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DiTullio resigns as school board president, remains on board

JACKSON TWP — Eric DiTullio, who shared a social media post on the Uvaldi, Texas, elementary school shooting that some said was inappropriate, resigned as president of the Seneca Valley School Board on Monday night.

DiTullio did not give a statement on his decision to step down.

Jim Nickel, who was DiTullio’s vice president on the board, called the meeting to order and presided over the election of a new president.

“While Mr. DiTullio has resigned as president, he remains a valued and valuable member of the Seneca Valley School Board,” Nickel said.

The board then voted 7-1 to accept DiTullio’s resignation as president, with DiTullio abstaining.

Eric DiTullio

Board member Tim Hester was absent from Monday’s meeting.

Nickel said the board will continue to conduct business with the best interests of Seneca Valley’s students, staff and community in mind.

Board member Kathy Whittle then nominated Nickel to serve DiTullio’s term as president, which expires Dec. 5.

Nickel was approved 7-1 as the new board president, with DiTullio abstaining.

DiTullio shared a post on social media last week showing actor Matthew McConaughey speaking at a White House podium juxtaposed with a still image showing “The Simpsons” character Krusty the Clown speaking behind a podium.

The shared post originally was posted by a media page called Being Libertarian, and included “The Simpsons did it again ... ” as a caption.

A screenshot was shared across multiple social media platforms, indicating DiTullio shared the meme on his personal Facebook. He did not add his words to the post.

The board Monday night also took action to appoint a new vice president to replace Nickel.

Two board members, Jeff Widdowson and Mike Jacobs, were nominated, but a split 4-4 vote occurred.

District solicitor Matthew Hoffman advised the board to take another vote on the two candidates at the August meeting in the hopes that all nine board members will be present to vote.

The board agreed to vote on a vice president next month.

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