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Real Estate Transactions

NVR to Anthony and Kristie Basilone at 127 Abigail Drive for $767,520.

Adams Pointe 2 to John Gall III at 225 Adams Pointe Blvd. Unit 2 for $258,900.

Payton Andrew Carlucci to Colin Ferra at 226 Adams Pointe Blvd. Unit 7 for $258,000.

Adams Pointe 1 to Allen Snyder at 216 Adams Pointe Blvd. Unit 8 for $280,000.

Karen Lah to Gary and Christine Gallis at 302 Applehill Court for $452,000.

Anthony Macdonald to Weichert Workforce Mobility at 122 Brighton Lane for $559,000.

Weichert Workforce Mobility to Lauren Scott at 122 Brighton Lane for $559,000.

Ryan Bechtold to Sravan Kumar and Soundarya Sravan Kumar Patel at 224 Broadstone Drive for $297,000.

Richard Bales to Jacob and Melinda Shaha at 247 Cliffside Drive for $460,500.

NVR to Francis Daniel Dillon II at 314 Helenium Drive for $341,825.

NVR to Andrew Bahorich and Ann Chen at 316 Helenium Drive for $334,350.

Estate of Jane Wygal to Adams Township at 200 Hutchman Road for $800,000.

MGB Capital to Thomas and Pia Sylvester at 144 Lynwood Drive for $1,300,000.

Hickory Glen Partners to Andrew Wirtz at 141 Pearce Road for $797,527.

Vincent Morreale to Joshua Lee and Sara Alison Worley at 706 Placid Court for $962,500.

Ryan Earley to Pramod Anantharam and Archana Sheshadri at 903 Pointe View Drive for $335,000.

Michael Lindenbaum to Lara Wiemann at 108 Southern Valley Court for $265,000.

Lisa A. Rose Stevens to Christopher Scott Rutter and Giana Helena Spagnolo at 132 Southern Valley Court for $292,000.

Enclave Land Partners to Maronda Homes at 308 Stoneridge Lane for $142,000.

Maronda Homes to Dermot Kelly Pope at 319 Stoneridge Lane for $647,864.

NVR to Christopher Lee and Alexandra Leigh Webb at 438 Whitetail Meadows Trail for $470,455.

Woodland Trace to TD Kelly Co. at 133 Woodford Drive for $119,900.

William Carey Rice to James and Anna Mohler trustee at 236 Adams Pointe Blvd. Unit 4 for $155,000.

Steve Carpenter to Aaron and Brooke Hutchens at 423 Arbor Drive for $420,000.

Michael White to Eric and Beth Ann Pohl at 111 Brighton Lane for $484,900.

Adam Kelly to Brian and Ashley Hauser at 106 Butler St. Ext. for $335,000.

Fred Hespenheide to NVR at Cranesbill Drive for $220,800.

NVR to Kelly Dolan at 316 Helenium Drive for $343,910.

Karen Matsey to William Soost at 545 Juniper Court for $386,000.

Auto Owners Insurance Co. to Connor and Melissa McClain at 81206 Lost Valley Drive for $270,000.

Hickory Glen Partners to Adam Hurley and Jamie Headrick at 146 Pearce Road for $719,460.

Jerome Oliver to Charles and Kara Kochanski at 101 Ridgetop Road for $789,800.

Porran Singh to James and Linda Roth at 111 Southern Valley Court for $359,000.

Lawrence Butterini to Steven and Regina Meyers at 201 Southern Valley Court for $301,000.

Fred Hespenheide to NVR at White Tail Meadows Trail for $86,584.

NVR to Joshua David and Bethany Marie Parisi at 456 Whitetail Meadows Trail for $505,150.

Hunter Realty Co. to David Hunter at Oneida Valley Road for $15,000.BRUINDonald Parton to Adam Keith and Whitney Cousins at 224 Parker St. for $95,000.

