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Forum meetings planned for Butler council

With new members taking the reigns, Butler City Council plans to have forum meetings at the beginning of each month where council members can discuss matters that could be voted on at the last meeting of the month.

Mayor Bob Dandoy said at Thursday’s agenda-setting meeting that having discussion on topics that could require a vote in the future could allow each council member to digest what is happening and take time to consider his decision.

“We can discuss things and get to know things better,” he said. “That way at the end of the month when we have the business meeting, the actual meeting, things can move a lot quicker and we can get things done in a more efficient way.”

Dandoy said the council can still make motions and pass them at forum meetings, but they must be posted on an agenda prior to the meeting taking place. Some items from the forum meetings will end up on the council’s business meeting agenda, according to Dandoy, but some other items can still be added so long as they are posted on the agenda.

Additionally, residents can still attend the forum meetings to sign up to speak to council on any issues or topics of concern.

Dandoy also reminded city residents that the city is accepting letters of interest for the open position on council, which was left vacant when he became mayor. Letters can be sent to the city office and will be accepted until Feb. 9.

In addition to seeking a council member, the Butler Code Management and Appeals Board is also looking for a new member, since Councilman Larry Christy resigned from the position upon his election to council.

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