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Unofficial results in for school board races in county

The following are complete but unofficial results from school board races in Tuesday's general election.

Judging by the unofficial election returns on Tuesday night, voters in the Butler Area School District approve of the job being done by the current school board members.The three incumbents among the five candidates on the ballot received the top votes, while the two challengers came in fourth and fifth.Four seats were available on the board.The top vote getter was John Conrad, at 6,847 votes, or 23.2% of the total votes.Conrad has served on the board for 16 years.He was grateful for the voters' support on Tuesday.“I appreciate their vote of confidence in me for another four years,”Conrad said. “Apparently they approve of my past work and are endorsing me for four more years.”The second most votes went to incumbent Alvin Vavro, who earned 6,553 votes, or 22.2%.Vavro has served on the board for eight years.Incumbent Gary Shingleton came in third, retaining his seat with 5,939 votes, or 20.13%.Shingleton just finished his first four-year term on the school board.Newcomer Nina Teff, who served one term on the Butler school board in recent years, also earned a seat with 5,776 votes, or 19.6%.Regenold Griffin did not garner the votes to earn a spot on the board, at 3,792 votes, or nearly 13%.

Four newcomers were elected to the Mars Area School Board on Tuesday.They are Lee Ann Riner, Jennifer DiCuccio, Nicole Thurner and Justin J. Miller.Riner came in first with 23.85% of the vote, DiCuccio with 21.14% of the vote, Thurner with 20.66% of the vote, and Miller with 18.47% of the vote. Jennifer Stuber, who did not win a seat, had 14.97% of the vote.After several months of school board meeting discussions on masking, mandates, polarization, and COVID-19 policies, the election garnered 16,715 votes total, with 12,769 being in-person votes and 3,946 being mail-in ballots.

It was a sweep for the incumbents of Seneca Valley School District's board of directors, as all six members up for election retained control of their seats.Leslie Bredl, Frederick Peterson Jr., Tim Hester, Jeff Widdowson, Eric DiTullio and Mike Jacobs were reelected, despite the first three facing competition from write-in candidates.Bredl defeated Erin McClymonds in Region 1, receiving 63.6% of the vote; in Region 4, Peterson received 54.3% of the vote, defeating Democrat Travis Savitt-Kraft, along with Nunzio Martin and other write-in votes; Chris Marnik Jr., a write-in candidate in Region 5, lost to incumbent Tim Hester, who received 72.4% of the vote.Jacobs received 95.3% of the vote in Region 6, DiTullio won 95.8% in Region 8; and Widdowson received 65.9% in Region 9.Peterson said the re-election of all six incumbent candidates is a positive omen for the district.“I think it'll maintain the integrity of the school board and support the relationship between the school board and the administration with hopefully progressive results into the future,” Peterson said. “I think winning, the four of us, also supports the diversity, inclusion and equity initiative, and, obviously, I'm tremendously grateful to everybody who worked to support my campaign.”

Running uncontested to remain on the board were Christine Davies, Melanie Zembrzuski, John K. Haven and Gary L. Risch Jr. remain on the board.

Running uncontested to remain on the board were Sara Whitman, Vito Pilosi, Heather Scott, Diane Double and Greg Schiller remain on the board.

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