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NVR to Ronald and Tracey Lee Deangelo at 114 Abigail Drive for $812,229.

NVR to Babul Kumar and Jaya Bharti Jha at 230 Cranesbill Drive for $363,395.

NVR to Kurt Michael Reinke at 232 Cranesbill Drive for $367,195.

Scott Calligan to William Davis Jr. and Ashley Davis at 289 Myoma Road for $2,900,000.

Jonathan Taylor to Andrew and Kelsey Clawson at 206 Shadow Rock Lane for $555,000.

Mark Volpont to Red Planet Properties at 215 Windham Lane for $479,000.


NVR to Lucas Frank and Alexis Maria Szymanski at 101 Blue Meadow Drive for $349,465.

David Black to Shane and Sarah Buchanan at 159 Creekside Drive for $410,000.

Georgann Carson to Jacob Wade Jr. and Mary Lou Wade at 411 Prim Rose for $244,500.

R&W Est. to NVR at 142 Red Horse Drive for $65,000.

Heritage Crossings Partners to Frank Li at 1072 Sandy Ridge Drive for $406,275.

Heritage Crossings Partners to Alan and Karen Vecchi at 1073 Sandy Ridge Drive for $402,030.


Michelle Ellenberger to Robert and Sherry Lynn Ellenberger at 337 First St. for $82,000.

Patricia Green trustee to Starting Fresh Rentals at 301 American Ave. for $55,000.

Jennifer Barto to Kevin Reno at 112 Ashland Ave. for $105,000.

William Jeff Lewis to Barry Alan and Lori Lynne Hinderliter at 220 E. Christie Ave. for $236,000.

Patricia Green to Starting Fresh Rentals at 308 Locust St. for $46,000.

Patricia Green to Raymond and Debra Osterling at 133 Mercer Road for $35,000.

Sara Jane Zavadsky to Mark and Tiffany Kimmel at 114 Mercer St. for $41,150.

Patricia Green to Starting Fresh Rentals at 140 Mercer St. for $65,000.

Thomas Wilson to Jessica Schmitt at 521 N. Monroe St. for $74,000.

Patricia Green to Starting Fresh Rentals at 427 New Castle St. for $65,000.

Thelma Foust to Dylan Thomas at 180 Pine Tract Road for $108,000.

Larry Lang to Jason Beckwith at 215 W. Pearl St. for $87,500.


Scott Malloy to Brian and Sharon Yedinak at 104 Candleford for $470,000.

Justin Birkbichler to Casey Finke and Kelly Getz at 4143 Miller St. for $192,000.

Andrea Dunmyre to Robert and Janet Tompkins at 203 Piper Lane for $113,000.

Donald Wahl to Timothy Mentzer at 129 Valley St. for $126,000.

Justin Fitcher to Jeffrey and Karen Gedelian at 311 Westbrook Drive for $236,000.


Michael Lewis to Christopher and Sarah Walascheck at 102 Covington Drive for $340,000.


Knoch Development to Pitell Contracting at 1121-1124 Carriage Lane for $140,000.


Starland Properties to 116 Dogwood Lane at Dogwood Lane for $500,000.


Jennifer Poulsen to Koury and Crystal Lape at 2242 Shannon Mills Drive for $459,900.


Jonathan Mosco to Leonard David and Jessica Rose Hoch at 302 Brookston Drive for $289,900.

Jared Sullivan to Adam and Liza Widdop at 408 Catham Lane for $515,000.

Floyd Hudson to Weichert Workforce Mobility at 405 Christinas Court for $555,000.

Weichert Workforce Mobility to Seth and Kari Cooper at 405 Christinas Court for $555,000.

Justin Wagner to Nikole and Brian Morgan at 327 Cottingham Circle for $518,400.

Robert O’Donnell to Christian and Rochelle Mans at 215 Crescent Court for $525,000.

Forest Edge Zero Out to Richard and Kay Frey at 406 Firefly Drive for $202,500.

Eric Gorniak to Dustin Moniot and Makali Carson at 701 Hartland Drive for $279,000.

Mark Lamison to Ryan Hubert at 154 Moyer Hill for $355,000.

Rochester Road Investment Co. to Don and Amy Hilbelink at 439 Roebling Court for $439,990.

Jordan Andrew Lindsey to Kathy Allane Leeper at 113 Sample Lane for $302,320.


Brian Scheidlmeter to Amy Master at 209 Dumbar Alley for $108,000.

Marlene Measel to Steven and Kayla Tini at 227 Van Buren St. for $105,000.


Gregory Johns to Arthur and Angela Kort at 245 Margaret Ave. for $114,000.

Maronda Homes to Donald and Angela Marie Leishman at 402 Pumpkin Patch Lane for $541,997.

Xiao Quin Wang Eisler to Patrick and Sarah Rutledge at Stuckey Road for $300,000.


NVR to Jonathan Philip and Jessica Marie Mosco at 200 Bengal Fox Court for $585,475.

Philip Samotus to Gary Winston and Mary Carole Hamm at 289 Evans Road for $349,900.

Lee Barnes to Patrick and Ashley Urosek at 414 Prada Place for $429,900.

NVR to Andriy Lutsiv at 203 Runnel Court for $334,040.

Seneca Trails to NVR at Sarjean Way for $91,595.

NVR to Shannon Michelle Courson at 115 Woodsman Ridge Drive for $570,150.

Spring Valley Partners 2 to William and Karen Martin at 3001 Yorkshire Way for $405,650.


Arden Development Partners to NVR at 211 Arden Drive for $86,935.

Arden Development Partners to NVR at 253 Arden Drive for $86,935.

James Patrick Orr to Patricia Gaiser at 6102 Heatherfield Court for $395,000.

Nancy Ondrasik to Thomas Martin and Lois Conroy at 302 Southview Drive for $435,000.

Timothy Zinkham to Clarence Dale and Sharon Poe at 111 Victoria Terrace for $305,000.


Cheryl Albert to Allegheny Mineral Corp. at 234 Kay Road for $175,000.


James Schadron to Justin Fitchter at 404 Beaver St. for $299,500.


Chris Potts to Samuel and Judith Scarfone at 218 Central Drive for $274,900.

Alice Jeuther to Dennis and Carol Jeuther at Kyle Road for $20,000.

Donald Stevens to Raymond Kowalski at 258 Kyle Road for $320,000.

Nancy Matthews to Nancy Lee Wirtz at 604 Sandy Hill Road for $287,335.


Nathan Green to Darrell Hays and Samantha Noullet at 390 Eyth Road for $200,000.


Beatrice Gail Conaway to Doris Thaner at 205 North Trail for $185,000.


R Grace Investments to Craig Pfister and Nicole Garber at 239 Main St. for $105,000.


Nancy Verzilli to Audine Morris at 807 Holly Court for $187,000.


Robert Lynn Schaffer to Michael Joseph and Catherine Boyle at 112 Castle Creek Drive for $245,900.

Dustin Anewalt to James Dalton Hiles at 133 Hillview Drive for $213,000.


JAS Slippery Rock Properties to GC & SI at 333 Normal Ave. for $195,000.


Daniel Sherman to John Stalnaker at 600 Centreville Pike for $650,000.


Estate of Mary Lou Burkett to Kelly Cortazzo and Wesley Hall at 402 W. New Castle St. for $310,000.

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