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Real Estate Transactions


Lawrence Donatelli to Story Brrok Properties at 209 Adams Pointe Blvd. Apt 1 for $240,000.

Richard Straw to BMMA Realty at 266 Broadstone Drive for $289,000.

Gabriels Crest Development to NVR at 313 Crest Lane for $160,000.

NVR to Grant Edward Cimperman at 319 Helenium Drive for $374,175.

Maronda Homes to Kashyapkumar and Pryanka Patel at 403 Hill Top Court for $600,873.

Brennan Groups Holding to Lori Smyers Pond at 202 Noble Circle for $575,567.

John Utz to Robert McKinney at Route 228 for $105,000.

James Hamel to Michelle Adams at 303 Torrey Pine Drive for $225,000.


Benjamin Frederick to Nicholas John Welsh and Jessica Lynn Udanis at 164 Grimm Road for $274,000.

Robert Holbein to Rong Zhou at 101 Primrose Drive for $299,900.

R & W Estates LLC to NVR at 104 Red Horse Drive for $65,000.

NVR to Jason Scott and Katie Nicole Goldstein at 124 Red Horse Drive for $423,550.

NVR to Jordan Glenn and Julie Ann Eckman at 141 Red Horse Drive for $362,410.

Heritage Crossings Partners to John and Jody Napierski at 1093 Sandy Ridge Drive for $385,240.

Heritage Crossings Partners to Lory Ellenberger trustee and Thelma Foust trustee at 1111 Sandy Ridge Drive for $379,050.


Janet Collins to Hunter and Savannah Goldsheitter at 110 Clinton Ave. for $145,000.

Jo Beth Ward to Kindred Properties at 330 E. Locust for $25,000.

Karen Rihn to Kristen Reed at 124 Holcomb Ave. for $149,000.

Muralidhar Channapatti to ACJJJ at 342 N Main St. for $215,000.

Jeremy Oesterling to Daniel Joseph and Zoe Ann Fetchko at 431 Negley Ave. for $69,000.

Ron Jurysta to Andrew Mascio at 405-407 W. Penn St. for $4,831.

Tammy Khun to Rachel Watson at 222 Wiltshire Ave. for $127,000.


Estate of Steven Monks to Stephen and Kimberlie Gressly at 238 Evan City Road for $236,900.

Victor Ray to Matthew Espen at 210 Evans City Road for $92,000.

Barbara Jean Steetle to Timothy Joseph Green at 149 Linhurst Ave. for $76,000.

Andrew Murray to Cory Haser at 220 Meridian Road for $276,500.

Nancy Enright to Thomas Enright at 249 North Duffy Road for $164,000.

Lorreine Worsley to Cyril and Lois Overmeier at 114 White Oak Drive for $215,000.

Susan Smith to Tyler and Jessica Milko at 141 Williams Road for $232,500.


Kevin Loomis to Matthew and Amanda Loomis at 262 Agaas Road for $150,000.

Dave Irwin to Justin Glagola at 111 Martsoff Lane for $85,000.


John Graham to Patrick and Beverly Hohn at 206 Chicora Fenelton Road for $74,900.


Zachary Shreiber to Yolanda Burk at 636 Beaver Dam Road for $159,900.


Estate of Karen Mesner to Todd and Heather Chadman at 117 White Oak Drive for $240,000.


NVR to Kyle Howard Scott and MarcyLynn Clouser at 218 Amon St. for $323,285.

Kyle Howar Scott to Ajay Mittal and Anu Singhal at 218 Amon St. for $319,040.

Peter Hart to Trevor and Kristin Shepherd at 447 Anna Marie Drive for $385,000.

Michael Dreveniak to John Gould at 114 Antler Hollow Court for $265,000.

Mark Vilella to Michael Fasanello at 313 Ashbury Court for $580,000.

Michael Danylo to John Czake at 114 Brookston Drive for $265,000.

