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Real Estate Transactions


Adam Hannisick to Michael and Margaret Brady at 248 Adams Pointe Blvd. 4 for $175,000.

Thomas Chen to Xuan Zhao and Erjia Chen at 1004 Amy Place for $830,000.

Austin McCarren to Robert and Anna Wang Murano at Broadstone Drive for $3,000.

Jason Sines to Rajath Doddamani at 118 Broadstone Drive for $315,000.

Joseph Naperatz to Maverick Services at 705 Bush Drive for $282,000.

NVR to Matthew Richard McKenna and Olivia Kathleen Zizak at 213 Cranesbill Drive for $343,205.

Gabriels Crest Development to NVR at 337 Crest Lane for $160,000.

Douglas Smith to Joseph Ziolkowski at 655 E. Village Green Blvd. for $305,000.

Hickory Glen Partners to Patrick and Samantha Corcoran at 203 Hickory Lane for $745,315.

John Mullinax to Ryan Barrett and Julianne Friend at 212 Pinnacle Court for $740,567.


Estate of Mark William Garris to Joseph Lee Davis at 435 Parker Pike for $55,100.

Mark William Garris to William Cochran and Janet Gatesman at 435 Parker Pike for $70,000.


NVR to Donald John Schneekloth and Brian Joseph Ducharmeward at 135 Red Horse Drive for $553,120.

Heritage Crossings Partners to Christopher Scot and Karen Klanica at 1191 Sandy Ridge Drive for $446,420.

Maronda Homes to Theresa Marie Beacom at 198 Raven Circle for $329,774.


First United Methodist Church to Joseph and Christina Marie Nagel at 210 Franklin St. for $150,000.

Timothy Divers to Racheal Willetts at 443 Miller Ave. for $128,000.

Zachary McCafferty to Eric Walker at 119 Ridge Ave. for $77,000.

Reed Enter LLC to All About Reclaimed at 331 S. Washington St. for $55,000.

Jeffrey Osterling to Prime Properties USA at 212 South St. for $45,000.

Richard Swartz to J. Panchel Inc. at 560 W. Cunningham St. for $42,500.


Estate of Evangeline Fonseca to Christopher Albert and Rebecca Nickerson at 108 Irene Drive for $140,000.

JT Property Holdings to Richard and Monica Beal at 5 Logan Ave. for $120,000.

Jacob Slater to Nathan Smith and Cassandra Newmeyer at 108 Peterson St. for $195,000.

Jacqueline McElhaney to Brad and Stacey Cordray at 117 Reich Ave. for $335,000.

Hue Bross to Jason and Amanda Trautman at 606 S Benbrook Road for $225,000.

Jennifer Sayler to Mitchell and Marissa Nychole Hendrickson at 233 Wyncrest Drive for $370,000.


Patrick Kemery to R.A. Beall Properties at 101 Amherst Drive for $185,000.

Jeffrey McMaster to Dean Roy and Brittany Callender at 400 Beechwood Blvd. for $360,000.

Duffy Highlands to Ryan James and Leanne Marie Burger at 103 Royal Aberdeen Blvd. for $345,895.


Robert Borland II to Bryant Scott and Sofia Florencia Whitacre at 302 Mack Road for $240,000.

Gail Tebay to David Beachem at Claytonia Road for $87,500.


Thomas Schnur trustee to Novkar Enterpise at 1596 Route 422 for $140,000.


James Smith to Tanis Guther at 228 Reiber Road for $405,000.

Scott Petrack to Michael Jonathan and Christina Dreher at 105 Stardust Court for $410,000.


Estate of Lois Gregory to Roncin LLC at 28 Ashford Drive for $231,000.

NVR to William Joseph and Shannon Renee Partridge at 330 Caledonia Place for $359,370.

NVR to Mark Allen and Lynne Diane Vilella at 332 Caledonia Place for $377,200.

Douglas McClintick to Danilo Gatti and Janaina Guedes Delnero at 530 Captain Lee Boss Way for $520,000.

Kevin Sukits to Jeffrey Allen and Donna Marie Kerstetter at 517 Chaparral Drive for $350,000.

Alan Macdonald to Thomas and Marie Crooks at 312 Fayette Drive for $305,000.

Dale Downing to Matthew and Jennifer Stehle at 521 Florida Blvd. for $290,000.

