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Undated mail-in ballots to remain separate from election results for now

AP photo.

Butler County officials confirmed Wednesday that undated mail-in ballots received during May’s primary election are not reflected in current election result figures.

“We’re going to follow the law and not count undated ballots,” said Commissioner Kim Geyer, elaborating on the decision made by the Butler County Board of Elections.

Butler County Solicitor Wil White said the ballots have been segregated, counted on their own and sorted by political denomination.

In Butler County, 83 undated ballots have been set aside, 50 of them coming from Democratic voters and 33 by Republicans.

White said he had no timeline for when courts may make a final determination on undated ballots.

“I don’t anticipate a decision any time soon,” White said.

Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dave McCormick’s campaign filed a lawsuit Monday calling for all undated ballots to be counted in a race that has been determined too-close-to-call.

McCormick is separated by fewer than than 1,000 votes with the current race leader Dr. Mehmet Oz. McCormick’s lawsuit is being opposed by the national and state Republican parties.

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