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Butler Area School District chosen for Moonshot Grants program

Butler Area School District and eight other schools and educational programs were chosen by Remake Learning to each receive up to $70,000 in funds through the second phase of the Moonshot Grants program.

The Moonshot program supports “big, bold ideas in teaching and learning, ideas that address the challenges and the opportunities currently facing young people, educators, and caregivers,” according to the Remake Learning website.

The program's first phase of funding in May awarded nearly $500,000 across seven schools for education projects, and received 90 applications. Butler Area School District is part of the second cohort of awardees, which were chosen from a pool of 64 total applicants this time around.

Remake Learning's Moonshot Grant Manager Dorie Taylor said the program is meant to inspire innovation.

“We ask for anyone submitting their “moonshot” idea to think about how they can collaborate on the idea, how their idea provides equity and justice, and also that it's just bold,” she said. “In previous years, funding has been more operational to support your operations and day to day programming. This (grant) allows the participants to dream a little, and to think about the future of learning.”

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