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New polling places don’t deter county voters

Butler residents enter the Orchard Hill Church to vote in the primary election on Tuesday in Butler. Joseph Ressler/Butler Eagle 5/17/22

Comments from voters early Tuesday should leave the Butler County Bureau of Elections feeling good and those who paid for political ads feeling blue.

Voters arriving at two new polling places, the Community Alliance Church, 800 Mercer Road in Center Township, and the Butler Public Library, 218 N. McKean St., in the City of Butler, said they were informed of the new locations well ahead of the primary election day.

And they said they made up their decisions on the candidates with little regard for the political ads that have filled the TV and radio airwaves in the days leading up to the election.

Campaign spending in Pennsylvania hit $85 million for U.S. Senate and gubernatorial races in just three months, according to the latest Ad Age Campaign Ad Scorecard analysis.

Margie Fleeger arrived at the Community Alliance Church to vote shortly before noon Tuesday.

“I received a notice in the mail,” directing her where to vote, said Fleeger. “I’ve kept it in view since I got it.”

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