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Lancaster Township, manager part ways

The Lancaster Township supervisors on Monday formally ended the employment of former township manager Benjamin Kramer.

In a unanimous vote, the board ratified what Supervisor Chairman Joe Plesniak called a “mutual separation agreement,” which was signed by both Plesniak and Kramer on Sept. 30, the last date of his employment.

While Plesniak praised Kramer for his service to Lancaster and said the former manager left to take “another career opportunity,” the agreement, dated Sept. 30, paints another picture of the end of Kramer's employment with the township.

“The employer and employee have made every reasonable effort to maintain the employer/employee relationship and the relationship is irretrievably compromised and no real and/or substantial pathway exists in maintaining the employer/employee relationship,” the agreement states in part.

It further states that Kramer was “terminated without cause.” The township, however, paid him a severance of more than $18,000, with health benefits continuing through the end of the year.

It was not immediately clear what led to Kramer's departure. Township officials either referred the Eagle to the township solicitor or did not comment. Solicitor Chris Reese said the township “has a policy of not providing any further discussion when an employee departs.” The agreement states the township is obliged to say “the employer and employee mutually decided to end their relationship.”

Kramer currently serves as a real estate agent.

Reese said the township would soon take some sort of action against a property in Lancaster that has a motocross track in its yard.The property, on Scott Ridge Road, is evidently not zoned for such an activity, and it was not immediately clear if the township had made previous communication with the landowner regarding the motocross.Numerous nearby homeowners, however, have complained to the township about the site.“We have paid attention to the complaints and we've reviewed the situation, and there will be movement on that soon,” Reese said.

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