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Cheerleader cancer-free, back on court

Veanna Pollard gets a hug from a Knoch cheerleading teammate following a halftime ceremony Tuesday celebrating the junior being cancer-free.

JEFFERSON TWP — In place of a halftime show, the Knoch High School cheerleaders celebrated one of their teammates defeating leukemia at the basketball game Tuesday night.

Veanna Pollard, a Knoch varsity cheerleader, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia two and a half years ago.

Now 16 years old and a cancer-free junior in high school, Veanna is back doing what she loves with the team who loves her.

Tuesday's game was the first time Veanna has been able to “stunt” since her diagnosis, and it was what she was most excited for.

“I forgot how much fun it was,” Veanna said. “It feels great.”

Veanna's parents, Patricia and Philip Pollard, said she was diagnosed with leukemia in 2019, after she fainted and was unable to see her dad standing in front of her.

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