John Biltz Jr. to Brandon and Susan Komlyn at 109 Ashton Court for $395,000.Paul Schmidt III to Joseph Landis Jr. and Amber Landis at 123 Goldscheitter Road for $184,000.Maronda Homes to Nicolas Michael and Amanda Supik at 209 Raven Circle for $225,660.Maronda Homes to Thomas and Kimberly Ann Cloud at 211 Raven Circle for $240,148.Heritage Crossings Partners to James and Diane Zurisko at 1031 Sandy Ridge Drive for $376,800.Marsha Smouse to David and Jessica Smouse at 218 Silverview Drive for $257,500.Steven Singleton to Stephen Sue at 400 Edgewood Drive for $219,000.David Mason to David and Patrick D'Amico at Monroe Road for $137,633.R&W Estates to NVR at 149 Red Horse Drive for $61,000.Heritage Crossings Partners to Garry and Bonita Raymond at 1032 Sandy Ridge Drive for $350,600.Heritage Crossings Partners to David and Karen Less at 1033 Sandy Ridge Drive for $394,245.Sarver Free Methodist Church to Andrew and Kristen Fleming at Sarver Road for $4,000.

Lisa Edith Forcht to Thomas Carden and Elissa Mitchell at 230 E. Muntz Ave. for $295,000.Ronald Deal Jr. to Kevin Reno at 516 Fairground Hill Road for $36,000.Shawn Fleeger to Jake Lamon at 115 Garfield Ave. for $80,533.Yeltrah PA to ACLA USA at 169 Hollywood Drive for $2,000,000.Stephen Smieszek to Jacob Smith and Robert Kornrumpf at 555 N. Monroe St. for $70,000.Estate of Thomas Fix to Dustin Quebedeaux and Emily Byrtus at 321 New Castle St. for $110,000.Stephanie Steiger to Shanna Mohney at 312 Oak St. for $107,000.Thomas Craig to Michael Mishel Shokroon at 319 Wagner Ave. for $40,000.Estate of Raymond Blaine to Jeffrey Singer at 116 E. Muntz Ave. for $225,000.Melvin McChesney to Stephen Booher at 202 Pleasantview Ave. for $65,900.Estate of William Eagal to Lycaste at 227 W. North St. for $4,197 by sheriff's deed.

Michael Waldron to Samuel Terlizzi at 214 Campbell Ave. for $32,000.Brian Hasek to Joseph and Mary Lou Russell at 119 Crossland Road for $187,500.Michael Gillespie to Rebecca Schnur at 148 David Drive for $249,900.Carol Wood to Andrew Flatt and Kathryn Cherie Taylor at 213 Decatur Drive for $179,894.Jeffrey Sinclair to Earl Calderwood Jr. at 105 Stoneridge Blvd. for $161,000.Don Bullman to Jeremy and Erica Scruggs at 110 W. Muntz Ave. for $94,000.Estate of Carol Riddle to Olivia Wiest at Alhambra Drive for $5,000.Glenn Brennen III to Justin Terhune and Kelly Ann Kirk at 102 Aspen Road for $227,950.Vincent Cammisa to William Cooper Jr. at 160 Dutchtown Road for $256,000.Wendy Dillaman to Alisha Fisher at 9 Evergreen St. for $80,000.Theodore Boyda to Jeffrey Vanderhoff and Elizabeth Lemay at 226 Pinewood Drive for $131,000.Estate of Dorothy Jean Bowser to Ramona Jean Schmidt at 217 Rural Drive for $149,900.Community Care Connections to Thomas and Patricia Whitesell at Beech Road for $5,000.

Joseph Sherwin to James and Melissa Eppinger at 139 Moore Road for $255,000.Estate of Ruth Lankemeyer to Heidi Long at 120 North Drive for $158,000.Ronald Vodenichar to Ronald Robert Snyder Jr. and Pamela Sobeck Snyder at 206 Seminole Trail for $570,000.Jonathan Delcamp to William and Kimberly Kendall at 242 Minich Road for $69,000.Gerhard Kieffer to Jeremy Oesterling at 140 Swamp Run Road for $154,000.

