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New business owner shares her story

Stephen Fleming and Kayla Fleming help their daughter, Callie, cut the ribbon at new business, Totalus at 132 E. Jefferson St. in Butler. Submitted photo

Kayla Fleming opened Totalus this summer in the heart of downtown Butler. The shop at 132 E Jefferson St. sells Boba tea, pizza rolls and more.

Our vision of Totalus started about five years ago, and we have slowly worked since that moment to bring it a reality.

During that time my husband, Stephen, my mom, Gretchen and I all bounced possible locations off of each other.

Butler was always our top choice — if a good spot became available. Butler is both mine and my husbands hometown.

We met in Kindergarten at Center Ave Elementary, continued through Butler Area Senior High School and graduated together in 2013. Growing up in Butler we could see the town, particularly Main Street become like a ghost of what it used to be.

Stephen Fleming, Kayla Fleming and Kayla’s mom, Gretchen, stand their Stephen and Kayla’s daughter Callie at a recent trip to Disney. Kayla opened Totalus in Butler earlier this year.

My family was far from wealthy growing up, and Butler always showed so much support to my family. When we struggled friends and neighbors would pull together to help us through tough times, and now we have the opportunity to build a space in our hometown to give back to the town that gave so much to us.

Our little shop is so much more than Boba tea and baked goods. It is about community, small local businesses and local non-profits coming together to make the best impact in our community as we can no matter who you are, how you identify or where you come from.

We have been beyond grateful for all the support we have gotten since opening June, 4, 2022.

Switching from my career in Social Work to running my own business was terrifying, but it has just shown us and my daughter that if you listen to and chase your dreams, it is so worth it.

If you haven’t stopped in yet we are located at 132 E Jefferson St in Butler right before Macs Brick Oven Pizza.

We would love to have you, and my daughter Callie’s lemonade is always a good safe Boba starter drink!

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