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Brookhaven to NVR at 124 Abigail Drive for $124,000.

NVR to Chad and Aime Kinch at 126 Abigail Drive for $788,797.

Robert Gaydosh to Joshua and Sara Glover at 906 Big Bear Court for $875,000.

Jayachandran Kalladathu to Dhivya Pradeeep and Kumar Sujuar Pradeeep Arjunan at 122 Broadstone Drive for $282,000.

John Joseph to Xiaoping Liu and He Zhang at 139 Broadstone Drive for $450,000.

NVR Inc. to Michael Chou and Jian Zhong at 218 Cranesbill Drive for $363,910.

NVR to Sudha Rani Balla and Vijay Raj Thama at 220 Cranesbill Drive for $370,280.

NVR to William Henry and Laura Ann Schoof at 344 Crest Lane for $655,909.

Gabriel’s Crest Development to NVR at 359 Crest Lane for $160,000.

Infinity Custom Homes to James Carden and Gina Ann Desantis at 100 Cypress Lane for $1,575,000.

Richard Chiodo to Ahmet Toparli at 523 E. Vanderbilt Drive for $325,000.

Fred Hespenheide to NVR at 321-329 Helenium Drive for $251,000.

Maronda Homes to Anthony Joseph and Ashley Jessica Giannetti at 412 Hilltop Court for $626,155.

Andreas Olligschlaeger to Wendy Lydon at 81241 Lost Valley Road for $307,000.

Michael Stuart Daniel to Robert Lynn and Sharon Jo Schaffer at 104 Northglen Court for $250,000.

Williams Barth to Shannon Justus at 2105 Pointe View Drive for $350,000.

Maronda Homes to John Baumgartner and Krista Tharan at 317 Stoneridge Lane for $625,232.

MGB CAP to Shobhit and Virginia Katherine Singla at 127 Woodford Drive for $1,199,900.


Robert Knittel to Brian and Dawn Cashmere at Halston St. John Roads for $75,000.


Jordan Eckman to Marcus and Sarah Crawford at 189 Hepler Road for $247,000.

Elizabeth Lubiniecki to Robert and Kerry Barajas at 666 Hughes Drive for $152,400.

R&W Est. to NVR at 102 Red Horse Drive for $65,000.

Andrew Stefaniak to Emily Stefaniak at 112 Wonderly Drive for $429,000.


Aubrey Third Family to Church Experience at 125 E. Cunningham St. for $380,000.

Latham Holdings to Keystone State Home Buyers at 300 Franklin St. for $190,253.

Michael Sahli to PJS International at 201 Heim Ave. for $50,000.

Yamel Quintana to Moshe Handler at 530 W. Brady St. for $9,000.

Estate of Steven Monks to APT MGT at 433-435 W. Cunningham St. for $71,000.


Randall Laughner to Lucas and Christine Pawlovicks at 108 Carlynn Drive for $211,000.

Brian Ellenberger to B&M Cap Holdings at 110-310 Courtside Lane for $1,200,000.

William English to James and Patricia Nocera at 220 Grandview Blvd. for $200,000.

Kathy Lee Seezox to Mark and Krista Dobson at 4106 Karla Drive for $285,000.

Richard Petronski to Jack Stephen and Doris Mayhew Stupka at 612 Morton Ave. for $192,500.

Andrew Johnson to Scott and Katherine Jenkin at 1 N. Chesapeake St. for $224,900.

David Strawbridge to Brian Smith and Ekaterina Smirnova at 52 Old Plank Road for $164,900.

James Lascuola to Redevelopment Authority Allegheny County at 80 Old Plank Road for $15,000.


Lloyd McCommon to Kindred Properties at 1358 Mars Evans City Road for $32,000.

David Strawbridge to Guru Bru Investments at 1358 Mars Evans City Road for $175,000.


Duffy Highlands to Daniel Joseph and Kelly Marie Swartz at 315 Gleneagles Drive for $398,385.

Karen Croll to Colton and Cameron Karns at Holyoke Road for $10,000.

Kevin Kline to Jhon and Ashleigh Horrell at 140 Lyn Dale Drive for $289,000.

Joseph Kasunich to Alex Kolas and Rachel Smith at 107 Margate Drive for $160,000.

Joshua Williams to Brian and Christine Griffin at 120 Pinehurst Road for $311,000.


