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Real Estate Transactions


NVR to Abhijit Reddy Puli and Rohila Malgari at 118 Abigail Drive for $639,540.

Mary Doerr to Richard and Pamela Bolton at 1151 Cobblestone Lane for $355,000.

Eric Langkamp to Daniel James Dausch and Minmei Shim at 1809 Constitution Blvd. for $667,500.

NVR to Richard Adam and Beata Barbara Pasek at 215 Cranesbill Drive for $380,140.

Enclave Land Partners to Matthew and Tracy Thompson at 352 Dobson Road for $235,000.

Peter Rosswog to Stephen Washlaski and Marcia Stang at 223 Horseshoe Drive for $460,000.

Thomas Surman to Mark and Tracey Tucker at 81022 Lost Valley Drive for $325,000.

Brennan Group Holdings to Kathryn Hunkele at 212 Noble Circle for $468,126.

Adam Lassinger to David and Janice McNulty at 2102 Pointe View Drive for $335,000.

Blake Potter to Sirva Relocation Credit at 510 Potomac Court 8015 for $970,000.

Sirva Relocation Credit to Andrey and Elvira Bondarenko at 510 Potomac Court 8015 for $970,000.

Troy Shannan to Douglas and Laura Smith at 317 Village Drive for $651,000.


Estate of Cydnee Hutton to James and Kathy Mountz at 653 Hughes Drive for $299,000.

Stanley Belyeu to Vincent Patrick and Allie Mackenzie Mead at 105 Mesa Drive for $445,000.

Gene Ernest Mavis trustee to Frederic and Laurie Kaslewicz at 186 Mesa Drive for $425,000.

NVR to Campbell McLane and Anne Stuart Kirk at 122 Red Horse Drive for $396,685.

David Passarelli to Appelewood Investment Co. at 619 Sarver Road 9113 for $160,000.

Sanford Crossman to Veronica Andrews at 141 Singleton Road 9639 for $320,000.


Pinkney Mathis Jr. to Nelson Antonio Sanchez Jr. at 235 Amy Ave. for $115,900.

Ashton Ruby trustee to Kimberly Torres at 701 E. Pearl St. for $280,000.

Bryan Scott trustee to Donna Becker at 200-202 Grant St. for $138,000.

Eric Green to Custodian FBO 49279 IRA at 105 Heim Ave. 6539 for $54,000.

Robert Barkus to SK 9079 Properties at 109-111 S. Main St. for $350,000.

Michael Kendrick to Brandon and Ashley Rieger at 541 W. Brady St. for $20,000.

Fred Dillaman to Richard Dickson and Colleen Cooper at 220 Wiltshire Ave. for $134,000.


Bryce Foreback to Colt Hicks at 110 Campbell Ave. for $175,900.

Kempton Werner to Jason and Kara Trettel at 251 Evans City Road for $100,000.

Nicholas Jankovich trustee to Tomiko Mackiewicz at 215 Highfield Road for $173,200.

Samuel Terlizzi to Patsy Cannon at 222 Oakvale Blvd. for $197,000.

Mickie Mennor to Renee Osterman at 68 Old Plank Road for $134,000.

Derek Folk to Daniel Suppa at 358 Westbrook Drive for $225,000.

Dale McCandless to Evelyn Stahl at 112 White Oak Drive for $279,900.

Edward Wehr Jr. to Robert and Andrea Kuhn at 107 Woodlawn Road for $280,000.


Jordan English to Douglas and Kimberly Wunnenberg at 115 Barton Ave. for $386,000.

Patricia Ann Fischer to Laurie Rae McNany at 220 Orchard Lane for $165,000.

Noah Franklyn Claypoole to Jeffrey and Jenifer Culver at 843 Sunset Drive for $280,000.


Beth Wilbert to Patrick and Samantha Snyder at 203 Hamilton Road for $140,000.


M. Thomas Fannie to Three Rivers Royalty III et al. at 421 Freeport Road 9447 for $31,311.

Ronald Perkins to Gregor and Constance Guggenheimer at 2300 Plantation Drive 2555 for $595,000.