Emmanuel Kober Jr. to Raymond Cottrill at Kiester Road for $13,500.Larry Snyder to Scott and Sarah Rice at Pipestem Road for $5,500.

John Stabile Jr. to RVL Holdings at 127 Borchert Road for $362,500.

Sharon Thomas Snow to Michael Riley at 133 Green St. for $159,000.

Knoch Farms Development to Pitell Contracting at 1141-1144 Carriage Lane for $140,000.George Reuning III to BBR 308 Ltd. at 308 Saxonburg Blvd. for $465,000.

Roger Clemens to Quad J Holdings at 160 Connoquenessing Main St. for $70,000.

Howard Kastle Jr. to Justin Wills at Blue Jay Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $16,049).Howard Kastle Jr. to Justin Wills at 129 Blue Jay Drive for $82,500.James Coulter to Gary and Robert Egerter at 307 Kriess Road for $440,000.George Abbott to Lloyd Eagal at 109 Isaac Lane for $119,900.

Thomas Ray to Kevin Irvine and Rachel Hoffman at 503 Amber View Court for $420,000.Courtyards at Willow Grove to Kathryn Tharnish at 200 Arcadia Court for $590,368.Tommy Mars to Victor and Ewllen Tedesco at 224 Cashmere Court for $915,000.Harry Webb to Brad Carlin at 380 Central Drive for $180,000.Michael Leedecke to Grant Pastor at 203 Cricketwood Court for $300,000.Douglas Johnson trustee to Matthew Joseph Behr at 118 Dorsch Drive for $368,500.Benjamin Marcus Homes to Daniel and Kelly Stefano Fisher at 201 Falcon Lane for $847,863.QSL RE to JDK Realty at 1298 Freedom Road for $355,825.TOA Cranberry to Robert and Janice McGee at 286 Jefferson Lane for $665,331.Dominick Ozzella to Jackson and Latoya G. Sawyer Ndizeye at 811 Kira Circle for $387,250.Talaat Properties to Frank Shipley at 21 Leonberg Road for $1,150,000.Brandon Fischer to Kathleen Bruno at 506 Lois Lane for $269,900.Beth Ann Merrick Frank to Jacob and Laura Barker at 502 Luke Court for $435,000.H. Anthony Treser III to Heath Devin and Lesly Anne J. Lopez Skinner at 423 Mallard Drive for $650,000.Pikewood Land Partners to Matthew Edward and Joanna Lee Lewis Creegan at 408 Marigold Lane for $185,000.Pikewood Land Partners to William Holloway and Haley Hamilton at 411 Marigold Lane for $180,000.Rochester Road Investment Co. to Lindsay Carter at 306 Market House Circle for $364,990.Richard Olszewski to Seth Stallard and Meghan Rhea Wingard at 9289 Marshall Road for $390,000.Robert Dishong to Tyler and Alyssa Ruhl at 313 Meadow Drive for $334,000.Forest Edge to Eric Sigler and Theresa Jay Toney at 150 Morningside Drive for $210,000.NVR to Michael and Dona Denk at 183 Moyer Hill Drive for $333,615.Edward McCartan Jr. to Matthew and Sarah Hay at 530 Paddington Lane for $465,000.Tullamore DEW Family to RP2ALL at 223 Sandalwood Drive for $215,000.Robert Arlia to Justin Michael Wingert and Natalie Kristin Nitschmann at 6 Spring Drive for $340,000.Pikewood Land Partners to Jarrett and Latasha Cain at 317 Spruce Lane for $150,000.Abruzzo Capital to Michael Poshedly at 113 Stockton Ridge for $165,000.Jeffrey Kohan to Felipe Valdez III and Jessica Valdez at 262 Strawberry Circle for $486,500.Michael Ross to Timothy and Samantha O'Loughlin at 505 Tara Court for $560,500.Frank Amoruso to Matthew and Carolyn Whitcher at 173 Village Drive for $454,900.Suzanne Leibhart to Robert Pessamato and Jennifer Rozzell at 115 Bucktail Drive for $439,000.Danica Popovich to Daniel and Cindy Moldovan at 323 Cross Creek Drive for $340,000.Philip Maguire to Brandon Richard and Jennifer Fischer at 115 Crossing Ridge Trail for $419,000.Arla Mae Lang to Benjamin McCullough at 9658 Goehring Road for $148,400.Thaddeus Boron III to MichaelSteve Stanley Laine and Raagavi Liborius at 324 Haldeman Drive for $355,000.Kevan Smith trustee to William Stringert and Tara Atkins at 202 Hounslow Road for $294,000.Rochester Road Investment Co. to David Lee Gawne at 308 Market House Circle for $369,990.Rochester Road Investment Co. to Tyler and Beth Ann Krivosh at 310 Market House Circle for $409,990.NVR to Michael Fidell and Jordan Metil at 181 Moyer Hill Drive for $324,475.Robert Rodenbeck Jr. to Denham Properties at 205 Northfield Road for $197,500.Joshua Lio to Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide at 129 Parkwood Drive for $185,400.Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide to Justin Horvatin at 129 Parkwood Drive for $185,400.Estate of George Giannopoulos to Maksym and Yana Yarmatsevych at 83 Riva Ridge Drive for $499,000.Richard Ley to Joshua Adam and Jessica Lynn Troiano at 725 Seth Drive for $625,000.Steven Robinson to Michael Kelley and Marsha Ames at 341 Steeplechase Drive for $650,000.Kevin Kelly to Steven Ranier and Phoebe Schirnhofer at 108 Valleyview Drive for $245,000.

