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‘Critical Race Theory’ resolution passed

Construction crews have erected part of the frame of a gymnasium at Butler Senior High School, which is planned to be completed by next school year. Eddie Trizzino/Butler Eagle

The Butler Area School District school board passed a resolution 6-3 saying that the district will not teach students nor train teachers in theories like “Critical Race Theory.”

One of the things the resolution states is that “racism stands in direct opposition to our nation’s founding precepts that all people are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights...”

District superintendent Brian White said a resolution is different than a policy. The board already has a non-discrimination policy in place that was updated at a meeting in December.

Also at the meeting, a representative from Eckles Construction Services, the firm working on the addition for Butler Senior High School, said crews have been able to lay the foundation for the planned gymnasium and the additional wing that will house the ninth-grade class.

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