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NVR to Peter Lawrie and Pamela Christine Olinits at 121 Abigail Drive for $694,570.

NVR to Shaik Farhanaaz and Malik Syed at 228 Cranesbill Drive for $374,320.

Gabriel’s Crest Development to NVR at 311 Crest Lane for $160,000.

Arden Development Partners to NVR at 320 Crest Lane for $123,640.

NVR to Daniel Paul and Sarah Ledonne Ludwig at 329 Crest Lane for $711,978.

Stephen Kalan to Tony and Amanda Ledonne at 104 Curtis Court for $624,900.

Robert Kalkowski to Jonathon and Erin Wright at 320 Dirkshire Court for $789,900.

Brennan Group to Mark Vinson at 100 Imperial Drive for $405,265.

Franconia Real Estate Services to Michael Laquatra at 1701 Pointe View Drive for $345,000.

Troy Jeffers to Franconia Real Estate Servicdes at 1701 Pointe View Drive for $345,000.

Armco CU to Arod Holdings at 963 Route 228 for $550,000.

Harold Sewell to Paul and Karen Quealy at 4603 Senate Court for $435,000.

Edward Noe Jr. to Priyanka Tangeda and Suresh Tamminent at 110 Seneca Place for $330,500.

Scott Jugan to Cory and Sarah Rossman at 207 Shadow Rock Lane for $535,000.

Lynne Christman to Steven and Jean Smith at 106 Southern Valley Court for $429,900.

Maronda Homes to Marcus Alan and Kelsey Ann Sanata at 320 Stoneridge Lane for $674,482.

Janendran Paramalingam to Michael and Noelle Holden at 728 Winter Park Drive for $522,000.


Robert Dodd to Robert Kennedy Sr. at 125 Main St. for $600 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $8,735) by sheriff’s deed.


Ellen Pentrack to Daniel and Melanie Turk at Lucas Lane for $132,000.

Maronda Homes to Thomas and Karla Zulio at 204 Raven Circle for $244,680.

Heritage Crossings Partners to Thomas Misutka at 1074 Sandy Ridge Drive for $373,850.

Benjamin Greiner to Ryan Sabol at 105 Stepp Road for $265,000.


Lawrence Herdon to Sarah Donnelly at 120 Morton Ave. for $110,000.

Ron Olsen to DRS Assets at 126-128 S Main St. for $415,000.

Catherine Close to Kenneth Yockey at 206 W. Pearl St. for $65,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $209,270) by sheriff’s deed.


Melissa Eagal to Craig Millington and Elissa Cousins at Ayers Ave. for $105,000.

John Smoker to Carl Spivey and Jessica Wilson at 819 Bessemer Ave. for $755 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $6,267) by sheriff’s deed.

Grant Garrel Greenawalt to Jordan Michael and Kaitlin Marie Alessio at 103 Blackshire Road for $175,000.

Lacey Worley to Vincent Beaver at 204 Campbell Road for $164,900.

Estate of Edward Vincent McKernan to Tracy Hershberger at 116 Farmington Drive for $151,000.

Michael Newcombe to Central Penn Capital Management at 107 Filbert Road for $100,000 by sheriff’s deed.

Sawmill Development to Sawmill Holdings at 1100-1112 Litman Grove Lane for $1,400,000.

Dennis Weaver to Christie Ann Waits at Pine Drive for $209,000.

DCDP to Tesla Biohealing at 180 Pittsburgh Road for $1,750,000.

Marilyn Hinchberger to William Watson at 102 Sunrise Village for $169,900.


Duffy Highlands to Michael and Andrea Clark at 113 Royal Aberdeen Blvd. for $364,634.


Heather Allison to Amy Weichey at Hilltop Acres for $35,000.


Ryan Shedio to Camron Neel and Olivia Girwood at 211 Gallagher Road for $140,000.

William Mark Dunn to Scott and Jennifer Malloy at 386 Halston Road for $535,000.


Herbert Bowser to Michael Geibel at 244 Steighner Road for $180,100.


Alen Dechellis to Brian and Sarah Meeder at 136 Cherry Valley Road for $174,550.


Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic to Zachary John and Katelyn Faye Gall at Cameron Leslie Farms Drive for $315,915.

Christopher Stutz to George Howley at 221 Connoquenessing Main St. for $245,000.

Leslie Farms to Pittell Contracting at 109-115 Essex Court for $191,600.

Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic to Stephen Singer Jr. and Katherine Casselberry at 121 Hawthorne Drive for $350,208.


Carl Huffman to James B. and Alice Petry at 927 Evans City Road for $165,000.

David Clum to Richard Lawniczak at 120 Hidden Meadows Circle for $265,000.


Stanley Fudor to Central Penn Capital Management at 902 Bayview Court for $340,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $1,039,386) by sheriff’s deed.

Rochester Road Investment Co. to Russell and Dana Ivey at 502 Beneficial Drive for $629,900.

George Schally to Steven and Nancy Pospistle at 141 Crossing Ridge Trail for $397,500.

Michael Richards to Erick Wehner and Courtney Schilling at 200 Eagle Drive for $332,500.

Forest Edge to Ryan and Cynthia Sweeney at 412 Firefly Drive for $105,000.