Kenneth Schultheis to Matthew and April Campbell at Bell Road for $25,000.


Pitell Contracting to Deborah Williamson at 113 Essex Court for $350,906.

Pitell Contracting to Michael and Mari Sandala at 115 Essex Court for $370,783.

Patti Tomayko to Rebecca Leakey at 111 Essex Court 16033 4728 for $371,936.


John McDermott to Caleb and Antoinette Mersing at 165 Camp Fatima for $195,000.

Alex Burgunder to Gregory and Kaitlyn Sutton at 340 Pheasant Drive for $208,000.

Estate of Elizabeth Hohman to Catherine Baker at Prospect Road for $212,100.

Dennis Hartle to Yuk Wah and Teressa Maria Wong at 1091 Whitestown Road for $475,000.


Estate of Rosemarie Koska to Brian and Robin Golembiesky at 38 Ashford Drive for $255,000.

Brandon Edward Hennen to Carson Hines at 122 Bucktail Drive for $375,000.

Paige Gunter to Christopher Carusone and Amy Jo Carnicella at 112 Cherrington Drive for $531,000.

Robert Pifer to Nathan Krannacker at 1013 Cottonwood Court for $130,000.

Lawrence Marchi to James Kinney II and Rebekah Kinney at 230 Dorsay Valley Drive for $715,000.

Benjamin Marcus Homes to David and Jaime Farrer at 204 Falcon Lane for $1,264,000.

Rochester Road Investment Co. to John Sigg and Corinne McGuire at 606 Gratitude Road for $449,990.

Rochester Road Investment Co. to John Yousko and Clairissa Jennison at 618 Gratitude Road for $459,990.

Dough Decker to John and Ann Maree Paglia at 408 Hidden Meadow Drive for $825,000.

Ramesh Nelikil to Cartus Financial Corporation at 218 Hunting Ridge Trail for $465,000.

Cartus Finantial Corporation to Jonathan Winterhalter at 218 Hunting Ridge Trail for $465,000.

Christopher Price to Binyam Teffera at 224 Jaclyn Drive for $399,500.

Richard Wilkie to Robert Michael and Eileen Davidson at 304 Kerry Court for $705,229.

Ateeb Khilji to Cameron Ross Lawson and Kathryn Rose Knapp at 228 LaFayette Drive for $455,000.

John Thompson to Mark Sawaya and Laura Martin at 216 Linehan Place for $381,000.

MR1422 to NVR at Monika Way - Caledonia Place for $390,835.

Michael Wisecuo to Robert Leonhard at 167 Pinehurst Drive for $675,000.

Amy Wang trustee to Gary Vanbalen and Penelope Sayles at 106 Redmond Court for $562,000.

Christopher Dicianna to Theodore Evans Jr. and Stephanie Evans at 87 Riva Ridge Drive for $650,000.

John Black to Joseph John Wayman at 68 Robinhood Drive for $210,000.

Tien Le to Darryl Edward and Jennifer Irene Martin at 132 Southridge Drive for $725,000.

Benjamin McClimans to Gina Shepas at 615 Stockton Ridge for $195,000.

Douglas Broglie to Edward and Rachel Ord at 229 Thornapple Lane for $325,000.

Justin Weaver to Robert and Heather Robson at 399 Wealdstone Road for $620,000.

Jeffrey Harold to Jean Poul and Kelli Shannon Ochoa at 137 Windsor Court for $425,000.


Joseph Mudrick to Jarrett and Kellyann Bricker at 1020 Broadway Ave. for $137,000.

Earl Fennell to John Demarino at 610 Madison Ave. for $105,000.


BLE Holdings to JAC Properties at 2304 Kittanning Pike for $143,000.

Thomas Edward Baughman to Kenneth Malinak II at West Slippery Rock Road for $284,900.


Forward Assoc. to Maronda Homes at 132 Hidden Acres Drive 4508 for $80,000.

Mary Susan Boyd to Vincent Watkins and Emmy Marie Johnson at 202 Leisie Road for $210,000.

