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Eagle Amateur boasting full lineup

Scheduled to be held at Summit Township’s Hiland Golf Course Sunday, the Butler Eagle County Amateur’s slate of golfers is crowded.

It will feature 174 golfers, which is the second-most in the annual, 18-hole stroke play event’s history. This year’s lineup falls just three shy of the record 177 entries that competed at Cranberry Highlands Golf Course in 2016. Rob Voltz won there by shooting a 67.

Shotgun start tee times are set at 7:45 a.m. and 1:15 p.m. Registration closed Thursday after the lineup was filled.

“We have 93 starting in the morning,” said Voltz, an Eagle Amateur committee member. “There will be 81 in the afternoon.”

There will be separate women’s and senior’s divisions that play within the four flights. Those in the latter grouping must be at least 50 years of age.

Seven women will take part in the event: Chloe Fritch, Mary Twentier, Janet Gray, Karen Aloi, Rebecca Gibson, Liz Werner, and Sharon Goncz. Each of them will tee off in the morning.

Paige Scott and Casey Morrow, who have both won the women’s title in recent years, will not be participating this time around.

With the field of competitors ironed out, Voltz can only hope that external factors cooperate.

“We’re just hoping for good weather,” he said.

Butler Eagle County Amateur Tee Times

7:45 a.m.

Hole No. 1: Rob Voltz, Pat Preston, Sylvan Easler, Mike Dixon

No. 2: Jerry Marron, Ted Marron, Andy Ganoe, Chris Marron

No. 3: Leo Marron, Joe Rapp, Patrick Kerlin, Andrew Rapp

No. 4: Marcus Fry, Brandon Simmons, Todd Simmons, Doug Simmons

No. 5A: Dave Garcia, Jacob Wolak, Hunter Swidzinski, Tyler Figlioli

No. 5B: Gary Wallace, Kyle Frank, Mitch Hunter, Adam Ealy, Ethan Ellis

No. 6: Joe Breckons III, Emil Crouse, James Colbert, Samuel Crouse

No. 7A: Justin Palmer, Jesse Badgett, Nate Hoshak, DJ Ealy

No. 7B: Tony Drescher, Duane Leonberg, Ryan Collins, Joe Bordonaro

No. 8: Marc Nagle, Grant Nagle, Greg Miller, Trey Simmons

No. 9: Rick Hangliter, Cameron Krotec, Dominic Scherer, Kyle Armagost

No. 10A: Bill Long, Jason Curtis, Eric Fritch, Chloe Fritch

No. 10B: Adrian McWilliams, Drew Benvenuti, Corey Shaffer, Greg Wolfe

No. 11: Cory Birckbichler, Jeff Birckbichler, Joe Birckbichler, Jon Bard

No. 12: Mike Rock, Kaden Rock, Shae Stobert, Ryan Grossman

No. 13: Shawn Pistorius, Logan Pistorius, Dominick Callihan, Gary Renwick

No. 14A: Brian Warheit, Jim Hepler, Blake Scott, Jase Renwick

No. 14B: Jason Neubert, Jason Rezak, Kris Simmons, Justin Julius

No. 15: Tim Bowser, Jim Smith, Tom Rosswog, Al Shueburt

No. 16: Mary Twentier, Janet Gray, Karen Aloi, Rebecca Gibson

No. 17: Liz Werner, Sharon Goncz, Cory Voltz, Aaron Voltz

No. 18A: Chris Kukla, Eric Stover, Tim McLister, Jason Steyer

No. 18B: Jake Gentile, Levi Leonberg, Bill Garella, Bill Black

1:15 p.m.

No. 1: Travis Twentier,Jim Gentile, John Bowser, Frank Rice

No. 2: John Hook, Justin McGowan, Michael Ludwiczak, Michael Hook

No. 3: Austin Hogsett, Brayden McCorry, William Andrews, Scott Hazlett

No. 4: Mike Marron, Rory Page, Bill Plyler, Bill Christie

No. 5: Jeremy Plaisted, Steve McFadden, Bob Shakely, Bill Hershman

No. 6: Rick Scott, Jeff Kriebel, Jim Reeder, John Fair

No. 7: Patrick Seybert, Greg Seybert, Ryan Pinkerton, Dave Krafick

No. 8: Dale Rusnak, Bill Byerly, Travis Shingleton, Gary Shingleton

No. 9: Christian McLafferty, Dale Taylor, Jeff Hughes, Ray Carbin

No. 10A: Frank Hulick, John Piroch, Bob Yuhas, Doug Knox

No. 10B: Geoff Patterson, Nathan Bilski, Mitch May, Roy Koegler, Robert Lennon

No. 11: Stephen Smith, Andy Stoughton, Ben Spangler, Tom Rivers

No. 12: Mark Young, Conner Gray, Leo Navarro, James Hynes

No. 13: Jeff Byrns, Bob Miller, Jeff Tonini, Tyson Aquaviva

No. 14: Eric Hart, Mark Kowaleski, Bill Strauser, James Hulings

No. 15: William Seibel, Joe Penrod, Ryan Porch, Xander Downing

No. 16: Ken Randall, Collin Randall, Brady Randall, Nik Blymiller

No. 17: Harvey Kiefer, Ken Zadwodney Jr., Don Hartshorne, Rick Magee

No. 18A: John Kraus, Tyson Frasur, Jon Holtz, Dennis Kozora

No. 18B: Troy Loughry, David Dennis, John Leight, Tucker Skerbetz