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The following divorces were granted in Butler County courts:

Sandra Campos of Mars from Victor Tepole of Colonia Centro Orizaba Veracruz, Mexico

Donna Patterson from Joseph Patterson, both of Sarver

David Pazzaglia of Cranberry Township from Alexandra Pazzaglia of Freedom

Tammy Ealy from Tedd Nelson, both of Butler

David Schofield of Freedom from Miriam Ondrusek of Cranberry Township

John Krainz of Coraopolis from Marsha Krainz of Cranberry Township

Lori Warren of Cranberry Township from Shawn Warren of Mars

Leanna Jewart from Timothy Jewart, both of West Sunbury

Kirsten Wilson of Butler from Thadeus Nocera of Seven Hills, Ohio

Kara Ritts of Boyers from Jeremy Ritts of Grove City

Robert Edgar Jr. from Cheryl Hines-Edgar, both of Renfrew

Scott Short of Evans City from Deborah Short of Rochester, Pa.

Susan Randall from Brady Randall, both of Butler

Randy Hartman of Cabot from Brianna Hartman of Butler

Angela Reott from Jason Reott, both of Butler

Radoj Glisik from Angela Grim, both of Cranberry Township

Jason Steele from Hayley Steele, both of Butler

Lily Cogley of Pennsylvania from Jake Brandl of Charlotte, N.C.

Jeremy Oesterling from Kayla Oesterling, both of Butler

Bryan Kozmin from Suzanne Kozmin, both of Cranberry Township

Mark King from Lisa King, both of Cranberry Township

Christy Sarver from Jason Sarver, both of Harmony

Katherine Powers from John Powers, both of Prospect

Kimberly McClellan from Hugh McClellan, both of Butler

Keith Colussy from Amy Colussy, both of Cranberry Township

Joselito Rubante from Kelly Rubante, both of Edinburg

Jewel Eakman from Harry Eakman IV, both of Butler

Laurie McNany of East Brady from Jacob McNany of Chicora