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Sowing Soil at Summit Academy

Students at Summit Academy plant trees on Friday. By Seb Foltz/Butler Eagle
Students plant trees for sustainable future

SUMMIT TOWNSHIP — In honor of Arbor Day on Friday, Summit Academy students planted 20 trees and learned about the importance of replenishing the environment we take from.

Students and teachers of wood shop and photography classes participated in the event by breaking ground for black walnut trees, which have a lifespan of 70 to 90 years.

Donald Blankenship, wood shop teacher at Summit Academy, said this day is part of an initiative to teach kids about the full life cycle of nature.

“As wood is what I use in my craft, we’re teaching them wood is only renewable if you put it back. We wanted to have an event to show that,” he said. “We’re exposing students to where things come from and not being wasteful, seeing how it affects the environment and that we can’t continue to take.”

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