William Schnarrenberguer to Freedom Road Management at 1174 Freedom Road for $340,000.

Mark Honess trustee to Freedom Road Management at 1188 Freedom Road for $565,000.

Sean Fitzpatrick to John Murray at 113 Gress Road for $412,000.

Gregory White to Michael Hurt II and Cassandra Hurt at 141 Hunter Drive for $515,000.

Rochester Road Investment Co. to Gary and Danielle Ward at 208 Main St. for $579,990.

Andrea Wilson to BGRS at 109 Mews Lane for $339,000.

BGRS to James and Erika Joyner Davis at 109 Mews Lane for $339,000.

DSR 888 Investment to Rajan Vishnubhai and Zalakben Rajan Paten at 1107 Stockton Ridge for $188,500.

Jose Molinari to Gabriel Perez and Kimberly Scholl at 705 Truth Lane for $350,000.


Karl Stivason to Raymond Coyle and Kimberly King at 374 Rattigan Road for $230,000.


Donald Shakley to Tyler Alan Hughes at 215 Glenford Drive for $169,900.


Harry Gates to Nicholas and Stephanie Aschley at 205 Browns Mill Road for $20,000.

David Feller Stephen to Stephen West at Three Degree Road for $60,000.


William Pollack to James and Marjorie Pifer at Isle Road for $330,000.

Bonnie Seezox to William and Linda Pollack at 474 Stonecliff Lane for $340,000.


Newman Holdings to NVR at Blacktail Deer Lane for $101,470.

Jeffrey Stehle to Dominic Joseph Emanuel and Halley Ross at 104 Cole Court for $255,000.

Maronda Homes to Abhijit and Debashree Makhal at 100 Grove Hill Lane for $641,000.

Maronda Homes to Marc and Ann Gorlach at 136 Grove Hill Lane for $588,241.

Thomas Dongilli to Brandon and Clare Hennen at 154 Grove Hill Lane for $478,000.

Nicholas Hullhorst to David Michael and Tori Tompkins at 206 Old Hickory Road for $425,000.

NVR to Dalton James Knox and Brianna Marie Pomerleau at 113 Rivulet Place for $364,860.

NVR to Randy and Supriya Bunch at 114 Rivulet Place for $340,840.

Spring Valley Partners 2 to James Monteleone Jr. and Joanna Monteleone at 2003 Yorkshire Way for $446,436.

Spring Valley Partners 2 to Joye Ann Coffey and Kathleen Anne Gidick at 4003 Yorkshire Way for $438,305.


Andrew Line to Michael Fitzpatrick and Breawna McKain at 372 Bullcreek Road for $349,000.

Counts Properties to Cory Callihan at 815 Saxonburg Road for $180,000.


Arden Development Partners to NVR at 241 Arden Drive for $86,935.

NVR to John Joseph and Lisa Kostka at 731 Celia Way for $371,295.

Joseph Ranalli to Christopher and Carolyn Ansberry at 117 Red Brush Trail for $450,000.


Robert Brose Jr. to James and Kathleen Kline at 2008 Bald Eagle Court for $525,000.

Forsythe Fields to NVR at Cross Creek Circle for $176,500.

Sean Melani to Alden Joseph Rodriguez II at 117 Maple Drive for $245,000.

Christopher Bova to Joshua and Ashley Dryden at south of McFann Road for $138,500.

Yvonne Kim Courson to Minette Beaves at 102 Sunset Drive for $215,000.

Mill Creek Partners 2 to Gregory Cottrell and Kristen Nardozzi at 1134 Tilly Drive for $468,230.


Robert Tritsch trustee to Jacob and Deanna Klutinoti at 150 Silverton Drive for $420,000.


Tyler James to James Cody and Mary Winget at 208 Middle Trail for $457,000.


Mark Alan Mann to Nicholas and Laura Menchyk at 517 Dorchester Drive for $575,000.


Constance Smith to Q Offers A at 101 Ayyar Court for $390,000.


Brian Hunkele to Owen Osterling at 457 E. Route 422 1085 for $175,000.

Stephen Malis to James Neigh at north of St. Wendelin Road for $662,000.


Paul Keifer to Justin Daniel and Raymond Daniel Fierst at 203 Old Brick Road for $28,000.


Jeffrey Cuny to Roger and Christina Wuenschel at 224 E. New Castle St. for $390,000.

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