Jarrod Gaiser to Jesse Richards at 1217 Chicora Road for $239,900.Leslie Craig to Britnee Lee Craig at 502A Trimbur Road for $160,000.

Steven Ochaba to Dominick Pusateri at 904 Grant St. for $69,750.Mark Acre to Jacob Muir at 905 Randolph Ave. for $129,000.

Dale Cady to Sean and Keasha Mariah Snyder at 140 N. Washington St. for $100,000.

Estate of Harry Shaffer to Butler County Redevelopment Authority at 203 Franklin St. for $62,500.Gary Pintado to Emily Camlin at 332 S. Washington St. for $127,037.

Lyme Allegheny Land Co. 2 to Earle Geibel at Kaylor Road for $193,500.Jennifer Barger to ERD Ltd. at 200 Petrolia Road for $11,000.

Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic to George Isaac III and Nallely Lizeth Isaac at 103 Foxtail Court for $418,231.Forward Assoc. to Maronda Homes at 126 Hidden Acres Drive for $160,000.NVR to Paul and Patricia McGuire at 429 Joseph Drive for $386,455.Brian Owterried to Douglas John and Kristi Moore at 169 Naughton Circle for $399,900.NVR to Kimberly Sue Headland at 407 Oliver Loop for $369,875.William Ferrari to Vincent and Mary Morreale at 117 Pauline Place for $489,000.John Criss to Stephen and Rebecca Jones at 136 Stucky Road for $401,000.Forward Assoc. to Maronda Homes at 115 Hidden Acres Drive for $80,000.Eric Pohl to Nathan and Amanda Snyder at 123 Williams Point for $380,000.

