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2 sides to 2020 election issue

Regarding the Dec. 29, article “Elections grab political spotlight. Commissioners to review last year’s election results.”

The Butler Eagle has made a serious omission in the reporting on this issue. There was no mention that at every county commissioners’ meeting there have been people who present the opposing view on 2020 election issues.

The decision to review the 2020 election is in response to about 20 Butler residents who attend regularly, present debunked theories and threaten to make sure Commissioners Leslie Osche and Kim Geyer are not reelected in 2023. They have presented impractical demands such as opening the voting machines to look inside for modems and hand counting all votes in all elections.

Issues mentioned such as fluctuations in voter rolls have been investigated by the county officials and other reported issues such as remaking ballots and late counting of military ballots are standard practice so that all ballots are counted.

There is an absolute danger in such articles because it cements peoples’ unfounded suspicions that the presidential election was “stolen.”

I fully support investigating all irregularities in elections. At the most recent commissioners’ meeting, I requested that the commissioners present a written account of all the election issues, how they were investigated, the results of that investigation and what was done to resolve each issue. Saying there were issues without further explanation only enables conspiracy theories to run wild.

I hope that the Butler Eagle will also request this accounting from the commissioners and will present a thorough report to the readers.