Herbert Steele to Old Freedom Real State Holdings at 1331-1333 Freedom Road for $1,100,000.

Ronald Horanski to Alex Liam and Sophie Rose Bayat at 205 Hunting Ridge Trail for $328,000.

Anthony Sicari to Natalya Dragunsky at 283 Jefferson Lane for $485,000.

James Zacherl to Helena McKinney at 214 Kirkwood Drive for $335,000.

George Almoney to Limelight Living at 413 Lincolnshire Drive for $255,000.

Janette Stanger to Kevin Doyle at 34 Monmouth Drive for $200,000.

Scott Merydith to Sid & Co. at 706 Stockton Ridge for $194,000.

Carol Mary Albayatt to Richard Foster Jr. at 213 Wyndmere Drive for $225,000.


Charles Crispin to Travis Knox and Jewel Erkman at 150 Seventh St. for $200,000.


Robert Geisler to Five Sons Properties at Pierce Ave. for $600 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $3,798) by sheriff’s deed.


Maronda Homes to Christopher Ryan Ferruchie and Beth Munson Kristin at 126 Hidden Acres for $374,547.

Maronda Homes to Ryan Bradley and Jessica Lynn Smith at 123 Hidden Acres Drive for $476,400.

Maronda Homes to Matthew and Jessica Marie Slotz at 124 Hidden Acres Drive for $389,255.


Peter Kyne to Paul and Joyce Dimaio at English Oak Drive for $55,000.

Gary Braden to Gary Lindsey and Kathy Vandrie at 147 North Road Butler for $570,000.

Dennis McCune to Mathew Tresoline at 2056 Prospect Road for $310,000.

Susan Andre to Thomas and Linda Boyd at 151 Woodhawk Lane for $285,000.


Erika Faith Gold to David Evans at 306 W. Prairie St. for $167,000.


NVR to Shawn and Kathryn Ann Gilronan at 204 Bengal Fox for $432,700.

NVR to Adam Michael and Alyssa Kaye Mathe at 606 Burberry Blvd. for $481,380.

NVR to David Carl and Kathleen Ann Kovacic at 610 Burberry Blvd. for $455,970.

Maronda Homes to Andrew Peter and Malissa Bradford at 104 Grove Hill Lane for $610,763.

NVR to Ryan Joseph and Staci Christine Bernhard at 103 Woodsman Ridge Drive for $467,860.


LSF 9 Master Particition Tr. to Vernon and Krysta Stoop at 302 E. Lancaster Road for $109,900.

John Perry to Scott and Lindsay Carney at 291 Swain Hill Road for $475,000.

Blanch Burgess to Kevin and Erica Curtis at 102 Woodland Way for $285,000.


Thomas Christy to Mark Claypoole at Boyers Road for $39,000.


John Salter to Scott Settlemire at Cedar Pine St. for $60,000.

Elizabeth Behr to Bradley and Casey Sarvey at Main St. for $59,000.

Aaron Zalipont to Lance Robert and Stephanie Renee Dawson at Main St. for $293,000.


Deborah Anspach to Linda Violante at 125 Greenway Lane for $399,900.


Scott Thever to Jeremy and Raymond Bartlett at 304 Leslie Road for $198,500.

Frank Ruminer to Michael Randolph at 100 Rolling Mills Drive for $86,100.


Norman Struss to Gerald Lavelle Jr. and Dariene Lavelle at 254 West Park Road for $279,837.


Cliff Koethe to Steven Ray Raider at 115 Rocks Road for $120,000.


Presbyterian Church Prospect to Jordan and Kaitlyn Petronelis at 125 Orchard Drive for $210,000.


David Ferri to Lori Zona at 210 Cumberland Drive for $382,000.

William Schoof to Domenic Borgese and Amy Callahan at 927 Northridge Drive for $470,000.


Kevin Basil Kulka to Miriam Irias Romero at 230 Elm St. for $268,500.

Craig Caldwell to Evan and James Daugherty at 454 Franklin St. for $94,000.

Daniel Zacherl to Phyllis Ivy and Emily Smith at 170 Maple St. for $261,200.


Timothy Homison to Harry Maughan at 307 Crestview Road for $174,750.

Richard Schultz to Robert and Thelma Chutz at McCandless Road for $30,000.

Becury Homes to Gregory and Hanna Marie Chirieleison at 196 Weathervane Drive for $340,000.


Christopher Young to Bergstieger Aquisition at 928 Bonniebrook Road for $165,000.

Susanne McNally to Russell Desmond at 311 Headland Road for $255,000.

Dereck Allen Wissinger to David Bier Jr. at 161 Kaiser Road for $180,000.

Gerald Rettig to Evan Andreassi at 395 Protzman Road for $58,000.


Luis Brunn to Justin Kovach at 1265 Cornplanter Road for $752,500.


Derryl Lynn Gullo to Russel Willian Lipinski and Alisa Ann Hall at 221 Cooper Road for $110,000.


Sharon Widenhofer to Zelie Capital at 114 E. New Castle St. for $85,000.

Frderick Solman to David Allen III and Elizabeth Allen at 112 McKim St. for $484,000.

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