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ATVs on Winfield roads dies at meeting

A motion to allow ATVs on certain Winfield Township roads did not receive a second, so the resolution died on the table at Thursday night’s supervisors meeting.

Matt Klabnik, one of three Winfield Township supervisors, made the motion to approve the resolution.

He said about two dozen residents spoke on the subject during the public comment portion of the meeting, with about half being in favor and half opposed to the resolution.

He said many of those who opposed the resolution said enforcement would be difficult because the township does not have a police force.

“That is certainly valid when you have only state police coverage,” Klabnik said.

Others in opposition said ATV drivers would use their land to go from road to road where ATVs would have been allowed, he said.

Klabnik said he was approached by a neighboring family who takes their ATVs to neighboring Buffalo Township, where they are permitted to ride on certain township roads.

The neighbors said they would rather pay Winfield Township a $75 fee instead of Buffalo Township.

Pam Stivason, who owns a farm in Winfield Township, was one of the residents who spoke out against the resolution.

She said ATVs would end up driving on private property to go from road to road that would have allowed ATVs, as the proposed roads do not connect.

She said snowmobiles, dirt bikes, quads and side-by-sides often ride on her farm without permission.

“They damage fields and we’ve had them cut down a tree to access our property,” Stivason said.

She said off-road vehicles that ride over hayfields break off the hay shoots and kill the plants.

Klabnik said he does not plan to reintroduce the ATV resolution unless he knows he will have support of the other supervisors.