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Tips on dining with your dog

Loni Dantzler, from San Francisco, with her 11-year-old Goldendoodle service dog "Zola," visit a cafe in a Manhattan park, on New York's Upper West Side. Fido is seeking a place at the outdoor dining table, or at least under it. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

It’s finally warming up outside! With more opportunities to enjoy the weather and the summertime fast approaching, we are sure to spend time outdoor dining with our pups at pet-friendly restaurants.

Whether you’re out having dinner or at weekend brunch, the American Kennel Club shares the following tips on how to dine with your dog safely:

Hydration is key

Because outdoor dining is most popular during the summer months, temperatures can climb, especially when sitting for extended periods in the sun. Make sure your dog stays hydrated and that you bring a bowl or doggie dish from home that can be filled with water. If your pooch looks to be panting heavy, it’s time to grab the check.

Puppy proof

Before settling in at the table or looking at the menu, be sure to do a scan of the area and under the table and chairs to ensure there is nothing your dog can snack on. Certain fattening foods can cause pancreatitis or other health issues in dogs, and there’s also the risk of foods that might make your dog sick, like chocolate or raisins.

Take a toy or two

Having a meal and catching up with friends can be a wonderful time, but your dog may get bored quickly while under the table and on a short leash. Bring something entertaining for him too, like an interactive toy or various treats.

Know your dog

If your dog gets easily stressed or anxious in busy environments, it’s best to leave them at home when going out. This way, you (and other restaurant patrons) can enjoy your meal without worrying about making your dog uncomfortable.

For more information on responsible dog ownership, visit the AKC website at