverage they need.


Kevin Boozel, M.S.

Butler County Commissioner

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