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South Butler School Board Meeting Roundup

South Butler School District sign with Knoch high school in the background in Jefferson Twp on Monday February 12, 2018.(Justin Guido photo)

At their meeting on Wednesday, South Butler County School Board members approved changing the “South Butler” prefix on the primary and intermediate elementary schools to “Knoch” as part of the districtwide name change. The district also:

– approved the bid of AVI Foodsystems of Warren, Ohio, as the new food management company for the next school year

– approved the purchase of K-12 mathematics curriculum from McGraw Hill, at a cost of $311,770

– approved the purchase of secondary-level English curriculum from Savvas, at a cost of $225,074

– approved new bleachers for the high school auditorium at $218,850 and demolition of the former wooden bleachers for $8,000

– approved a lighting upgrade in the high school auditorium for $145,000

– approved the purchase of personal computers for $130,000

– approved the repair of a chiller at $68,500

– approved installation of a French drain and upgraded lighting at the intermediate elementary school for $7,000 and $9,660, respectively

– approved an upgrade of a fire panel at the intermediate elementary school for nearly$9,000

– approved Eli Shaheen as a technology consultant at an annual rate of $51,500 for the 2022-23 school year