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Adams Pointe II to Karen Ann Rapavi at 232 Adams Pointe Blvd. for $285,000.

Anthony Bonnett to Robert Bruns at 241 Broodstone Drive for $335,000.

NVR to Adam Bartholomew Kephart and Brittany Elyse Grabski at 222 Cranesbill Drive for $354,250.

Grabriel’s Crest Development to NVR at 361 Crest Lane for $160,000.

Scott Arnold to Cartus Financial Corp. at 305 Dobson Road for $1,575,000.

Cartus Financial Corp. to Robert and Amy Kalkowski at 305 Dobson Road for $1,575,000.

B3V Partners to Brenan Group at 206-214 Noble Circle for $447,500.

Brandon Thomas Rupert to Lazarus Vittas at 203 Northglen Court for $256,500.

Megan Prazer to Lucas George and Kelly Rae Forest at 205 Pinnacle Court for $615,000.

Anthony Razzano to Carmen Angela Botti at 117 Ridge Road for $419,900.

James Ellis to Kathleen Dehaven trustee at 901 Torrey Pine Drive for $525,000.

William Hornfeck to Matthew David and Amber Marie Johnston at 107 Union Church Road for $435,000.


Tibet Center to Kayla Spade and Saralynnne Delraso at 115 Crawford Corners Road for $230,000.

TCC Penwest to Commodore Homes at 4 Penn West Way for $5,000,000.


Brian Hesidence to Paul and Melony Wagner at 205 Main St. for $59,000.


R&W Estates to NVR at 101 Red Horse Drive for $65,000.

NVR to Chris Yuen at 153 Red Horse Drive for $402,760.

Lorraine Klemzak to Brandon and Rachel Buchanan at 313 Sarver Road for $148,000.


John Eagal to James Joseph Asley III and Laura Ann Asley at 208 First St. for $40,000.

Philip Elko to Shaunenne Holt at 554 Fourth St. for $179,900.

William Dillon III to Shannon Williams at 127 Clinton Ave. for $146,500.

Amber Masters to Dylan Levi Everetts and Kathleen Margaret Ayres at 119 Hickory St. for $125,000.

Robert Price to Thomas Dale Rodgers at 313 S. Monroe St. for $215,000.

Ronald Ganster to Kevin Reno at 420 W. Cunningham St. for $49,500.

Benjamin Ogle to Karen Lynn Lent at 101 W. Patterson for $175,000.


Melissa Eagal to Casey Moore at 109 Freeport Road for $108,000.

Harry Ritzert to Donna Martin at 144 Greenhill Drive for $195,900.

Eugene Neff to Timothy James and Tricia Marie Erwin at 145 Greenhill Drive for $240,000.

Timothy William Shingleton to Horace and Paula Webb at 202 N. Eberhart Road for $100,000.

Susan Hesidence to Hugh McClelland at 133 White Oak Drive for $142,500.

Richard Gallagher to Brandon and Nikita Spithaler at 444 Whitestown Road for $253,000.


Timothy Rourke to Segavepo at 150 La Rey Drive for $246,000.

John Blair to Roob and Tracey Ritenour at 100 Laurel Oak Lane for $520,000.

Daniel Winger to Mary Sandra McGrail at 111 Muddy Creek Drive for $100,000.


Ada Book to Christopher Traggiai at 445 Grubb Road for $7,000.

Estate of Ada Book to Steven Chambers at 447 Grubb Road for $7,000.


Laura MacCandles to Nicholas Christie at 102 Rider Road for $100,000.


Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic to Ashley Maria Jacobs at 117 Hawthorne Drive for $372,512.

Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic to Corey and Jessica Mushchar at 119 Hawthorne Drive for $359,501.


Walter Betchtold to John Torch at 2001 Sonoma Valley Drive for $300,000.


Park Place Marketing to NVR at 201-207 Amon St. for $225,000.

Xiao yu Lie to Joel Michael and Jami Lynn Stillwell at 206 Brookston Drive for $250,000.

Tyler Timko to Kevin Prag at 420 Canterbury Trail for $683,500.

Kristin McCune to Amy Gillenberger at 374 Central Drive for $207,500.

Amy Rose to Christopher Krasny at 712 Doe Ridge for $190,000.

Patrick Coffman to Cartus Financial Corporation at 224 Lafayette Drive for $390,000.

Cartus Financial Corporation to Robert Patrick Kennedy at 224 Lafayette Drive for $390,000.

Asdrubal Delosangele Cascante Valverde to James Andrew and Chelsey Harkey at 426 Lincolnshire Drive for $280,000.

Rochester Road Investment Co. to Michael Richards Jr. and Rachael Richards at 606 Parker St. for $566,900.

Rochester Road Investment Co. to Vamsee Krishna Guduguntla and Ratnam Rasly Kusumanchi at 407 Roebling Court for $434,990.

Rochester Road Investment Co. to James and Linda Duval at 413 Roebling Court for $442,580.

Fifty One Two to Steel City Wash at 20320 Route 19 for $1,300,000.

James Joe Dimase to Nicole Martin at 8170 Rowan Road for $27,500.

