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Portersville girls enter arena with goats

Margaret LeViere, 11, left, and her sister, Elizabeth, 6, of Portersville show off their LaMancha goats. Ember, with a traditional brown and black color pattern fur, took overall grand champion ribbon at her first sport in the ring at the 2021 Butler Farm Show. Also entering the show ring for the first time last year is Justice. Submitted photo
LaMancha show stoppers

Ember is already a blue ribbon winner and her owners, two young sisters from Portersville, are working to see her in the winner’s circle again this summer.

Ember, a LaMancha goat, placed first in the junior goat show at the 2021 Butler Farm Show and came home with overall grand champion ribbon. Margaret LeViere, 11, and her sister, Elizabeth, 6, are hoping for a repeat performance Aug. 8 to 11 at this year’s farm show, 625 Evans City Road.

Although the LeViere family has been raising goats since the early 2000s, only meat or dairy goats may enter the show ring. Margaret, a 4-H member, decided to research the nine different breeds of dairy goats to select one to compete with.

It was the LaMancha goats that drew Margaret’s attention. She said it was not only their “cuteness” but their high milk production, temperament and popularity.

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