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McCollough descendants spruce up marker

Sid Callahan and Devin Corbett look on as Sam Day of DCI Field Services uses a pressure washer on the Capt. John McCollough monument in Chicora on Friday to prepare it for restoration. Christine Border/Special to the Eagle

FAIRVIEW TWP — At one time, it was said around Chicora if you weren’t a McCollough, you knew one or would become one.

Some of the far-flung descendants of the family patriarch, Capt. John McCollough, gathered Friday to spruce up the marker placed along Oak Road in 1927 to mark the place where the Indian War of Western Pennsylvania veteran built a log cabin in 1797 on a 500-acre tract of land.

The inscription reads “Site First Log Cabin Homestead Built by Capt. John McCollough 500 A. Tract 1797 Marker Placed By Heirs 1927.”

Steven McCollough, of Sarver, the great-great-great-great-grandson of John McCollough, said family legend says the other side of the marble marker carrying those words is the original gravestone of the founding father, left behind when his body and that of his wife Elizabeth were moved from the Broken Down Cemetery to Hilltop Cemetery.

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