James Sprentz to Douglas and Shanon Carter at 702 Russett Meadow Court for $410,000.

Ronald Johanknecht to Matthew Brian and Samantha Marie Pleso at 13 Sunset Court for $260,000.


David Helch to Zachary and Autum Shreiber at 523 Buena Vista Road for $225,000.

Dylan Thomas Linke to Jeffrey and Dorothy Rumbaugh at 176 Haysville Road for $255,000.

Michael Andreassi to Jhan Fry and Cailyn Fleeger at 1071 Kittanning Pike for $252,000.


Maronda Homes to Andrew Jonathan and Lisa Marie Beers at 404 Pumpkin Patch Lane for $500,194.


Robert Myers to Andrew and Robin Milewski at 233 North Road for $125,000.


Aaron Wright to Hunter Wagler and Danielle Ryder at 402 S. Main St. for $129,900.


Newmann Holdings to NVR Inc. at 202 Bengal Fox Court for $96,120.

NVR to Thomas Alan and Jessica May at 618 Burberry Blvd. for $430,410.

Hurstock Holdings to Brenan Group at 107 Harmony Place for $85,000.

Hurstock Holdings to Brenan Group at 107 Harmony Place for $85,000.

Edward Franciscus to Joseph Butchko at Hartz Road for $5,600.

Thomas Jones III to Joseph Butchko at Koerner Road for $6,500.

NVR to Andrew and Patricia Pheikyoak Khoo at 301 Shanleigh Drive for $575,000.

Estate of Ruth Thomas to Kathleen Alexander at 226 Tollgate School Road for $260,000.

Spring Valley Partners 2 to Thomas and Deborah Curry at 3000 Yorkshire Way for $400,725.

Spring Valley Partners 2 to Bruno Lorusso and Kathy Wright at 3003 Yorkshire Way for $424,765.


Michael Richard Davis to William Stintz and Crystal Cooper at 230 Rennick Road for $215,000.

William Kingan to Joshua Orris at 726 Saxonburg Road for $149,000.


CL Holdings to Matthew and Melanie Rocha at 124 Fox Run Road for $318,000.

Louis Zozos to Brian Avsec at 124 Fox Run Road for $318,000.

Scenic Ridge Partners to Martin and Mary Elizabeth McCabe at 6121 Heatherfield Court for $349,015.

Jeffrey Cochran to Zachary Thomas and Rebecca Jane Kraus at 320 Little Creek Road for $345,000.


LHK to Robert and Joyce Brewster at 3B Grand Ave. Commons for $129,000.

K&E J to Mark Daniel Johnson at 419 Lincoln Ave. for $235,000.


Richard Olinger to Joseph and Elizabeth Mershimer Tooley at 601 W. Mercer St. for $297,000.


Estate of Vincent Dilemo to Vincent Dilemo Jr. at 415 Brownshill Road for $125,000.

NVR to Patrick and Dena Rose Finnegan at 3024 Eagle Ridge Drive for $512,775.

Linda Louise Moffett Lisotto to Travis lee and Kaitlyn Roberts at 3005 Humbolt Place for $456,500.

Joshua McBride to Daniel Ernest Dietrich at 101 Kelly Drive for $361,100.

Estate of Patricia Leslie to Michael Deegan at 111 Leslie Road for $235,000.

Mill Creek Partners 2 to Karen Ostrosky at 1233 Tilly Drive for $396,000.


James Leise trustee to William Pinkle at 724 E. Portersville Road for $225,650.

Shane Shandelmeier to Kurt Kusner at 375 Stanford Road for $70,000.


Estate of Bernard Black to Kenneth James Summerville at 625 Chicora for $245,000.


Michael Goehring to Justin Glenn and Noel Leigh Thompson at 208 Royal Oak Drive for $342,000.

Marc Giamporcaro to Penn Twp. at Three Degree Brownsdale Road for $275,000.

Ralph Mailszewski to Shawn Connor at 150 W. High Meadow Drive for $425,000.


Linda Dudek to Dustin Kalkbrenner at 102 Timber Court for $352,500.


Estate of Mary Louise Oswald to Charles Mullan at 305 Evergreen Court for $92,000.

Harold Varner to Susan Lucas at 708 Holly Court for $166,500.


Cathy Cathy to Jake Spence at 309 Fairfax Court for $275,000.

Earl Moynihan to John and Lynn Kime at 105 Strathmore Court for $475,000.


Laura Hines to Armand Malbrough at 356 Cooper St. for $210,000.

Brian Maxwell to Steel City Choice Investments at 276 Normal Ave. for $135,000.


Michael Voit to Jenny Weiss at 576 Centerville Pike for $190,000.

Jaqueline Beatty to Ryan Kolacek at 150 Lone Pine Way for $200,000.

Bradley Buchhett to James Flatt at 640 New Castle Road for $187,500.


Secretary Veterans Affairs to Garrett Stiglitz at 2753 Oneida Valley Road for $100,000.


Ruth Cooper to New Castle Road Development at New Castle Road for $40,000.


Mathew Gerginski to Jonnie Sandra Ferrainola at 319 W. New Castle St. for $270,000.

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