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Biden is unfit

Joe Biden’s approval rating is 33%. That’s lower than President Trump’s rating at the same stage of his presidency.

In a speech in Georgia, Biden who claimed he’d be uniter instead of a divider, basically compared anyone who opposed the Democrat’s proposal for voter reform to be racists, terrorists and anti democratic. According to Biden’s rhetoric, if you voted for Trump you’re a Jim Crow supporter.

Biden’s policies are primarily responsible for the greatest rise in inflation since the ’80s. The empty store shelves and shortages of food, building and auto supplies are a result of Biden’s egregious errors in judgment. Biden is taking his marching orders from leftist radicals and pro-Marxist politicians. The price for carrying out those orders has put our country in dire straits.

The real blame for such incompetence and poor leadership are the voters who couldn’t stand the brazen character of the previous president. Rather than basing their votes on job performance and productivity, the voters voted with their emotions.

Voter remorse is rampant in the Democrat Party. Tragically, we will have three more years of failed leadership that will send a global message that America is weak and vulnerable to bullying and intimidation.

Time to grow up and vote for those who will plan for a better future that protects the sovereignty and freedom of all Americans, not just the ones who want to end personal wealth accumulation and fossil fuel use.

George Pikoulas

Center Township