Estate of Florence Robinson to Leanna Dawn Wilson at 228 Central Ave. for $76,000.

William Filges to Brian and Diane McGarvey at 331 W. Slippery Rock St. for $169,900.


Sara Rippey to Amanda Kopp and Corinne Merriman at 148 Casper Lane for $177,000.

Steven Oleath to Troy and Megan Warinner at 253 Euclid Road for $179,900.


Jeffrey Rumbaugh to Joshua Williams at 200 Old State Road for $160,000.

Eric Jewell to Richard Zadrowski at 1611 Oneida Valley for $265,000.


Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic to Shaine and Leia Pastsilevas at 123 Hawthorne Drive for $341,849.


Douglas Meyer to Kevin and Denise Ozimek at 1222 Prospect Road for $532,700.


Baojun Chang to Chandramohan Raju Sornarajaperumal at 245 Bentbrook Circle for $337,000.

James Rupp to Jetz Properties at 516 Brandywine Drive for $210,000.

Tony Larusso to Bryce McGuire and Alicia Cleary at 119 Briarwood Lane for $400,000.

Andrew Beers to Charles and Victoria Gaffney at 135 Briarwood Lane for $307,000.

John Fisher to Tyler and Jennie Ringeisen at 116 Brookston Drive for $318,787.

Tammy Lynn Pushak to Ryan and Kaelee Condello at 577 Callery Road for $439,975.

Virginia Matthews to Brandon Matthews and Jenna Hoehn at 408 Canterbury Trail for $355,000.

Stephen Nagy to Tyler and Chelsea Stuber at 111 Clearbrook Drive for $379,900.

Thomas Davis trustee to Dorothy Lloyd at 1021 Clerkenwell Lane for $365,000.

Majda Saoudi to Weichert Workforce Mobility at 206 Drake Circle for $489,900.

Weichert Workforce Mobility to Travis and Ashley Damico at 206 Drake Circle for $489,900.

David Smith to Scott and Hae Young Jugan at 219 Erin Drive for $770,000.

Patricia Sieg to Ryan Ziegler and Camille Velazquez Rodriguez at 212 Lafayette for $370,000.

Gregory Baker to Jeffry and Stephanie Hope Richards at 9288 Marshall Road for $415,000.

Susan Moury to Christina Sarson at 8 Monmouth Drive for $179,000.

Thimothy Kcehowski to Michael Edward Hess at 165 Oakview Drive for $655,000.

Michael Sweeney to Roger and Jayne Smith at 327 Parade St. for $299,000.

Rochester Road Investment Co. to Dale Hager and Loretta Gephart at 610 Parker St. for $640,970.

Terry Rudeck to Feno and Victoria Monaco at 100 Pemberly Drive for $1,080,000.

Russell Ross to Samuel Lotz and Mengmeng Zhang at 104 Pinehurst Drive for $450,000.

Wesley Martin to Van Balen Holdings at 8 Robinhood Drive for $425,000.

Rochester Road Investment Co. to Beth Garret Blinn at 405 Roebling Court for $454,670.

Joslyn Greco to Joseph Pierre at 409 Stockton Ridge for $183,000.

Estate of Beverly Hutchinson to Joseph Daniel and Bathanie Marie Zgorzinski at 214 Sycamore Drive for $290,000.

Manuel Telakis to Thimothy and Alison Butler at 214 Sycamore Drive for $349,000.

Kayla Smith to Michael Thompson and Shana Osborne at 830 Theda Dori St. for $369,000.

Joseph Bikowski to Todd and Susan Delligatty at 602 Toftree Drive for $825,000.

Michael Morgan to Jamie Michelle Littell at 304 Trafalgar Square for $382,000.

Mark Aprile to Jonathan and Sandra Duncan at 131 Wayne Drive for $327,650.


Avanell Dellasanta to Brianna Kennedy at 105 Seventh St. for $94,000.

Mark Daniels to Brock Maihle at 603 Sherman Ave. for $75,000.


Mark Noble to Nicholas Spiegel at 289 Harmony Road for $190,000.

Estate of Violet Wasiewlewski to John Spagnolo Jr. at 1541 Mars Evans City Road for $320,000.

Justin Pint to Jeremy Miller and Gina Larocca at 134 Stucky Road for $249,900.


