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Farm Family of the Year still hard at work

The Teets family, the 2021 Eagle Bowl winners, are Joshua Teets; Morgan Teets, 16; Colt Teets, 18; and Jodi Teets. Joseph Ressler/Butler Eagle

Slippery Rock’s Teets family won the Eagle Bowl at last year’s Butler Farm Show, but they didn’t take the award as cause for relaxation.

The prestigious Eagle Bowl has been handed out only 68 times before and honors the farm show participants with the biggest presence and impact. The Teets family decided to try for the award last year after encouragement from others at the Farm Show who saw the Teets’ involvement.

It’s no surprise that the Teets family won because Jodi, Joshua, Colt and Morgan Teets manage their entire 450-acre farm, each diligently taking part in the chores and effort, and Colt and Morgan are both active members in 4-H.

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