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SR board increases pay for substitute teachers

Slippery Rock Area school board voted Monday to increase daily rates for substitute teacher's from $100 to $130 for days one through 30.

Superintendent Alfonso Angelucci said the increased rate was approved 8-0 by board members after a 15-minute discussion. Additionally, the board decided that any substitute teacher working past 31 days will receive $150 dollars a day.

Angelucci said the increase was made in an effort to build a pool of substitute teachers for the district. “Like other school districts, we're hurting for substitutes,” Angelucci said. “We are proud of the efforts of our teaching staff and appreciative of the efforts of our reliable and dedicated substitutes. Hopefully, this will draw more individuals to our substitute teacher pool.”

The new rate will take effect next week.

The board also recognized its first “Rocket Pride Award” winner Carol Lambert for her work at Feed My Sheep food cupboard in Slippery Rock borough.

“It's to honor those in the community who do something unselfish,” Angelucci said. “(Lambert) helps our students and community get the food they need.”

The board meeting is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on Dec. 6.