Kody Kendall to Torrie Wroblewski at 202 Walker St. for $182,500.


Newman Holdings to NVR at 301 Blacktail Deer Lane for $96,120.

NVR to Lucinda Sobol and Camille Kubla at 600 Burberry Blvd. for $408,610.

NVR to Jerry McGrath at 619 Burberry Blvd. for $498,000.

NVR to Justin James Downs at 624 Burberry Blvd. for $530,285.

PPDA GP to NVR at 203 Dior Drive for $84,414.

Stewhaws Homes to Waldosta Holdings at 530 German St. for $400,000.

Maronda Homes to Donald and Brittny Lynn Krapf at 111 Grove Hill Lane for $520,039.

Brenan Group to Nathaniel Yap and Brian Smith at 106 Harmony Place for $423,690.

Joseph Kunzmann to Ralph Curtis Baker at 2430 Mars-Evans City Road for $150,000.

Jeffrey Coward to Timothy and Rebekah Byers Kcehowski at 310 W. Solomon for $1,600,000.

Bailie Synam to Marlo Strickler Arnold at Willow Road for $7,000.


Matthew Prentice to Joshua and Ashley Harbison at 658 Mushrush Road for $326,000.

HHH Offroading & Graffix to Reach Out Reptiles at 570 N. Pike Road for $490,000.


Scenic Ride Partners to Michael Anthony Ordons at 413 Northview Drive for $385,000.

Arden Development Partners to NVR at 761-763 Oliver St. for $123,640.

Ronald Zorn Jr. to Brian Smith and Nathaniel Yap trustee at 1081 W. Lancaster Road for $1,180,000.


Mark Kissinger to Harry and Melissa Caldwell at 281 Forsythe Road for $384,000.

Michael Oblock to Triumph Contracting at 1440 Pittsburgh Road for $300,000.

NVR to Mark and Virginia Gartner Lamison at 2028 Ringold Court for $448,950.

Walter Smith to Gregory and Dacia Arnold at 105 Stage Coach for $285,000.

Mill Creek Partners 2 to Daniel and Maureen Skinner at 1212 Tilly Drive for $398,195.

Mill Creek Partners 2 to Kevin and Susan Rodgers at 1214 Tilly Drive for $401,010.

Dennis McCann to Jason and Dana Cupples at West Cruikshank Road for $70,000.

Wayne Steibel to Robert and Jennifer Brandy at 108 Windermere Drive for $230,000.


Brandon Bruner to Clifford Paul and Terri Lynn Sines at 403 Stone Church Road for $245,000.


Lisa Holland to Kevin Kline at 155 Kennedy Road for $303,000.

Daniel Swartz to Andrew and Shalyna Johnson at 104 Timber Court for $319,900.


Estate of Charles Drescher to Robert Mrozek and Kelly O’Donnell at Butler Road for $25,000.


Stephen Fowler to Bernard and Colleen Chmiel at 111 Bristol Drive for $520,000.


Moshe Handler to Joseph Rassman Jr. and Madge Rassman at 120 Applewood Lane 2374 for $365,000.

Patricia Burkart to Kari Joyce at 219 E. Cooper St. for $165,000.

Howard Meyer to Tri County Restoration Services at Grove City Road for $200,000.

Lisa Jean Buhler to Matthew Eugene Bilski at 435 New Castle St. for $224,250.

Dale Stoughton to Brian Thompson at 343 Normal Ave. for $340,000.

Khuna Holdings to Tri County Restoration Services at Sassafras Drive for $135,000.


William O’Donnell to Daniel Sherman at 120 Creek View Lane for $450,000.

Marguerite Ann Mershimer to Robert and Karen Watson at 100 Watson Glen for $230,000.


3200 Myers St. Partners to Musket Corp. at 615 E. Butler for $4,000,000.

Dale Swidzinski to Roger and Lori Kennedy at 428 Portman Road for $100,000.


Garrett Stiglitz to Robert Montgomery at Bernadette Lane for $55,000.


Joshua Harbison to Matthew Solada at 254 Bicker Road for $195,000.


David Milo to Richard and Ashley Gigliotti at 327 E. Spring St. for $287,000.

Joshua Colin Mann to Thor Chytil at 302 Hazel St. for $239,000.

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