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Get your car ready for winter

Blake McCandless, of Butler Tires for Less, 8 Pittsburgh Road, Butler, balances a customer’s tire before it goes back on the vehicle on Saturday, Oct. 8, 2022. Drivers need to prepare their cars for winter by checking the car’s fluids, battery and tires. Shane Potter/Butler Eagle
Jerry Steiner, 55, owner of Steiner's Garage, 301 S. Chestnut St., Butler, checks the oil on his wife's car at their garage on Monday, Oct. 10, 2022. Steiner emphasized the importance of checking the oil in your car once a month and making sure to use the manufacturer's recommended oil weight for top ups and changes. Cary Shaffer/Butler Eagle

Winter is right around the corner, and in Butler County, the season almost always seems to create problems for drivers from start to finish. But there are a number of ways drivers can limit the likelihood of mishaps.

Cars require a lot of care year-round. Most vehicles are on the road almost every day and can take a beating. However, making sure to complete a few simple maintenance steps — such as checking your oil, battery and tires — can help maximize your car’s performance. And it can help keep drivers and passengers alike safe.

Jerry Steiner, a mechanic at Steiner Garage, 301 S. Chestnut St., Butler, said there are key areas to keep an eye on before bad weather rolls around.

“You want to make sure that you change your oil (before winter hits); you want have good, clean oil and coolant in your car,” Steiner said. “When you’re driving on the winter roads, I’d also make sure you have good tires. A lot of people neglect their tires.”

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