Jennifer Ann Pintar to Robert Myer IV at 223 Bucktail Drive for $625,000.

Gregory Greiner to Kevin Williamson at 22 Dover Drive for $150,000.

Marshall Protection Inc. to John Oshea at 1205 Dutilh Road Unit 12 for $30,000.

Kristen Stevenson to Danielle Fabio at 1209 Dutilh Road Unit 9 for $142,000.

Penny Sappinton to Bryan Thomas and Megan Rosenbergh at 112 Evan Court for $616,000.

Gary Retone to Truguard Waterproofing at 203 Jefferson Lane for $35,000.

John Snyder to Jetz Properties at 28 Monmouth Drive for $195,000.

Rochester Road Investment Co. to Leonard Berger and Theresa Hilton Berger at 608 Parker St. for $605,260.

Dennis Kimmel to Thomas and Wendy Jones at 404 Pebble Creek Drive for $292,000.

Pikewood Land Partners to Gregory and Kristi Lynn Gibilisco at Spruce Lane for $150,000.

Paul Fadakar to John Peter O'Malley and Kory Antonacci at 266 Strawberry Circle for $440,000.


James Daugherty to 335 East Main Holdings at 355 E. Main St. for $210,000.


R A Properties to John Winters at 208 Petrolia Road for $20,000.


Vicky Lynn Leonberg to Steven and Vanessa Russo at 223 Cashdollar Road for $305,000.

Robert Nicholas Matoka Jr. to Ryan and Michelle Erb at 314 Glade Run Road for $345,000.

Maronda Homes to Stephen Shoemaker at 115 Hidden Acres Drive for $477,812.

Scott Bittner to Dallas Bittner at 168 Johns School Road for $100,000.

David Schubert to Lincoln J C Kennedy and Megan Kwiatkowski at 153 Naughton Circle for $404,250.


Todd Robinson to David Edward Fassinger Jr. and Lauren Fassinger at Rieger Road for $370,000.


First National Bank to Slippery Rock University Foundation at 124 Main St. for $175,000.

Estate of Florence Dennis to Richard and Sarahlea Humes at 461 N Main St. for $210,500.


NVR to Mike and Rachel Kemrer at 609 Burberry Boulevard — Valentino Lane for $432,965.

PGI Holdings to EDPO at 2314 Evans City Road for $450,000.

Seneca Trails to NVR at Sarjean Way for $91,595.


Estate of Harold Wendell Myers to Nicholas and Tracy Leturgey at 328 Fisher Road for $173,000.

Estate of Leroy Renfrew to Thomas and Tracy Mcaninch at 315 Knoch Road for $209,000.


Arden Development Partners to NVR at 764-766 Oliver St. for $123,640.

NVR to Vicky Kelly at 130 Touchstone Court for $379,060.


Larry Rider to Adam Craig at 116 Murrin Road for $230,000.


Charles Ross to Zachary Paul and Julia Alexandra Salac at 3049 Eagle Ridge Drive for $565,000.

William Hawthorne to Joseph King at 405 Overbrook Road for $525,000.

John Brown to Kevin and Celeste Antille at 118 Wildwood Drive for $210,000.


Robert Wheeler to Rebeca Jaqueline Whitworth at 506 Wilshire Circle for $287,500.


Steven Olshanski to Seth Albert Kline at 554 Centerville Pike for $285,000.


Tyler Hughes to Thomas and Kerri Ball at 3008 Oneida Valley Road for $164,900.


Thomas Doner to Richard and Heidi Gall at Leonard Road for $70,000.


Estate of Michael Hack to Kristy Spreng at 248 Becker Road for $158,000.

Mathew Klabnik to John and Trishna Campbell at Sunrise Valley Lane for $32,513.


Christopher Kirby to Jason and Heidi Rice at 352 Baron Road for $345,000.


Michael Bunnell to Carl Moberg and Brian Drozinski at 123 N. Clay St. for $126,000.

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