Newman Holdings to NVR at 201 Bengal Fox Court for $96,120.PPDA to NVR at Burberry Blvd. for $81,955.NVR to Michael Francis Grabowski at 112 Burnside Drive for $407,590.John Muto to Zachary and Brooke Goodman Ejzak at 117 Dutch Road for $485,000.Maronda Homes to Joseph Michael Frank Jr. and Beth Ann Frank at 121 Grove Hill Lane for $509,180.Hurstrock Holdings to Brennan Group at 100 Harmony Place for $85,000.Hurstrock Holdings to Brennan Group at 111 Harmony Pl for $85,000.Hurstrock Holdings to Brennan Group at 113 Harmony Place for $85,000.22010 Perry Highway Realty to Cochran RE at 22010-2203 Perry Highway for $12,000,000.Scott Wilkinson to Erin Weber at 260 Tollgate School Road for $370,000.PPDA to NVR at 612 Burberry Blvd. for $81,955.NVR to Rithu Ketty at 116 Burnside Drive for $424,290.WR Development Co. to Maronda Homes at 117 Grove Hill Lane for $102,168.NVR to Jared Everett and Lisa Huang Willson at 500 Prada Place for $450,555.Norman Gottschalk III to Richard and Patricia Heilman at 182 St. Ives Way for $541,000.Harold Frank Fehl to JAS Builders at Tollgate School Road for $325,000.NVR to James Shephard II and Katherine Miller at 104 Valentino Lane for $353,960.Chad Melberg to Todd and Susan Sant at 271 Zehner School Road for $599,000.

Charles Waddingham II to Marlen Lang at 260 Bonniebrook Road for $442,000.Wayne Brahler to Joseph Ferraro at 164 Dreher Road for $302,000.Raymond Vereb Jr. to North Butler Properties at 901 N. Pike Road for $340,000.

Scenic Ridge Partners to Donald Rood at 6133 Heatherfield Court for $383,165.Arden Development Partners to NVR at 744-746 Oliver St. for $123,640.NVR to Eunice Jones at 773 Oliver St. for $328,795.NVR to Robert and Christine Dishong at 775 Oliver St. for $325,960.Joseph Webster to Robert Groves Jr. and Judith Groves at 548 Perry Highway for $75,000.NVR to Barbara Greer Herbert at 120 Touchstone Court for $322,090.Scenic Ridge Partners to Paul and Therese Harvey at 405 Northview Drive for $453,572.Arden Development Partners to NVR at 118 Touchstone Court for $80,649.NVR to Timothy Sheets at 123 Touchstone Court for $362,055.Brennan Plantations 1 to Richard and Kristin Hanks at 304 Vidalia Drive for $112,500.Brennan Plantations 1 to Steven Joseph and Pamela Jane Forrester at 312 Vidalia Drive for $110,000.

Jack Lewis to Justin Galbraith at Eau Claire Road for $9,000.

Patrick Morello to Samuel Stamathis at 340 W. Arch St. for $217,600.

Eric Hilliard to Jimmy and Tarah Clark at 224 Browntown Road for $235,000.

Gigliotti Holdings to NVR at Eagle Ridge Drive for $115,000.Jerome Oliver to Albert Turkovich Jr. and Barbara Turkovich at 2001 Eagle Ridge Drive for $659,000.NVR to John Cicco and Tracy Tresky at 3039 Eagle Ridge Drive for $530,485.NVR to Robert and Jennifer Nowinski at 3054 Eagle Ridge Drive for $440,595.NVR to Patrick and Katie Vertes at 3053 Humbolt Place for $372,695.William Earl Trapp to Joseph Stavish Jr. and Amanda Stavish at 104 Love Road for $200,000.Joseph Stavish Jr. to MP Rentals at 203 Oak Hill Drive for $250,000.NWPA Property Development to NVR at 2020 Ringold Court for $92,000.NVR to James and Heather Rogers at 2042 Ringold Court for $400,540.Mill Creek Partners 2 to Allan Kent and Cynthia Lorete Fleeger at 1084 Tilly Drive for $381,795.Mill Creek Partners 2 to William and Lisa Kirkpatrick at 1291 Tilly Drive for $357,815.Steven Faurie to Nicholas Della Valle and Amanda Worsley at 4033 Weatherburn Drive for $464,900.Andrew Rossi III to William Albert Radcliffe at 2050 Blackberry Lane for $459,000.Diana Elder Garmon to Daniel Giammatteo Jr. and Donna Giammatteo at Denny Road for $65,000.Gigliotti Holdings to NVR at Eagle Ridge Drive for $115,000.NVR to Zachary and Jessica DeCarlo at 3008 Eagle Ridge Drive for $428,445.Estate of Christopher Jones to Milton Loop at 226 Kilgallen Road for $145,000.MTGLQ Investors to John and Beverly Bianco at 152 Leslie Road for $249,500.Margaret A. Birch Scisciani to Scott Theuer at 304 Leslie Road for $152,000.