Ames Tucker Eckstein to Shawn Killby and Chloe Steeb at 287 Reibold Road for $320,000.


E&E Chestnut Developers to Dale McCandless at 561 Woodhawk Lane for $339,900.


Arden Development Partners to NVR at 224 Arden Drive for $86,935.

NVR to Kathy Seezox at 104 Rivulet Place for $326,980.

NVR to Braden Michael Moze at 104 Rivulet Place for $354,745.

NVR to Edward Wher Jr. and Beverly Wher at 105 Rivulet Place for $320,710.

NVR to Radhika Kanade and Sarang Vilas Muley at 407 Sarjean Way for $521,045.

NVR to Michael Phillip and Sara Lorraine Rector at 426 Sarjean Way for $554,245.

Marlo Strickler Arnold to Keith Joseph Short at Willow Road for $7,000.

NVR to Adam Christopher and Lauren Jean Mills at 158 Woodsman Ridge for $585,070.

Spring Valley Partners 2 to John and Kathleen Monsman at 4005 Yorkshire Way for $481,935.

Spring Valley Partners 2 to John and Dorothy Robinson at 4007 Yorkshire Way for $474,870.


Robert Dean Lambing to Christopher Palazzo at 136 Alana Drive for $490,000.

David McMaster to Jeffrey David and Lisa Diehl McMaster at 123 Whitaker Road for $425,000.


Arden Development Partners to NVR at 237 Arden Drive for $86,935.

NVR to Dennis Alan Lodin and Dawn Susan Hansen at 249 Arden Drive for $428,295.

Estate of Walter Vukmanic Sr. to John Mark and Marcia Bradley trustee at 152 Belles Road for $249,900.

NVR to Amy Beth Myers and Elizabeth Gasior at 729 Celia Way for $386,055.

Jeffrey Wozniak to Richard Carl Shank at 152 Kniess Road for $587,500.

Donnis Long to Lance Moletz and Caroleann Santa at 6021 Laurel Court for $379,900.


Arthur Woodrow Miller Tr. to DKG Quigley at Smith Road-Ray Road for $26,000.


Vision Properties to Shawn and Kristina Finn at 196 Crowe Ave. for $750,000.

Adam Gray to Gregory Harry Waslo V and Ema Marie Pospychala-Waslo at 715 Pine Ave. for $180,000.


Jason Rodney Schultz to Margarita Gutierrez at 1026 Adair Ave. for $345,000.

Raymond Frayer to Sean and Brittany Melani at 216 Central Drive for $320,000.

Forsythe Fields to NVR at Cross Creek Circle for $176,500.


Eileen Knight to Douglas Carlson and Michael Kochom at 225 Levis Road for $640,000.


Estate of Rodney Joseph Hesidence to Brandon Hesidence at Shearer Road for $180,000.


Bryan Helsel to Sean and Leah McQuillan at 161B Morgan Road for $475,000.

Constance Critchlow to Joshua and Linze Du Hill at 141 Robinson Run Road for $330,300.


James Todd Campbell to Karl Sparn Jr. at 123 Boozel Road 2307 for $95,000.


JX3 to ExchangeRight Net-Leased Portfolio 58D at 511 E. Route 422 for $1,749,800.

Scott Fuller to Miles and Joanne Vincent at 169 Freeport Road for $245,000.

Beth Wilbert trustee to Jack and Susan Uber at 231 Freeport Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $208,900).

Glen Schoentag Jr. to Jacob and Melinda Bauer at 2208 Highland Drive for $220,000.


Sheri Moore to Dereck Joseph and Chelsea Yeckel at 131 Calico Road for $375,000.


Troy Lindsey to Clayton and Catherine Messick at 322 Marwood Road for $305,600.

Brian Kalmar to Zared Hollabaugh and Angel Corpening at 436 Stoney Hollow Road for $420,000.

John Campbell to Matthew and Marla Klabnik at 105 Sunrise Valley Lane for $50,000.


Ronald Lalonde to Robert and Jhuliza Flowers at 204 S. Green Lane for $348,222.

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