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Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School

PA Cyber families gather for field trips year-round, such as the annual Zoo Rendezvous.
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At the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School (simply known as PA Cyber), we are proud to offer students in grades K-12 an alternative to traditional education. Families look beyond their local school district for a wide range of reasons, and sometimes it’s necessary to try a new school experience. After 22 years of perfecting online education and with a legacy of 20,000 graduates, PA Cyber has demonstrated that cyber school is not just a temporary solution but a long-term answer for many students.

As a public school, PA Cyber is open for enrollment to any school-age child residing in Pennsylvania and does not charge tuition. The statewide school has nine regional offices serving as hubs for enrollment, orientation, and year-round enrichment activities. With hundreds of field trips, two proms, and two graduation ceremonies, students can have a traditional school experience with the flexibility of a cyber school.

PA Cyber students receive individual attention and support from state-certified teachers. They recognize the developmental stages students typically follow while respecting the unique abilities of each child. This flexible-but-focused learning model allows the teachers to use a variety of strategies and curriculum choices to create an education program that is deeply personal. Students discover their strengths and interests by exploring diverse curriculum options, clubs, and workshops. PA Cyber meets the curriculum requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Education and is accredited by the prestigious Middle States Association.

PA Cyber’s curriculum balances fine and performing arts with a wealth of other programs such as STEM courses. ArtReach classes give students the opportunity to express their creative side while connecting with peers in a supportive classroom setting. The Polytechnic Mobile lab delivers hands-on STEM experiences to students across the state.

Each student is assigned a state-certified academic advisor who serves as a mentor through their PA Cyber journey. Students receive all the technology they need to get fully connected as well as access to an expert technical support team.

PA Cyber is accepting enrollment applications. Start personalizing your child’s education today at

This article was submitted by Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School.

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