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Marriage Licenses

The following marriage licenses were issued in Butler County courts:

Amelia Cua and Brandon Ragland, both of Butler

Cassandra Newmeyer and Nathan Smith, both of Butler

Emily Bramble of Buffalo Township and Noah Damazo of Cranberry Township

William Hughes Jr. and Michelle Norco, both of North Canton, Ohio

Eric Steiner and Kariane Stuebgen, both of Winfield Township

Mason Smith and Katelynne Anthony, both of Cranberry Township

Edward Dorsey and Dolores Stuckert, both of Penn Township

Cory Irvin of Hagerstown, Md., and Anna Marie Questiaux of Jefferson Township

Jason Simpson and Joelle Thornhauer, both of Summit Township

Amber Yoder and Jeffery Hart, both of Cranberry Township

Andrew Freehling and Kayla Uveges, both of Jefferson Township

Sherri Bender-Laughlin and Jantzen Simko, both of Cranberry Township

Amanda Tahon and Eric Walker, both of Oakland Township

Thomas Marsh Jr. of Adams Township and Laraine Henderson of Ross Township

Rachel Ellenberger and Tyler Rock, both of Butler

Kriston Fitton and Catherine Gervais, both of Tarentum, Allegheny County

Brendan Stinson and Olivia Mazzocco, both of Butler Township

Ariel Ware and Corey Eckenrode, both of Butler

Amber Cranmer and Anthony Grossi, both of Butler

Patricia Staley and Elton Scheidemantle, both of Worth Township

Zachary Robinson of Adams Township and Elizabeth Pisarcik of Middlesex Township

Michael Bevilacqua and Nicolas Bernate, both of Cranberry Township

Christine Holder of Middlesex Township and Dennis McGrath of West Deer Township

Kaiden Allen of Penn Township and Kayleigh Salusky of Neville Island, Allegheny County

Cecilia Ottenweller and George Briercheck, both of Cranberry Township

Chad Ryan of Clearfield Township and Jilia Wolbert of Boardman, Ohio

Dylan Mackrell of Oakland Township and Megan Hoehn of Butler Township

John Dressick of Slippery Rock and Christina Greer of Wheeling, W.Va.

Earl Langdon and Charles Haught, both of Connoquenessing Township

Ronald Butler and Jil Deshong, both of West Deer Township, Allegheny County

Carrie Dobler and Bryan Werner, both of Cranberry Township

Meagan Faith and David Cassada, both of Harmar Township, Allegheny County

Hannah Roth of Franklin Township and Daniel Odell of Evans City

Mylene Samek of Monroeville, Allegheny County, and Kelly Meyers of Columbiana, Ohio

Katherine Claus and Joseph Maszkiewicz, both of Pine Township, Allegheny County

Austin Taylor and Alicia Eshenbaugh, both of Buffalo Township

Chad Lorenz and Achlyn Holizna, both of Center Township

Erika Pentland and Ian Heilman, both of Lower Burrell

Melanie Wetzel and Michael Bell, both of East Butler

Devin Reed and Elizabeth Arnold, both of Forward Township

Robert McQuillan and Lisa Sorce, both of Richland Township

Douglas Hoffer and Danielle Davis, both of Cranberry Township

Christopher McFadden and Amanda Cousins, both of Bethel Township, Amstrong County

Glen Davis and Cynthia Cameron, both of Saxonburg

Mykayla Lockwood and David Farmer, both of Butler Township

Dennis Dunn of Butler and Michelle Connolly of Saxonburg

Lena Ortmann and Tyler Abron, both of Winfield Township

Christopher Weakland of Apollo, Armstrong County, and Taylor Plunkard of Worth Township

David Manes and Stephanie Hildreth, both of Cranberry Township

William Partridge and Shannon Rindt, both of Adams Township

Walter Breidenstein and Ashley Seminatore, both of Butler

Steven Butler Jr. and Leah Fowler, both of Largo, Fla.

Thomas Cipolla Jr. and Michelle Voelker, both of Butler

Marissa McGovern and Chandler Johnson, both of Middlesex Township

Christina Frazzini and Trevor Gallo, both of Summit Township

Michael Vollmer and Kristin McCune, both of Adams Township

David Fisher and Nakisha Young, both of Slippery Rock Township

Kyle Salka and Kyla Holmes, both of Jackson Township

Nathaniel Hampe and Paige Taylor, both of Butler

Hilary Genewick and Cory Lakin, both of Butler Township

George Grace and Kerri Kadyk, both of Clinton Township

Tracy Haslop and Jason Parkinson, both of Jefferson Township

Barbara Creighton and Edward Salopek, both of Bethel Park, Allegheny County

Mariss Slane and Joshua Camarote, both of Sarver

Raeanna Watson of Clay Township and Cody Frazier of Harrisville

Alexander Ward and Sarah Setzenfand, both of Ross Township

Brittany Trafka and Samuel Jarrett, both of Cranberry Township

Brandon Branhart and Charlie Ruff, both of Oil City, Venango County