Eric Benoit to Anthony Puglisi at 811 Chicora Road for $198,000.

Harlan Simons to George Harold Gregg at 475 Airport Road for $5,000.Joseph Yinling trustee to LGK Assoc. at 438 Pittsburgh Road for $315,000.Estate of Richard Brown to John Cravenor III and Kelly Cravenor at 201 Royal Oak Drive for $220,000.Scott Williams trustee to Charles Cameron at 971 Meridian Road for $10,000.Five Star Store It Penn Ohio to Jeremy and Erica Scruggs at 540 Pittsburgh Road for $10,000.

John Davis to Frank and Barbara Jordan at 122 Perry St. for $127,500.

Jeffrey Wetzel to Robert and Brenda Daubner at 11 Pine Drive for $130,000.

Group 7 Development Co. to Robert and Michelle Reichert at 310 Highpointe Drive for $100,000.Group 7 Development to Ronald and Diane Hextall at 312 Highpointe Drive for $100,000.Group 7 Development to Infinity Custom Homes at 314 Highpointe Drive for $100,000.Group 7 Development to Infinity Custom Homes at 316 Highpointe Drive for $100,000.Group 7 Development Co. to Timothy Cimperman at 318 Highpointe Drive for $100,000.Group 7 Development to Mark and Tamara Steele at 320 Highpointe Drive for $100,000.Windy Stafford to Adam and Daryll Lynn Jordan at 102 Stoney Creek Court for $210,000.

Raymond Bell to Bartley and Stephanie Morrow at 621 Cross St. for $135,000.Khuna Holdings to Patricia Loudon trustee at 117 Sassafras Drive for $52,000.Thomas Dean to Mark and Adele Marie Scheppner at 211 White Oak Drive for $600,000.

Timothy Chapman to Stephen and Erin Musciano at 323 Crestview Road for $191,000.Christopher Rajchel to Donald and Emily Hope Mitchell at 124 Mohawk Trail for $250,000.Zion Holdings to Wilbur McCandless and Linda Kuni at 693 Centreville Pike for $185,000.

Kenneth Lunsford to Ruth Bradner trustee at 261 Chicora Road for $85,000.David Allen Rihel to Matthew Fritz at 373 Freeport Road for $289,000.Estate of John Gornick to Hunter Realty Partners at 166-168 Oneida Valley Road for $20,000.James Bahorich to Shawn Fleeger at 923 Bonniebrook Road for $220,000.Shelby Weichey to Amy Henry at Grant Avenue for $10,000.

Jared Kalmar to Cody Lehnerd at 756 Bear Creek Road for $220,000.Kolby Durci to Joshua Thoma and Alyssa Maynard at 349 Stoney Hollow Road for $224,900.Estate of Diane Elaine Givan to Richard VanDruff and Angela Magdinec at 444 Winfield Road for $325,000.

Joel Cumberland to Matthew and Gina Wolf at 147 Main St. for $10,000.

Clover Badger trustee to Marissa Duddy at 708 New Castle Road for $90,000.

Justin Lee Hart to Kenneth Cahall III and Kelly Cahall at 204 McKim St. for $335,000.Steve Allen Mick to Stephen Andrew and Shannon Hope Mick at 605 Market St. for $96,000.RContact RealSTATs at 412-381-3880 or visit

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